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  1. I'm officially announcing my exit from the VHL today. I can accept if a league wants to issue a first offense warning for something or even a ban but this I'd obviously more personal as i wasn't even contacted. I wasn't told there would be any issue. Just blindsided by a ban. No hearing. No dialogue. Nothing. This isn't fun anymore. 

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    2. IamMOOSE


      My apologies @Banackock, again. It's not so much about the ban. I could live with it had the blues actually contacted me about it originally. There's no excuse to blindside a member without sending them at least a message first.


      Side note, glad I got to see the back half of the Seattle dominance, amazing work from you man. Take care brother.

    3. Banackock


      I was only bugging. I get your side of it too and then their side as well. Probably could of been handled better. It seems

      to be the norm honestly lol. I didn’t realize this was weeks old - I thought it was from today or this week even... so something tells me they took weeks to discuss it but couldn’t take a few minutes to even contact you. Don’t act surprised all at once. I get it. Either way, ya still made a mistake. That’s all. Mistakes happen. Some on here like to think they’re perfect even though they won’t admit they think it, but nobody is except victor. 

      I wouldn’t leave though. It’s a mistake. Still enjoy the good in the league. That’s just me. I’ve made mistakes too. Some people will see it as that, others like to hold into grudges. Can only control yourself mate. It just must suck to hold onto shit lol :) 

    4. PatrikLaine


      I hate to see this. I hope you stay, but if this is really the end, I enjoyed having you around. Take care, Moose.

  2. Amazing season from the underdog Phoenix. Awesome work put in by every member. Congrats to DC moving on and good luck to both DC & Malmo in the Finals!
  3. Actually at this point I'm rooting for DC to win it all.
  4. “I’ve spent a lot of late 2020 discussing and “shooting” on the things that have bothered me for a while and even though I do feel I have some valid points I’d like to address something I may have judged too quickly. Game sims… Now, I’m only doing a short thing on this because it’s mostly things we know but it’s still food for thought and a rare opportunity for me to say hey, I misjudged this one. When the league first announced the shift from the bot feeding results to instead feeding out the page for the sims, I was very against not only the change but how it was presented. I sp
  5. 1) It's the playoffs!! We currently have a 3-2 series lead against Saskatoon. Will we finish them off or will they force a game 7? THE INVASION IS HERE! FEAR ME FOR I AM MOOSE!!! You guys really eeked one out versus Saksatoon and I had high hopws for you taking down Mexico City but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. You took a game but time to come play golf with your Marlins friends. 2) Since Christmas is now over, what did you get this year? Or if you didn't get anything for Christmas, what was a gift you gave to someone else? I don't really get gifts bu
  6. Love the work here. For a Marlins graphic it's top quality as I find the Marlins' logo to be the most difficult to make work on a logo swap. Background is simple for me but the font and color is solid. I like the detail that went into blending the image together between the background stuff and the player. 8/10 for me, super quality.
  7. Amazing work for a legend. Logo swap is super quality and the render work is perfect. Background scratch is a good touch and honestly this is one of my favorite pieces as of late. Only wish Rice had got a chance to win a championship for his player. This is a great graphic though, 10/10.
  8. Moose#8971 on Discord. Adding my name in here. My experience and resume change and grow every season as there's always something new to learn. Probably better to discuss new positions live than guess.