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  1. 9/10 super cool story and a baker is a unique thing to chose to do after making millions of dollars, especially with 1 arm lol. Article is formatted well, grammar and spelling are well done. Story is entertaining and easy to read. Hopefully the baking business continues to take off!
  2. 10/10 Wow, this was a great read! Love the time and thought you put into this article! It is formatted super well and is such an easy read. I love that you used names that you came up with for possible recreates in this story. Grammar and spelling seems to be well done. I like the use of different fonts at different times in this article, well done!
  3. I have not really thought about my life after the VHL saying I have not even played my first season with Warsaw; I did not even really have a back up plan. I was set on playing hockey here in the VHL, following the footsteps of my father Zachariah Kisslinger. Of course, every kid at one point says they want to be one million different things when they are younger, but I cannot really think of anything that I wanted to be. If I had to pick one thing it would have to do with law enforcement. I feel like law enforcement or security is the safest thing for me because of my size. Being 6’8 it really feels awkward to be anything else that does not require my size. Hell, I feel like I would be an intimidating officer ha-ha. I feel like being a hockey player has me into the community in Stockholm and I feel like the fans really like me here. I feel like I would integrate well with the police officers because I have a certain respect from the people of Stockholm. I cannot really say the same with Warsaw as I have never played a game there yet, but I feel like the fans are hyped for my call up, which is a good sign. I really like to be involved into the community and keep the communities I love safe. There are so many programs I could do with the young kids in Stockholm do keep them on the safer side of life. Policing is a super social and hard stress job but so is being a top prospect in the VHL. No, I am not saying the stressors are the same, but they feel the same. Both careers have you held to a certain standard. Policing, you need to keep the community safe and be a great role model for the kids and with the VHL you need to perform at the highest level without facing backlash from the media and community. Another job that I would consider doing is becoming a coach somewhere in a professional hockey league. I have been around hockey my whole life and I feel like I have a fair knowledge of the game. Growing up and watching my father play in Prague is what got me super hooked to hockey. All the traveling got me exposed to all the great international talent across the world and the one thing that stood out to me was the coaches. These coaches have so much pressure to handle these top-level athletes and make them perform to their best. Being a coach is a job for those who are die hard fans of the game and I feel like I am one of them. Who knows though, maybe I will make enough money throughout my career, and I will not have to work another day in my life? Maybe I will make enough money to live in a nice beach house and enjoy my days. I will just take one day at a time and see how my life plays out.
  4. PRESS CONFERENCE For week ending 17 Oct 2021 1. We have been a little hot stretch recently, what do you think the main reason is that we have been able to start winning more games? 2. Does your player have any pregame rituals? If so, what are they? 3. Is your VHL character inspired by any NHL players’ playstyle? If so, who? 4. What VHLE team do you think have the best and worst logo? 5. Do you feel like there is a teammate you have developed some line chemistry with this season? 6. If you did Halloween when you were younger, what was your favourite costume? If you didn’t do Halloween, what is your favourite candy?
  5. 20790994426234230 Free Week 5 uncapped 1 million
  6. PRESS CONFERENCE For week ending 10 Oct 2021 1. We nominated our first ever Captains this past week, how do you feel about the captains, and do you think they are going to lead us to success 2. How do you feel about your individual success this season up to this date? 3. We had 2 stars of the week this past week, (Florida Man and Kisslinger II) does this encourage you to update more and to try to be a star of the week? 4. How do you feel about the VHLE so far, is it better or worse than you expected? 5. If you were to take the team out anywhere to eat, where would it be and why? 6. Is there any suggestions for Thad or myself to make the experience in Stockholm better?
  7. Kisslinger


    super dope thank you!!!!!!!!
  8. 1. I feel great about it, the league is so close and we are one of the most competitive teams so I can see a 1st place finish. 2. offensive easily. 3. defensively I do not think I am the strongest! 4. green, because green is gross 5. since I am 6'8, id go for the biggest guy in the bar ahahah 6. to get to the other side, but i dont think of the other side of the road, I think it means to die 0.0
  9. 1. It feels great! It feels great to be on the team with a gm and a bunch of players that want to win. It definitely is awesome to be apart of a great locker room. 2. Looking forward to being the first team to win the championship, we are one of those team with mid range tpe 250-340 so we will only get better as the season goes on! 3. I think my player will adjust just fine! Going from Halifax to Stockholm is a big move, but it will help me prepare for when i get called up to Warsaw 4. I’m expecting us to suprise some people in the play offs and have a couple of us in the top 10 for points! 5. No, not really! 6. Here, the other teams names are a little weird to me ahahah
  10. F- Nicholas Mariani G-Markus Emerson Jr @rory
  11. 1. I think the picks were solid, especially pick 14 aha 2.I think Warsaw will compete and surprise a lot of teams. 3.I think all awards were deserved. 4.Lets go Vikings, the Vikings are the best for sure! 5.Being a new player to Warsaw, I have seen the name, and know they had a great impact on Warsaw, and I wish them luck in their future. 6. My weekend was great, I hope everyone else had a great one too.
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