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  1. 1) if you could describe the team in 1 word... What would it be? 2) what are your goals for next season? 3)do you feel like you have accomplished your goals this season? 4)what's your favorite music genere? 5)who's your favorite person on the team 6)and who would you like to bring up?
  2. Ok late pc for this week 1) what advise can you give to the prospects coming up next season? 2)what should be our focus on Free Agency? 3)super team yay or nay? 4)do you think we should refresh our team logo? 5)what about making patterns for jerseys and stuff? 6) are you following other sports now that the NHL season has ended?
  3. 1)we have a great team So I feel that it's possible 2)honestly? All of them, can't wait to face them in the bigs 3)dunno,center or Goalie sounds good 4) just for the lulz I would name them the coconut crackers 5)it must be rowing, even the name sounds like a punishment 6) a dog will never leave you, but nah I just take care of every dog I find
  4. Don't worry for my next gen I'll be a world exclusive
  5. With so many great players, some will be left out sadly, it's a shame that team world can't build a proper team with their own players and have to scavenge half their team from us
  6. Brace yourselves team Europe is coming. From the harsh lands of the North to the warm Mediterranean coast we march. From the Pillars of Hercules to the peak of the Narodnaya we rule. The world was at our feet once and it's time for us to get our throne back from those who stole it from us. Our moto it's simple "Take no prisoners" Guided by our Pride and led by @LatinViking and @PatrikLaine We came for all and won't leave without it. When you hear our trumpets ice will break and the land will tremble under your feet
  7. Ok guys! Out of character week! 1)how did you discover Hockey? 2)what's your favorite team of any league? 3)do you have any game day rituals? 4)have you ever been to a live game? 5)do you collect jerseys /cards? 6)what's the weirdest memory you have related to hockey?
  8. After some struggle we managed to beat top 4 teams! 1)what is clicking? 2) what is left to click? 3) who would you consider it's having the most impact? 4)we had a couple games with tons of penalties. What happened? 5)any suggestions for the coaches? 6) are you happy with the team?
  9. After a heated discussion that ended with him getting shipped out of Yukon. Byrne get's back to the team that bought him into the league. Having played 5 games already he manages to snatch over 1 point per game with 3 goals on the last 2. Byrne, a natural lockdown defenseman, it's slowly maturing, by suggesting of it's coaches onto a two way threat that should manage to disrupt defenses by being both the last man defending and the long range shooter that Miami desperately needs to keep any playoffs hopes. We can only hope that this last performances develop into a consistent and
  10. Ok guys and gals for this is the presser for this week 1) Calgary started slow this season, did it concern you? 2)the rookies are making an I mediate impact, do you think that this will bring some competition inside the team? 3)our Goalie has been on point this last couple games, has the team ambience has anything to do with that? 4)what's Calgary's biggest threat now that we proved we could beat Seattle? 5) what would you consider it's your biggest strength? 6) and your major weaknesses?
  11. S74 draft has just passed... Being so, this week we're gonna have draft related questions! 1) What is your favorite draft memory? Why? 2) Are you surprised by any pick on this last draft? 3) What do you think are the strengths of s74 Wranglers draft class? 4) what would you made different if you had the chance? 5) have you been able to chat with the rookies? If so what are your thoughts? 6) If you could pick any trade from last draft and change it, witch would it be?
  12. 1)fantasy football!! Still.. Man I miss playing 2)my goal? I belive we have playoffs chances so let's go for that. 3)at all, sadly, Minnesota had Miami's number all season long. 4)yeah I would love to GM. 5)actually I'm in 4 different sim leagues at this moment. 6)there are 5 actually... My dream team would include @dlamb @Emi @Riley_Couture @PatrikLaine and @Bacon