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  1. Not gonna lie, thought this was how tiebreakers were determined anyway lol
  2. IamMOOSE


    As said above, the stock work and render are brilliant. The use of a German goalie was a nice touch though the fact that you didn't logo swap was how I deduced that fact. The font is really hard for me pick out at a glance and is a little too small. I like the style of it, just think it could be bigger. Great looking graphic though which can't be undersold. It's how you leave em and it's easily an 8/10 on the visuals alone. Good work.
  3. On some level this breaks my heart. It's my first full season since 74 that she isn't my teammate. Huge get for you guys. Onto the graphic. Love the color adjustment and the logo swap. The use of Hilary Knight will always get an extra point from me. The font is really basic and I would've liked to see something more done with the background. It's still a solid 7/10 piece but I do feel like more could've been done.
  4. 1. So, London showed up to training camp today and I hope everyone's getting pumped. Which new linemate would you want to play with and build some chemistry? King: "Right now it's getting the reps in and finding that early chemistry with the lockeroom. I've had a quiet offseason and that was by design so right now it's getting back in that lockeroom and being the teammate and leader I know I can be. That'll help us in the long run with every teammate." 2. What area of training are you focusing on the most? King: "I think it's focusing on the areas of stren
  5. So it's on both pages. 1. @omgitshim F - Mikko Lahtinen F - Gary Rush F - Ray Shields D - Tyler Walker D - Micah Adrienne G - Doug Dimmadome 2. @Domg5 - Group Manager F - Christian Mingle F - Groovy Dood F - SS Hornet D - Roque Davis D - Spencer Elsby G - Jean-Pierre Camus 3. @jRuutu F - Jim Bob F - Timothy Brown F - Onde Sandstrom D - Erik Killinger D - General Zod G - Jacob Tonn 4. @IamMOOSE F - Andrew Su F - Valtteri Vaakanainen F - Luke Th
  6. This may be the best lineup of choices for the banner since I've joined this league. The entries are excellent.
  7. With how many names are spelled wrong on the Stanley Cup, it almost adds something to it. lol
  8. I'm not the Assistant to the Assistant General Manager though???
  9. F - Valtteri Vaakanainen @jRuutuyou're up
  10. D - Jiggly Gumballs @Wolverine you're up.
  11. I'm not even gonna be interviewed but I have to throw my name in there. Loved being apart of Vancouver.