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  1. Please don’t make a new post for personal donations, you can reply to the topic Here
  2. I meant it was a bug that it was there, not that it couldn’t be fixed.
  3. Someone finally gets it. STHS is not perfect but it’s the most perfect option available to us.
  4. It’s been mentioned to @Will before. Pretty sure it showed up where it is because of a bug.
  5. Technically Brooks is the one who suspended me, Scotty is the one who convinced me to stick around.
  6. Teams already have bot players to fill the STHS roster requirements but you can play the same guys on every line without penalty so there’s no need to ever play them and therefore no need to really apply any extra points to them.
  7. Could be, I’m not sure. I’ll get the OP updated some time today by the way so you have a complete list.
  8. I wasn’t avoiding picking, I was done. Everyone is, I just haven’t updated the OP yet. F - Sigard Gunnar F - Guy Lesieur F - Lewis Dawson D - Condor Adrienne D - Jeff Downey G - Raymond Bernard That’s my roster, no picks left
  9. F - Lewis Dawson @KnightRiley last pick then I’ll update the OP
  10. Missed that. Throw a bit in, I’ll get him in
  11. Holy fuck, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that name. TBH man you wouldn’t even recognize how much evolution this place has gone through. What brought you back?
  12. INDEX @VHL GM Normally this is where I'd give the spiel about making sure to send lines to both emails but no more. As you all should have seen by now you will be inputting your lines on the portal from now on. You still need the client and everything, nothing is changing there, but you input lines via the Team Management section now instead of emailing them to us. If you make a signing or a trade, something that you'd normally send a note with, just PM me on the forum with the note instead. If something does go wrong with the portal line uploading you should be able to attach line
  13. You know you can check that yourself right?
  14. It was set to 7 lines, it is now set to 30 lines. That should be more than enough for any average signature size.