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  1. Hi everyone, welcome to this week's Halifax 21st Press Conference for the 22nd to the 28th of February. Hope you're all having a nice week. Here are the questions for you to respond to in order to get your 2 TPE, please remember that you only need to answer 6. 1. Would your player ever consider dying their hair a different colour? How would it look? Or why wouldn't they? 2. Is there anything that helps you to get into the routine of remembering to complete your VHL tasks each week? 3. Can you describe the way your player feels when they are on the ice during a match? 4. How would you
  2. So as you all know, Riley Couture cannot start a match without drinking a can of monster energy. She would be too tired without her caffeinated boost to get her going. Well, this has unfortunately been proven to not just be a theory as this came into reality in her last game. Riley had slept in before her match, and having woken up late she ran to catch her boat ride to the Calgary match, still wearing her pajamas, carrying a sports bag with a change of clothes inside. On the boat ride, Riley kept yawing and she was struggling to keep herself awake. She realized on her way there that she hadn'
  3. Welcome to the Halifax 21st press conference for the 15th - 21st February. Hope you all had a nice valentines whether sharing love with partners or with your friends and family. Here come the questions, please remember that you only need to answer 6. 1. Which folklore/cryptid creature do you think would make the best mascot for Halifax 21st and why? 2. If you were forming a band with a handful of your team mates, what type of instrumment would you play? 3. Is there a song that you listen to while you are training? 4. What are you most excited for in your player's future? 5. Does you
  4. One of the things that Riley Couture likes to do during a match for her good luck ritual is to wear unmatching socks beneath her uniform, she has found that on days where she wears matching socks she doesn't play as well. For example, one time that her washing machine had broken, while she was waiting for it to be fixed she was lacking pairs of socks. She could only find a few stray socks at the back of her drawer so she grabbed out one green and one black sock. She put them on underneath her larger sports socks, something she does anyway to keep her feet warm on the ice and since she finds or
  5. Riley Couture was starting to get a lot of burn out from playing so many games in a row and non-stop training, she could feel herself getting more lethargic and exhausted both mentally and physically. As much as she wanted to deny it, to keep training, keep playing, she couldn't. She had to accept it, it was time for a vacation. But where should she go to visit? She had a big decision to make with many many choices. Riley got out her tourism booklet and looked through the pictures of where she could go. Maybe a tropical beach where she could relax and sunbathe? Maybe a huge city where she
  6. Hi Boat Gang, welcome to the Halifax 21st Press Conference for the 8th of Febraury to the 14th. Please remeber that you only need to answer 6 questions in order to get your TPE. 1. Which team in the VHLM would you describe as our biggest rival and why? 2. If your player could meet any player from the NHL, who would it be, and what tip would they ask for? 3. What is the first thing you do after you get home after a match? 4. Who is your player's next of kin and what are they like? 5. What type of car does your player drive? 6. Does your player prefer to eat cake or pie for dessert
  7. After the VHL's Marketing and Catering teams gave an arm and a leg working hard to get this deal through, I am pleased to announce that Krispy Kreme is finally willing to do a collaboration with the VHL. Krispy Kreme will be selling their doughnuts in the team's stadiums during matches. Whilst an arrangement of doughnuts will be available, there will one specific flavour of doughnut that will represent each team, and this doughnut will be pushed in that team's stadium in order to sell double. Here is a list of which doughnuts will represent the US teams. Calgary Wranglers As a t
  8. This week Riley Couture has been feeling under the weather. She woke up on Thursday with a bad cough and she felt very exhausted. This meant that she had not been as busy at her assistant general manager role, in the Halifax 21st team, this week, she has been resting a little more instead. However, she has still tried to get onto the ice for her team Calgary. Even though she managed to play she had to take regular breaks to sit on the bench and use a nebuliser to make sure that she could breathe enough to skate around effortlessly. Luckily towards the weekend, Riley has started to pick up alth
  9. Hi everyone, welcome to this week's press conference for the 1st - 7th February. Hope you have all had a good week and you're ready to answer some questions for us. Please remember that you only need to answer 6 in order to gain 2 TPE for this task. 1. Don't worry, BOAT GANG isn't going away anytime soon, but if you had to choose another catchphrase for the team, what would it be? 2. If Halifax 21st were to set up a local activity club where the cool ice hockey players from our team went into schools to teach kids fun skills, what would your player teach them? 3. Does your player a cat
  10. Hi Liam, I am the AGM of the team Halifax 21st and we would love to offer you a contract to come join us. If you're interested please quote this message and respond with 'BOAT GANG'
  11. Riley Couture was worried this week when she went into the Halifax locker room and noticed that her assistant assistant general manager, Rick Osman, was missing. She got scared and tried to work out what had happened. It turned out that the assistant assistant general manager role was not being respected, by the new ownership, as he was criticised for creating too many roles. Riley felt a little guilty as she had also created a lot of roles on the server, even if that responsibility was mostly left up to Rick. As a result of the criticism, Rick felt the need to step down. However, Riley couldn