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  1. 1) We're not going to want to get swept again, this feeling is going to be sunk deeply in our mind for a long time 2) Work, I need to get better to get more playing time 3) Spicy chicken sandwich meal -- but add bacon on the sandwich 4) I don't, but I really want a dog. I love dogs 5) I would play goalie, I would love to stop other people from scoring 6) I would immediately get rid of @Poptart
  2. Interesting work on Chara, definitely different lol. The stock works looks great and I can tell there was a lot of effort and it's trippy. I would say for the type of sig it is, this is definitely great work. 9/10
  3. Solid job, good job. Backdrop needs some work, it's not very complex apart from two logos being put onto it. The jersey change is nice but the render should be the focal point of the sig. I would personally re-arrange the size of it as well so it's an easier canvas to work with. Try using more stocks to be able to create a more diverse background. 5.5/10
  4. So why not call the regular season the conference semi-finals preliminary season round
  5. isn't this technically quarter finals?
  6. 2. My player did fairly well for a rookie, I did not score much but I was practically a net neutral for my team and showed some great development 3. I'm unsure, I could maybe want to go into team management in the near future somewhere. 6. I want to get smarter, the league is so much faster that I need to be faster mentally too 8. As a career Vanouver player, they've been tremendous warriors and have done a great job teaching me in my rookie year 9. Whistler because it's so close and I love skiing! 11. I love the ability to improve quite quickly but I also enjoy having
  7. $1M Player Store Cash (How to Claim) 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week (6 TPE uncapped from a PT being done) Transaction ID: 20539201403355539
  8. SHL had/started live simming for playoffs about 6-7 years ago when I simmed there. Doubt anyone would rig a full regular season that's just a shit ton of work to do over the course of many weeks and would be annoying to re-do over and over again. Also STHS is a shit engine with inconsistencies like crazy so patterns really don't mean much. Finally the simmers players do well because they actually put in work, know the engine and work their asses off so they will obviously build better players than 99.9% of every league.
  9. I like this as an old school vibe, it's super clean and simple and the border helps you bring that across. I would've liked to have seen some effects that brings your eye towards the render or greater differentiation. 8.5/10
  10. Sixersfan594


    Damn another killer from you, I love the focus on the render. Some people when placing the render in a corner would struggle with keeping him as the focus but you do an amazing job. I love the fire effects around the text and in the bottom left corner. 10/10