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  1. 1. Unfortunately we saw him leave but we have strengthened our team with someone for the future. 2. I think we can go pretty far. 3. Difficult question, I think I'm going for the build from Chicken Wing. 4. I have no reason to change teams, I am happy where I am now. 5. Getting into the playoff final 6. Definitely PS5.
  2. 1. I think the staff knows what to do and I believe in them that they can turn thing around. 2. Hmm, something like Ludicolo just because of the Mexican name. 3. I don't watch any of the Marvel series. 4. I mainly follow soccer because I come from the Netherlands and that is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. The team that I support is AFC Ajax Amsterdam. If I had to compare Yukon Rush to a NHL Team I'd probably compare the Yukon Rush to the Vegas Golden Knights. 5. Then I will go for 1 horse sized duck. Because than I don't need to worry about 99 other duck sized
  3. 1. think we had some trouble finding the right lines, but I have every confidence in our team that we will straighten this out. 2. Definitely a Founder's Cup, we do this together as a team. I think that a team result is more important than personal results. 3. None of that matters to me. I believe in our team that we can take points against anyone. 4. Yes, I also only just joined this team so everything in this team is still fairly new to me, but it's just nice to see that new people have joined. I discovered VHL myself through YouTube. 5. Nice question, I spend quite a bit
  4. 1. Pretty happy so far. Can't wait for the next match. 2. Hmm good question I think Zachariah Kisslinger is been doing great lately. 3. That would be Zachariah Kisslinger. 4. Getting a call up to the VHL. 5. Really been enjoying this season. 6. Yes, for sure. 7. Yes, ofcourse.
  5. Kevin Sterk, Center, The Malmo Nighthawks/The Ottawa Lynx
  6. 1. I wouldn't say we're the favorite. But every day we get a little better. So there will certainly be beautiful moments. 2. That would be Philliefan. 3. Self-improvement and more play time - I’m very happy with my improvements. 4. No I don’t think so. 5. Celebrating with the team and staff at a local bar. 6. Philliefan. 7. That would be CCM.
  7. Player Information Username: TenZi Player Name: Kevin Sterk Recruited From: YouTube Age: 22 Position: C Height: 73 in. Weight: 192 lbs. Birthplace: Netherlands Player Page @VHLM GM