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  1. I really love the idea and execution behind this article. There isn’t a whole lot of recognition for these types of games for the goalies, and I think you did an excellent job at highlighting those great achievements. I like how you separated each of the players/games and listed out the results of the games below them. Instead of just pasting them, you put them as a spoiler which offers a sort of drop down menu for each game. Really great idea to keep things organized. Fantastic work!! Score: 10/10
  2. Putting the soul crushing result to Warsaw aside, I like the action shot of this image! It doesn’t look super edited and looks like it came straight from the game itself. Adding the text paints a picture as if this was taken during that specific moment of the game. My big gripe though is that the amount of change to this graphic is kinda minimal. I see the Titans logo and Lambs name, but that seems to be it. I think going for some color correction to the predators players and adding the Warsaw logo to the goalie would have made this that much better. But I like the direction you went with this
  3. PRESS CONFERENCE: Week of May 9th, 2021 (You don't have to answer every single one, just answer 6 for 2 TPE) 1). What have you been up to during the Reaper's offseason? 2). Are any of you hoping to be selected for the World Juniors Championship and represent your country? 3). Do you wish there were more sims your player could participate in during the offseason? (There is! Check our locker room announcements for more details.) 4). What has been you favorite part about being a Reaper? 5). If you had the opportunity to rebrand a VHLM team, what would you name them? 6). Console or P
  4. To all of you who applied for the Philadelphia Reapers AGM role, I thank you! I got to hear a lot of great proposals and interact with a good number of you to help me make this decision. For those of you who did not receive this position, please don't think that you are not qualified enough or ill-equipped for this role. Many of you are stellar candidates, and this was a very hard decision for me to make. However, there was one candidate that really stood out. They submitted an actual resume with links to their works around the forum as well as up and coming projects. He showed dedication a
  5. Congrats @dlamb!! Looking forward to competing with Ottawa in the VHLM, you'll make a hell of a GM
  6. Wife and son both have the flu. I can only take so much vomit in one day.

    clean up dog GIF

    1. N0HBDY
    2. Gaikoku-hito


      Know the feeling as my whole family spent last week from Tuesday to Saturday in the same situation plus then covid testing...... Wasn't fun. Not to mention the dentist on Saturday afternoon.


      Hope everyone gets better soon!!

  7. PRESS CONFERENCE: Week of May 2nd, 2021 (You don't have to answer every single one, just answer 6 for 2 TPE) 1). Our season is unfortunately over. How do you think your player did? 2). Are you rooting for any other teams (either VHL or VHLM) in the playoffs this season? 3). What’s the highest competitive award you have won in your life? 4). Have you written any media spots, graphics, or TPE submissions this season that you are proud of? (Link them and show them off! ) 5). What is your favorite day of the week? 6). Do you have a favorite jersey number that you’
  8. Getting ready for the S78 Dispersal Draft!