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  1. New Presser! Sorry for the delay. Been a busy week! 1. Who is your favorite sporting hero? 2.What qualities make a teammate a good team captain? 3.What is the one thing you always do after a good performance? 4.What is your favorite mantra? 5. Do you think attitude is a factor in winning? 6.What one word describes you?
  2. Limited to one only.
  3. Press Confrence Questions! What does your player number mean to you? What do you think an overlooked aspect of game is? What would you consider your biggest stregnth? Who do you look up to in the VHL? If we had a VHL like EA sports game who would be the cover athlete? What do you do to unwind after a game? Where is the favourite place you've been? What is your favourite animal? Who is your hero irl? What sets you apart from your peers? It's midnight and you're being arrested for something... what is the crime you've committe
  4. Sorry for the late press conference I've been rather ill this week and only just starting to recover. 1. Who in the locker room has the worst breathe? 2. What's more important to you team achievement or Individual Accolades? 3. When Hydrating during a game do you just drink water or do you have an electrolyte drink? 4. What does your player number mean to you! 5. Who would you say your players role model is (VHLer or IRL player)? 6. What's one thing about your player most people don't know about? 7. What brand
  5. Press Confrence 22/3 - 28/23 Answer 6 of any of these questions for 2 Capped TPE What are your goals for the season? Are you excited with having a new Assistant GM? What are some things we could implement to make the locker room more fun? What are your predictions for the minor league season? Do you pay attention to pre-season? If you could implement a new off-season tournement what would it be? Where would you like to go on vacation? Who would you say our best player is? Any pre-game rituals? What real life team would
  6. #Let's Talk About Drafts Baby 1. Now that both? the VHL and VHLM drafts are done who was the biggest steal and why? Drafts are Magic Beans way too early to talk about. If you look at different draft classes you'll see sometimes people move and make it so that the draft is pointless. 2. Do you think anyone got SNUBB.ED? Do You know the history behind the word SNUBB.ED In the VHL and why i have to spell it out like this? If not try it out and see what happens when you type it normally, then ask us old ppl to explain it. If you are a vintage member were you here for
  7. This prestigious award is given out to those who display outstanding commitment to moominvalley.
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  9. Offseason time! 1. This season, the offseason is 2 weeks long. With the extended offseason, what do you plan to do with the extra time? Do you have any suggestions for what I should do? What are you doing? 2. Will you be tuning in to any of the major international hockey events (WC, WJC)? If so, which one? I'm not sure, will you? 3. What do you believe is the best part of the offseason from both a player and management perspective? That's a hard questions isn't it? 4. Is there anyone you think we should have on
  10. Now, it's time to speak about what has happened for me during this off-season and honeslty it hasn't been as exciting as you'd potentially think. I have realised that i will become less active than i used too and as a result i know it'll hurt my player here overall and honestly i don't have an issue with that. Now, why is this the case? well i have realised that i can't keep active in so many leagues if i do not really have a drive too and honestly my fun with these leagues does depend on a lot being in what i'd consider the right way. At the moment i am only really enjoying one si
  11. #LookingForward 1. Who is the Free Agent you want Helsinki to go after, there are a lot of big names hitting the market. Why would you for that Player? Not really a player as I'm not sure who's going to free agency but I would really love a Burger. 2. Bad shit happens, we got knocked on our asses this time in the playoffs, so let's make lemonade out of lemons. What did you do with your team during the time off? Plot a revolution to install myself as the supreme leader and install a Moomin only policy. It's why we're losing the team