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Status Updates posted by KaleebtheMighty

  1. Spending some time with family this week, lost a close family member. Thank you all.

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    2. bigAL


      ❤️❤️ you've got a good strong team to take care of things for you here, don't worry about the spreadsheet hockey til you're ready for it again

    3. WildfireMicro


      Wishing you the absolute best!

    4. Laine


      Sorry for your loss Kaleeb. Sending love from here ❤️

  2. I love to see all of these logos and artwork popping up, everyone is really talented! Super cool to see everyone’s creativity at work!

    1. Alex_J32


      Thanks for all your help with mine!

  3. When I get back from my work trip later this week, I've got a Bratislava logo to post to really get the VHLE hype rolling 👀

    1. Ron Gorgonzola

      Ron Gorgonzola

      Can’t wait, super hyped for the Euro league!

    2. Victor


      Depending on how an upcoming poll, we might have to commission you for some serious heavy lifting. 👀

  4. I think the New York Americans might be up next for a little logo finagling 🤔

    1. Esso2264



  5. I have a date with Thad later today 🤩

    1. N0HBDY


      sheesh lucky

    2. Mistxh J

      Mistxh J



  6. Wife and son both have the flu. I can only take so much vomit in one day.

    clean up dog GIF

    1. N0HBDY
    2. Gaikoku-hito


      Know the feeling as my whole family spent last week from Tuesday to Saturday in the same situation plus then covid testing...... Wasn't fun. Not to mention the dentist on Saturday afternoon.


      Hope everyone gets better soon!!

  7. Big things happening in Philadelphia 💀



  9. I had all of my TPE requests tonight approved in under 5 minutes by @MexicanCow123. That's some stellar work!!

  10. I’m sorry, is Team Asia in first place in the WJC? Asking for a friend 🤔

    1. Blazzer


      Never, sorry

    2. GustavMattias


      Must be because Taro is no longer eligible. I'm historically invisible in tournaments.

  11. Had a lot of fun doing a podcast with @Hex Universe and @bigAL!


  12. On a complete side note, submitted an idea for the Washington Football Team rebrand on their website, if anyone would like to just take a look!


    1. rory


      Now make a 21st re-design to make @Beketov angry!

    2. KaleebtheMighty


      I just might!!

  13. Today certainly feels like a Monday 🙃

  14. Remoting into my desktop while on vacation using my iPad to do VHL things. #Dedication

    1. a_Ferk


      Reminds me of the time our wifi went out and I drove to my grandma's to write a VHL.com article

    2. Spence King

      Spence King

      Vacation during Covid ? how do you get so lucky ? my Province has been on lockdown LOL

  15. Getting vaccinated today!! Corona Virus GIF

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    2. der meister

      der meister

      Indeed. My friend in Erie is a health care worker, been seeing patients this whole time, and he still hasn't been able to make an appt. 

    3. GrittyIsKing09


      one of my grandmas has gotten their first dose, the other has an appointment somewhere in march

      itll be a while before I can see them again

  16. Just want to thank you all for the well wishes sent to my wife and I during this past week. We really appreciate it. I’ll be stepping back into things in the VHL slowly this week as we begin to work and function again. Thank you everyone! 

    1. a_Ferk


      I'm out of the loop, but I hope you're doing ok 👍

  17. A little while ago I told everyone on here about our second son. Unfortunately today we learned he didn’t have a heart beat. I’m going to be taking a step away from the VHL for a time to be with my family and my wife right now. Thank you everyone for the well wishes from before.

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    2. Gooningitup


      Best of luck man, sorry for your loss. 

    3. Laine


      Sorry for your loss Kaleeb. Hoping you and your family are doing alright. Take the time you need.

    4. Juice


      This is absolutely heart-breaking news. My full condolences to you and your family.

  18. Quarantining after being exposed to someone at work who tested positive today.

     This Is Fine GIF by 100% Soft

    1. GrittyIsKing09


      good luck with the test!

    2. Doomsday


      Stay safe, sending positive vibes your way!

  19. In about 3 hours my wife is going to surprise me with the gender of our second child 😅


    ps we are doing it indoors to limit the chance of causing a catastrophic forest fire 👍🏻

  20. Pulling a lot of Star Wars for this next big graphic for the EAE 📽️

  21. What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing.

    Anyway, been staring at my screen for 3 hours stuck in a creative rut 🙃

    1. GustavMattias


      Timing = making sure you're not next to the annoying kid who will repeat what you said but louder.

    2. Victor


      Timing = making sure you are the loud kid.

    3. KaleebtheMighty


      See I was always the unlucky one and said the joke first, then the loud kid would get the reaction. Absolutely criminal.

  22. New graphic project this week, working on an idea for a future expansion team. Lots of work done over the past week; had to download Inkscape and watch a lot of tutorials ?


    Post coming soon!

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