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  1. https://imgur.com/a/HykGKKi
  2. LFR: Legion Fan Reaction Welcome, everyone, to LEGION FAN REACTION. What is that, you may ask? Well, Stove Dingle here is gonna go through a few of the past week's Toronto Legion games. And where better to start, than with the first game of the year? Game 5: NYA 5 TOR 4 The only loss we're going to cover this week. 5-4 shootout loss to New York isn't ideal, but because the shootout is fake hockey it doesn't count. I KNOW WHAT I SAID. One of the bright spots of this game is Otto Numminen getting his first career game, goal, AND HATTRICK. Reminds me of another Toronto based athlete where they did that in their first game AND STILL LOST. After giving up three goals in the second period, Jared Carter manages to score late in the third to tie the game. Unfortunately Rhynex Entertainment pots the only goal in the shootout and the Legion loses. Game 20: DCD 1 TOR 10 I mean, what can you say? Holy shit! A notable storyline coming into this game is the homecoming of Jannik Nylen, playing against his former team in DC. He managed to go through an entire season with DC without scoring a goal back in '79, so of course he scores in this game for his FIRST EVER VHL GOAL. But other than him, it is literally easier to list people who didn't score than list the people who did. So in order to shame those, I will list them. Otto Numminen, Jared Carter, Armani Calamari, Guy Lambert, and Nathan Steele did not score, EVERYONE ELSE DID. Unfortunately, right at the end of the second DC gets a goal to ruin Lindbergh's shutout. Buncha jerks. Game 42: CHI 1 TOR 6 Another game where Lindbergh had the shutout just barely snatched out of his grasp, call that a Stove's Ding-It. Fun little thing I noticed after the game. First goal for the Legion was a pass from Lemieux to Nylen, one times it and gets deflected in by Guy Lambert into the net, notably his first of the season. About 5 minutes later, what happens again? Lemieux passes to Nylen, Nylen one times it and Lambert deflects it again for his second. You've got to think they've practiced this and have it as a set play, right? Numminen nets one to finish out the first period. Second period is quiet until again Lingbergh's shutout is stolen. Peace, Sanderson, and Fire each score in the third period to solidly nail down the coffin lid and secure another Legion Win! Game 51: TOR 6 SEA 0 FINALLY! For the first time in Oscar Lindbergh's professional hockey career, he has his first shutout making 44 saves! One thing I've noticed is that the Legion loves to have one single period where they just don't score during a blowout. Back to the game, Numminen scores in the first, and Jakub Brozik opens and closes the scoring in the second period. Legion swapped to a defensive game for the third period and managed to finally relieve the blue balls of barely missing the shutout by finally getting it. Thank you everyone for reading, hope you enjoyed! Hit Fire, Heart, Or Cheers in the post and comment down below. This has been Stove Dingle, have a great day!
  4. NY barely squeezing out those games, GG. 0-0-2 isn’t great, but it’s better than 0-2-0
  5. Just gonna say this in in-character, and I do not or have not had alcohol or depression problems
  6. "Shit happens." Right? You're expected to get over whatever happened to you and keep moving forward. At least, according to the media. And the fans. And the management. Sometimes the only people you think care are the people in your inner circle. Family, friends, and a few teammates. Nobody else seems to give a fuck. In the late stages of Season 74, I got ran. It didn't seem too big of a deal at the time. Except that I don't remember it. Yep, got concussed from it. Helmet flew off and cracked my head. Watching the tape back a couple of times, it's really my fault. Came out of my crease a little too far. "Fuck around and find out", one might say. But that's only just the beginning. I woke up in a hospital bed, asking if I could go back in. Didn't realize I was miles from the arena, and 12 hours after the game ended. Fuck, did those lights hurt my eyes. Turns out a sensitivity to light was one of the things I was going to deal with for a while. I had to get them to shut the blinds and turn the lights off to even see well. Turns out concussions are a bitch, who could have guessed it? I was allowed to practice with the guys once my eyes went back to normal. I still had headaches. And the worst part of it all. The voices in the back of my head came out in full force. I couldn't make a save without the self-doubt creeping in. God forbid I let a goal in, it felt like my own head was screaming at me. Eventually I found a way to stop those voices. I started drinking. Am I proud of it? No. But I have to own up to it. One down the hatch before a game, I did well. The voices shut up, and I could play well. But after the game, I kept going. I missed practices from being hungover. Maybe that shit could fly in the M, but not when I moved to the big leagues. After an abysmal rookie campaign, I went into the Player Assistance Program. I asked for it not to be publicized, for privacy and such. I came out sober. But I also came out with the voices again. Eventually, it got to where I had to step away. After playing parts of S75 and S76 for LA, I sat down with our GM. I explained that I needed to step away. He understood, and wished me good luck. I got therapy. I went home, stayed with family. Got my head together. And then I made the hardest choice of my life. To retire from playing hockey. That may seem like the end of a journey, but to me it was just the beginning. I knew I couldn't stay away from the game for long. So I opened a youth hockey school, back home in Memphis. Not particularly many hockey rinks or leagues around here. So I became the solution to that problem. I've loved showing these kids how amazing the game of hockey can be. I've also stressed that there are some parts that can be bad. Obviously not to the younger kids. But to the teenagers, I do warn them that not everything is sunshine and rainbows. That there is a dark side to the game. I've been preaching the idea of playing in a way that makes you not put yourself at risk too much. But I think that I'm putting them on the right path. People have asked me if I would ever return to pro hockey in a different role. Coach or gm, something along those lines. I don't know if I ever will. I still love the game, so I might. Never say never. But for now, I'm contempt with teaching the next generation of kids. They need to have people who know what they're talking about guide them. There was one rink in Memphis when I was growing up. That's for both hockey and skating in general. Since I came back, I now run at least four. I try to provide cheap options for gear by buying second-hand and letting the kids use it for free. The voice are still there. The good thing is that I don't listen to them anymore. Don't let your demons control you. Thank you for reading. -Drew Minott
  7. https://imgur.com/a/gqDRxaL
  8. Holy Christ how many more times are Bratislava and Vasteras going to play each other? It’s like 6 games in a row now
  9. 3. We’re in Eastern Europe. Of course an alcohol sponsorship is a good idea. 4. Baardy has been great for us. Dude’s a delight to play with every night. He definitely deserves that title, though he might say he’d like to be his own person rather than compared to someone else. 6. I definitely think it’s the right move. You don’t want to overwork one guy and underwork another. Them both getting their time will work out for us, I believe. 8. I don’t know why people listen to those idiots. Sven and I get along well. I can’t say I know the guy that well, but I certainly don’t have any beef with him. Number one bullshit, man. 10. Clearly we have a very good defensive team. We don’t have the lowest goals against in the league for nothing. 12. It’s a nice gesture, but I’d rather be treated like a hockey player than a king, you know what I mean?
  10. Bratislava: *loses 2-1 to Vasteras* Bratislava: “and I took that personally”
  11. 1. Ehhhh… congrats I guess. Shoulda been us. 2. Well, seeing as I’m on team Europe, LETS GO EURO LETS GO!!! 3. I played for Bratislava in the Draft Tournament. I would very much like to spend a season there if I could this upcoming season. 4. Reddit. Browse r/hockey a lot. Like… A LOT. 5. PC, if I can’t build it myself then I don’t want it. 6. Courage the Cowardly Dog. Best Cartoon Network show ever.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/EH16maw
  13. https://imgur.com/a/VPCQmEe
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