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  1. 1. "Right now I'm focused on the postseason. We had a good end to the regular season, seem to have found a little bit of our game and mine especially. I'm focused on the playoffs, I want to win a championship." 2. Fresh Prince style comedy. I want nothing more than to see Beaviss in the Uncle Phil role and Downey as the sassy butler. lol 3. "Variety. "Big games however require the big game soundtrack. 80s rock and roll." 4. "Regular season wrapped up with some good play from my end. We've battled this out before but heading into the playoffs we are in a good
  2. On this week’s edition of The Long & Short of It, we take a look at Seattle Bears Center Kris Rice (@Ricer13) and his amazing season. Rice, drafted 11th overall in the season 69 draft to the Calgary Wranglers played four full seasons of hockey with the Wranglers, steadily increasing his production every season. In the front office, Rice took up an AGM position with the Yukon Rush before ascending to helm the newly expanded Miami Marauders as the General Manager. He’s been to the finals, both as a player and a manager but has had heartbreak on both fronts. For this season, a change of pace
  3. Available Wednesday, now in our normal time slot, a new "The Long & Short of It", @Ricer13takes the spotlight as we overview his season, build, and highlights from a Q&A done with the man himself!



  4. Have a listen to Spartan & I. We talked a lot about everything people have been saying on here. It's honestly a multi step thing. https://vhlforum.com/topic/93818-not-so-mini-pod-with-moose-spartan/
  5. Link: Moose and @Spartan shoot on the new announcement from commissioners, ponder how it could've been handled differently, and what could still be done to make it work. This along with much more on what we had hoped would be a 30 minute podcast that went 116. Edit: Forgot my #BoldasFuck @BOG tag. lol
  6. Would love to do a deep dive into this on a podcast with someone.
  7. Anyone up for a podcast to discuss the new announcement about sims/discord?


    Would love to have a guest or two on each side of it (for/against).

    1. bigAL


      Oh I've got thoughts Moose Man but just not up for it today. I'd love to break into podcasting though.

  8. My first ever true graphic. Took me a shamefully long time to make it. I'm not totally unhappy with it but there's some real talent in this league that make this very amateur. Render: Ryan Miller Player: Michael Fletcher (@DragonFire420)
  9. I don't really love the font on this one. Was a good touch to cover majority of the logo but I don't love the placement. Background is absolutely crisp with the Calgary team background but the font is really distracting in the middle. 7/10 for me but as someone who is just getting into graphics myself, mine will likely be worse.
  10. I have a love hate relationship with these. It's a good jersey, I have never loved our colors though. Especially the yellow. But that's not your design, that's just what you had to work with. Jersey looks good, logo need an update but look good. I think the light blue compliments the jersey best. It offsets the dark and yellow enough to make the design work. 8/10 man, great work and good job getting that graphic in for the +6
  11. Today we debate “The Long & Short of It”, a weekly article highlighting a player in the VHL or VHLM that has caught our attention or needs a spotlight in the league to give an overview of the player, some statistical background, and short highlights from an interview done with that player! This week we have Kevin King, forward for the Vancouver Wolves. King at the time of writing has played 64 games this season, amassing 26 points, including 11 goals (2 of those game winners). It’s been a rocky rookie season for King and you’ll hear that first from the man himself.
  12. Breaking News: Moose may release his first self made graphic tonight?!?!? 👀