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  1. 1. yeah both of them are gone, but i'm here now, so be happy please:(..... sure we have strong enough team for next season!!! 2. no, everything is possible in playoff!!! 3. expansion for me is the best choice, build another league kinda weird 4. gonna be the month that have less holiday of course !!!! 5. a conspiracy theory that is more to be believable than other conspiracy theories 6. because if it comes in triangle box the pizza will not fit
  2. 1. owh no..... owh no...... please no....... it's p........ 2. never more than 30 seconds!!!! 4. gonna swear all the time....... cause...... a forget it 5. leave the door open for now!!!! 9. 10 of course, i'm the hottest 12. small and private for sure, so more talking time
  3. 1. gonna go with bunny shape, egg to mainstream for me 2. yup definitely, gonna go all out to prank my teammates 3. end my careers because of injury....... 4. beef wellington!!!! yeah i can cook it by myself 7. nah i'm a lone wolf, trying to search what best of me without my family knowing. my holiday plans? gonna go with hunting 9. i'm gonna go with i can play in VHL, took me long enought to get here and glad that titans believe in me
  4. 1. hmmmm let's see, i think we gonna miss the fan, yup fan it is, cause in 40 years there's only AC and a new kind of technology 2. give me f..... food right now, i'm hungry you hoooman 3. i'm gonna go under, doesn't used much 4. bottle, yup it's gonna be bottle for me or under the tree 10. you momma so fat, even it can fit puck used for a whole seasons...... 12. hiding in my locker.......... when i open it, the reporter was a girl, so i join him LOL
  5. 3. it's an honor to be drafted, but the pick matter for me, the higher the better, but it's up to us sometimes someone pick higher maybe lame and started to earn slow but the other one that pick lower earn more 8. nirvana, spice girls,westlife, backstreet boys and other 90's boyband!!!! 9. cooking and singing!!! 10. extrovert!!!! i really like to know new people, and didn't like it if stay home for a long time 11. ARES!!!! i love violence!!! and i'm courages and like to war!!!!!! 13. food!!!!! give me 7up, doritos, and ice cream!!!!!
  6. 1. play like usual, attack attack attack, and defense!!!! 2. not bad, really making different, the best playoffs performance from my player 3. the teamwork!!!! 4. bye. LOL 5. chips 6. tokyo. Tokyo Samurai
  7. 1. of course!!!! 2. hmmm predators maybe? 3. hmmmmm no clue at all 4. dragons and our own 5. nope..... 6. nope.....
  8. 1. i don't know about 1st.... but 2nd gonna be reachable 2. yes!!!! i'm here now ahahah 3. gonna go with philly 4. hmmm let's see.... nothing 5. my name everywhere ahaha 6. once a week
  9. 2. Shea Theodore, i love the golden knights, gonna ask about how to be good at defense 3. eat, eat, eat 5. mini cooper of course 6. cake!!!! 7. gonna step up if the team need me 8. about my player life, Roller Coaster Life
  10. 1. Boats! Boats! Boats! ( like in HIMYM) 2. how to fight!!!! 3. cat person ofc 5. play for japan!!!! 6. once i skip practice just to hangout with my cat..... 8. clean and tidy? what's that? aahhaha
  11. 1. feeling good, and let's win the title!!!! 2. win the title of course!!! 3.feeling good again, hope the coach can bring the trophy here 4. aaaaaa me? ahaha lol 5. us of course!!!! 6. football!!!!
  12. 1. so good i like it 2. ronaldo!! 3. can't take my team to final 4. i can represent city teams in national champ 5. mac n cheese? 6. i hope i can make the team have lesser goal conceded 7. i don't understand the question ahahhaa