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  1. D - Codrick Past @KC Phillip ^tagged above + I'm having issues
  2. New Wranglers: 1. How do you feel about being drafted to the wranglers? I am extremely happy to have been drafted to one of the best organizations out there. I love winning and good management and this has both. 2. What are your goals now that you are here? I want it all, I want a championship and I want to be able to be put together many points. 3. Who is your locker neighbor? Did you learn anything new about them? DillPickle... I've learned too much 4. Did anything interesting happen at Training camp? I got hazed... badly 5. Did you have any cute fan moments after getting VHL drafted? Yeah, I was surprised that so many fans knew who I was and how excited they were to see me. 6. Oddest thing you brought to the Wranglers ...I know Fangs answer I brought success, it's really hard to pack but I like to bring it
  3. First Week In Wow is all that I can say. I was drafted into a world class organization and was immediately propped into a role where I had to make an impact. We have started off extremely strong and I would argue that we are probably one of the favorites for the cup. When reflecting on my integration to the team you could point directly to my debut. The boys got me going super early in the locker room and also got me going on the ice. They knew that I am a goal scorer and they helped me integrate immediately by getting me the puck in a great goal scoring area. While I could take credit to adjusting quickly, at the end of the day the only way I would have been able to integrate effectively is by practicing against some of the best. As a whole the first week in was exciting because we win a bunch and I have been able to get on the board already. Coming in to the VHL has been much better than coming in to the VHLm and maybe it was because I was more prepared but that cannot just be it. I am excited to see what week two of the VHL will do to me and how I can continue to improve.
  4. 43 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 44 Calgary Wranglers @ D.C. Dragons 45 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans 46 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears