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  1. oh wait, i'm dumb, sorry to have bothered you
  2. this is already something, long live the italian gang
  3. If you want a bad interview matt thunder is in
  4. my little italian heart is destroyed
  5. This is actually a good work, for sure there are still some things that need you need to work on, but don't worry, as I have said before, this is good. In the end this gets a solid 8 out of a 10, keep it up mate, i have big hopes on you.
  6. wait really? I'm from italy too
  7. Hey it's me, matt, and as my player really sucks, I'm writing this to get some tpe to upgrade him, even if we all know that he will continue to play very bad as usual. but that's enough talking about how my player is trash, we need to talk about an alternate story about my player, matt thunder. So, what would happen if matt Thunder wasn't drafted by riga in the S74 draft? Let's suppose that if Riga didn't draft me, no other team would have drafted me, as it's hard to think where I would have ended, also because I have zero immagination. (but let's not say that)
  8. nice article and it dosen't make you look bad in public, I was too at the time hyped for the draft, but the only problem there is that you are actually good and I'm not. in the end this gets a solid 8 out of a 10, keep it up!
  9. 1 We have a really good potential, we just need to show it 2 We will see, how is unpredictable 3 Expansion, i don't really like the idea of an other league 4 to be honest none, they are all important to me 5 that stst hates Riga 6 because it is easier to store them in a square box, it would be harder to take them out from a round box.
  10. i like this graphic, is not that bad as you think, for sure you still have a lot of exercise to do, but if you continue like that, you will do much better graphics, so continue doing graphics whenever you can. In the end this gets a solid 8 out of a 10, keep it up mate.
  11. I'm interested, I would like to try