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  1. It’s been a long week or so, and I appreciate the patience given while I was with my family regarding what I posted about earlier. Without further ado, the AGM for the Istanbul Red Wolves! First of all, thank you to all who applied. There were a lot of qualified applicants (some even hired by other teams ). My choice comes from someone I’ve struck up a connection with and who stepped up in the Red Wolves LR while I was away at the funeral. He went above and beyond while I was away, and it showed his determination to take the reins of the AGM position. So with a big congratulations, I’m excited to announce that the new hire for the AGM of the Istanbul Red Wolves is: @Spaz! (You are all lucky spoilers for whatever reason aren’t working on my phone right now) Welcome to the team, thank you again, and let’s get ready to make our mark in the VHLE!!
  2. Spending some time with family this week, lost a close family member. Thank you all.

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      ❤️❤️ you've got a good strong team to take care of things for you here, don't worry about the spreadsheet hockey til you're ready for it again

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      Wishing you the absolute best!

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      Sorry for your loss Kaleeb. Sending love from here ❤️

  3. It’s an exciting time for the VHL! There are so many job opportunities to be had across the VHLM with a few more possibly in the VHLE. I’d like to open up another one with this thread for the Istanbul Red Wolves AGM! What I’m looking for is an AGM who acts as a locker room presence for the team, someone who’s especially engaging. Additionally, you’re my idea guy; I’ll be pinging you with ideas on lines, new locker room things, and anything else pertaining to the team. You’ll have a pretty active say in how things are run, because I love my AGMs . Finally, you’ll be writing press conferences and helping me with lines in the off chance I’m busy with work or other things and can’t get them in. If you feel like you would be a good fit for the job, apply below! I’ll be looking forward to talking to you all who apply, and can’t wait to add another important addition to the history of the Istanbul Red Wolves! (also you would be the first AGM in Istanbul history, so that’s pretty neat )
  4. PRESS CONFERENCE - Week of September 5th, 2021 (Just answer at least 6 of the questions for 2 TPE) 1). The VHLE is slowly taking shape! How excited are you for the initial tournament? 2). Getting to be a part of the inaugural season is pretty exciting. What do you hope to see implemented into the VHLE? 3). Hopefully Covid clears up eventually, but if there were no risks with traveling, where would you want to go right now? 4). What is your favorite fruit? 5). Which team - based on the rosters released - do you think will win the tournament? 6). If, perhaps, your GM happened to make you a sig, which player would you want to use for it? 7). With this being the first season of the Istanbul Red Wolves, what are some things you would like me to bring into the locker room? 8). What is you pregame ritual? Do you have any superstitions? 9). Which player on our team will be our MVP throughout the tournament?
  5. Super excited!!! Glad to share this position with an incredible roster of GMs!
  6. 1). I feel like we did ok, but we certainly could be doing better. 2). Along the lines he has been playing for the past few seasons, I’m surprised at the consistency. 3). Nope, we’ve got a ton of fuel to burn and it’s going to start showing later in the season 4). It’s an interesting take given the players available, but it’s not entirely stupid. They are just building the roster up with a solid background of decent players and will probably look to sign or trade for better players. 5). Not really this year, I travel quite a bit for work and raising my son takes up a lot of my time. 6). Really great! Family is doing well, job is fantastic, and we are working towards welcoming a baby girl in December so it’s all very exciting right now for my family!
  7. Welcome back to the VHLM @Alex Bridges! My name is KaleebtheMighty, I'm the GM for the Philadelphia Reapers. I'd like to reach out and offer you a position on our roster! We are building a very competitive team, and would slot you in as a 3rd line winger. With your experience, you'll have no problem solidifying yourself as an impact player on the Reapers and get a ton of ice time! Here in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on the players we develop. My AGM and I work hard to ensure that every member of the team enjoys their time on the Reapers and builds a legacy to begin their career. Numerous VHL greats got started right here in Philadelphia, and we would love to add your name on the list. We also have a great locker room filled with great players that would love to get to know you! If you're interested in becoming a Reaper, just quote this post and reply back with #FEARTHEREAPER. Once you do that, we will add you to our roster and get you in the locker room. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Many legacies have been built with the Reapers. Will you join the many great Reapers of legend and craft a VHL career worthy of the HOF? What will your legacy be?
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