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  1. REPORT: Kevin King was seen arriving to the morning skate with left-handed sticks and took full practice reps with a left-handed shot. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Speaking as a player on this squad who is feeling the effects of the sim's production crunch I say this with complete sincerity; It's nothing you've done wrong. Any team with a build this strong is going to have some personal player struggles when it comes to production. The league and especially the M is so heavily focused on building active players/members for the community that individual performance will only push some select minority of players. I happen to be one those individuals who hopes to have my player do good numbers, but I'm the oddity to the rule, not the example of it. I will always have a competitive streak towards myself and that breaks beyond colors, teams, or GMs. That's a personal drive that I have to adjust to and make strides in. You've done an amazing job as a GM. You've built a juggernaut of a club. We are a tight group even in Discord. You've done a GMOTY quality job. When it comes to a player's happiness with a particular situation the player, not the GM has to ask themselves, would I rather be on a potential championship team where maybe my production isn't best in a league where that doesn't really have any effect? Or do I want to take a chance on my points on a team that maybe won't be in that position come playoffs' end? And especially in my case I can say, maybe there's something to be said about setting personal expectations a little too high for things you can't personally control... That's something the players have to manage. You as the GM, have done a fantastic job. For what it's worth, I'm happy to be in Miami and I'm happy to be in the lockeroom with this team that you've built. I feel it's a team that could be talked about for a long time in this league and I'm glad you selected me in the VHLM draft.
  3. If I'm correct in calculating, this is the current standings for Group 12 as of 10:45pm et August 4, 2020. The Below Table is current totals for each stat while above is the current standings with VHFL Official multipliers in play.
  4. It was June 9th of 2020 that IamMoose entered the VHL and with him Kevin King made his debut, signing with Las Vegas of the VHLM just after the midway point of the season. In 30 games King put up 2 goals and points in what was a less than exceptional showing, but it was to be expected for a player returning to competitive play after a long layoff. What followed was a 2-goal performance that included a 3-game pointless drought to end the season 72 playoffs for the Aces. King would have a very emotionally charged outburst following that game six, showing the frustrations of his performance. As we headed into the offseason, King was drafted 4th overall to Miami in the VHLM and 19th overall to Vancouver in the VHL draft. He then put himself in arguable first round company as he set his cap for the season early, expecting to hit his 250 TPE goal before the midseason mark. As the offseason progressed, the realization was made that through the effort and determination of King, he would actually cap out in the second week of the 73rd season. Then the season began. King would get off to slow start, recording 3 points in his first 5 games, including 2 goals but with an average of 4.4 shots per game in that stretch. King struggled to bury the puck in the back of the net on a consistent basis however, and was racking up penalty minutes for the first time in his career as well, including a fight versus Halifax where you could see frustrations boiling over. King’s next five would be a massive boost as he went on his best run to date with 6 goals in 5 games to round out the first ten games of the season at 7 goals/8 points, including 4 GWGs which at the time would be the league lead. It’s been a brutal rate since then with 7 points over his last 17 games, only increasing his numbers in 5 of those contests though, his faceoff percentage would rank near the top of the board if he weren’t excluded for some reason. So, what seems to be the disconnect for King? Veterans of this league are also somewhat perplexed as King’s build isn’t damaged by any significant misuse of TPE. He’s on a top team in the VHLM, which would hurt his numbers as a forward. But with others seemingly thriving, why not King? Where is the sim finding a hole in King’s game on the ice?
  5. 1. You're down in the game by a goal and the coach has been removed from the bench due to a heated discussion with the referee. You're asked to step up and takeover. What do you do to claw that goal back? King: "Well, you gotta play your game. We got some great physical talent on this squad. I'd like to push the advantage physically, create opportunities off defensive stops. Control the zone and cycle around our great goal scorers for the tie." 2. Advertising is everywhere these days and in Europe they've started to invade the league's jerseys. Are there any brands you wouldn't mind the Vancouver Wolves teaming up with? King: "It's not for me. I'm fine with the boards and whatnot. The jerseys mean something and you shouldn't compromise the integrity of the uniforms for advertising dollars. It's not like they'd be super visually appealing anyway." 3. The league is considering changing to Olympic sized rinks. Do you think this would be a good or bad change? King: "International ice can slow the game down a bit. I think goalies get enough breaks in the VHL, I like the NA ice." 4. You've been given free reign to design a mascot for the Wolves. What would their name be? What do they look like (Describe)? King: *laughs* "Gotta be a white wolf. Name him Marty. He can wear the uni uniform and have his tail out the back." 5. What would be your ideal version of a goal song? King: "Deep train horn bass with a subtle steam engine sound over it. A wolf's howl as a flare" 6. We're winning a game 3-1 and Spyro's picked up a bad injury and the back up has gone in but become injured... Which of your teammates are best suited to try and maintain your lead of the game? King: "Adrienne. Tough, gets in the lane, and not afraid to get involved physically. I imagine Adrienne could translate that in net."
  6. Press Conference for the week of August 3rd-9th. I will be loosening up a bit more once I'm moved in and settled. Right now due to time constraints things gotta be a little more straightforward. 1. 7-4-1 in last week's stretch for 15 points. How do you feel your player did during this week of games? 2. With WJC coming up, the GM race is heating up. Which team do you think has the best chance of taking the crown in WJC this season? 3. A lot of people hate Media Spots. Why do you think that is? If you're one that does hate them, why? 4. If you could add one thing to the Player Store for purchase what would it be? 5. Who has better hair, Merrick or Dimmadome? 6. What is IR's sexiest quality? The more uncomfortable answers the better.
  7. I always love detailed team concepts. I appreciate the work you put into making this. Unfortunately, this one doesn't really jump at me though. I do like the uniforms in some ways, and the logos are all really nice. I'm not crazy about the pants, but I'm so old school so that's me. I think the color scheme is great. It's a more muted take on popular red/blue schemes and it looks sharp, though the Alternate Jersey shows how much red work as an accent as opposed to primary. Regardless, fantastic work, I think you have a talent for making this stuff. Would love to see a SDM redesign if you were up for it??? Design: 8/10 Work: All of the/10
  8. That's awesome. I love little stories like these. They bring so much immersion to the league. I do wonder why leagues are against #0 for a jersey. It doesn't make much sense to me beyond the use for mascots. you're getting a 10/10 from me though. I hate reviews but gotta get ahead of the trivia again. And plus, this made me smile.
  9. IamMoose s73 Donation for Kevin King $15 Transaction ID: 6PY76317KB637742E Immediate claim for: 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week $1M Player Store
  10. 1. Miami began the season 9-0-1, a phenomenal start. How do you feel the team has lived up to the expectations set by many so far and how does the current start reflect your expectations for Miami this season? King: “I’ll admit, I had concerns that we’d have some troubles with the sim and that would plague us early. I’m so proud of the group we have here. We can talk about expectations all day but it’s the work and the effort that these guys and gals put in that have us where we are.” 2. How satisfied are you with your player’s start to this season? What are your expectations as the season rolls on? King: “An impossible question for me. Right now I’m focused on putting up more numbers and that’s been a little hit and miss. Guys like Laine, Stansson, Lamb are really firing on all cylinders. We’re right in the thick of it though. And I’ve been fortunate enough to capitalize on some game deciding plays, so that’s been rewarding. Never content though. I want to elevate my play even more down the stretch here as every game becomes more of a challenge.” 3. A lot has been said about Miami as the Evil, the Heels of the M. Ten games in, how do you feel about that perception now? King: “People are gonna talk. We’re pretty heavy down the lineup with top end stars so people were always gonna talk. We just gotta play our game.” 4. To bridge into the last few questions here; What part of your player’s game are you most focused on aside from SC and DF? King: “Possibly puck handling, maybe passing as well. I’m in a unique position where all my training is going to be focused on next season now so it’s difficult to put those extra reps into any category right now. For my last tweaks in the M, I think PH or PA might be the way to go.” 5. If you could pick one skill that could be my effective in the sim, what would it be? Moose: “my effective…” Ya FUCKED IT UP MOOSE! King: “Leadership. I think Leadership can be a great momentum turner in a sim.” 6. With 16 teams in the VHL and 12 in the M, there’s plenty of space for more new members. With what took place with recruitment recently, what suggestions would you give to the recruiters of this league on how to attract new faces? King: “I think it’s not just about new recruits, but retaining current recruits. And possibly attracting people back to the league who maybe welfare check a lot but could be doing more. As for recruitment posts, I think word of mouth, bringing on friends, and even ground, grunt work is more effective. With so many standards and regulations from sites about solicitation, it’s hard to get that permission to go for it.”
  11. A few words before we get started, I want to thank Rockstar for giving me this opportunity to be your new AGM for the San Diego Marlins. I have great expectations for this team and this franchise who has already experienced great success. 1. With a 7-3-0 start in our first ten games, is that above, below, or right around your expectations for this team? 2. After ten games, you have a sample of what your player is doing this season. What are your expectations going forward for the season for your play personally? 3. What skills, other than SC and DF are your looking to build on for your player? 4. When it comes to recruiting, why do you feel San Diego is a prime destination now and in the future? 5. A lot has been said and debated on when it comes to the STHS (sim), what role do you feel morale plays on the sim, if any? And what do you think the primary factor is in shifting the tide in games? 6. After the BoG conference from this week, are you excited for the continued testing and potential move to the 1.5 system, or do you have other thoughts on the subject? Bonus: What is one thing you’d like to see myself (Moose/Kevin King) accomplish with San Diego this season and beyond?
  12. It is official, San Diego has hired on Kevin King as the new AGM for the Marlins. It comes after King’s half season with Las Vegas and a short start to season 73. A rapid turn around for King, rumors and conversations suggested King was looking into a front office role early and has been chomping at the bit to get involved in team building. He’s got a lot of strengths when it comes to lockeroom presence, leadership, and organizational structure. He’s got a franchise builder’s hunger for it and that may take time to translate to the nature of the VHLM. No doubt he’ll have his finger on the pulse of his roster earning the most out of their time in SDM. If there’s any question marks on King, it will be his VHL experience and his competitive ambitions and how that translates to the VHLM. King has already developed a history as a driven winner and expects to compete at a high level. Meanwhile, the VHLM is so much about recruitment and retention that it will be fascinating to see if he can adapt that competitive drive into a recruitment weapon to attract new members to the league, and players to the San Diego lineup. We haven’t had much time to reach King, or SDM GM Rockstar for comments.