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  1. I'm not looking for drama and if the league is hoping for that I'm sad to say you'll be sad as I probably won't respond. I dislike SIM league drama and I wanted a easy article to write and make it known I'm asking to leave.
  2. I have formally handed in a trade request to be moved out of Vancouver. I know this probably doesn't come as a shock to some of you but after being let go as assistant general manager I decided that I need a change of scenery due to events that led up to this. I have decided to put it here that I will basically be deciding Emi Rune's future in the league by the 14th of December. Now, because I have a no trade clause in my contract it would mean I have to waive it and I'm willing to work with the team and speak to potential suitors if allowed. I
  3. AGM ASKS! 1) It's christmas coming up who is on your christmas list from the league? 2) What is the one hockey related gift you hope you get? 3) We're not at the same standard as last season. How can we get back to that standard? 4) Would you say there is something missing to the team that we had last year? 5) Who has shocked you the most play wise this year? 6) Who is the teams most promising prospect?
  4. AGM Asks: Who is on the cover for this year's version of the VHL game made by EA? and does this cause the team to have the dreaded curse? What player do you expect to have the most improved season this year? What is the one thing you wish you could change about the league? What is the most important stat for you this season? What player would you go out partying with? Why? Who is the quietest player on the team and why?
  5. Can any of you work out the location of the next team concept?
  6. Podcast Link
  7. Another week and another confusing mess for Emi. It's been a really confusing time as i have had my laptop basically break on me for the entire week so i have not been able to record the usual podcast that i would do for the big point task and it has taken me till now to be able to do the VHL.com. I have been tracing my player as the season has gone on and so far as writing this Emi Rune is 7 games and 8 assists which is good for over a point per game. She's really coming into her own and doing what i wanted with her. I would have liked a few more goals by now but i can
  8. New Week new set of AGM asks. 1) Who do you think the breakout start for this coming season will be? 2) Who will be this seasons Rookie of the Year? 3) Who do you think will make the best captain in the future? 4) You're down a 2 goals with 3 minutes left on the clock. Do you pull the goalie or wait and see? 5) If we had to change from the wolves but stay in vancouver what would a good idea for a new name? 6) Who is your favourite Wolf and why?
  9. It's been a really odd off-season so far and i have not really been doing much as i have had more things to do in other leagues and the current one to be honest. I haven't been well either and as a result i haven't had the best state of minds for a while. This is the first time i have been very able to get so thoughts that are not made when i am very tired. So now lets get back to the actual meat and potatoes of this week i guess. I have decided that i am going to start updating my player with getting my Defense to 99 and then i will work on my Passing to those too. After that i
  10. Assistant GM asks: 1) How do you think we did in the draft? 2) we traded out Downey this season. Do you think that's going to hurt us? 3) Do you think we're in with a change for a repeat? 4) What is one stat you're looking to improve this season? 5) It's one of your teammates birthday soon and you're tasked with planning a party. What do you do? 6) You're given a do over of any trade made is history. Is there any trade you'd like to take back?
  11. Join us in time for the S22 Minors draft!