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  1. Yukon claims Higgins because Fong loves me.
  2. Ramicus

    S44 - YUK/OTT

    receives (S43) D - Theo Matsikas receives S45 3rd S46 2nd
  3. Yukon claims Maxime Wright.
  4. Welcome back to The Choice, as we look at a song that has been all over the place recently. Most people will tell you that it's a Bruno Mars piece. They're wrong. The credit for the song goes to a man named Ronson, and if you don't believe me, just watch. That's right, The Choice is taking on a song that peaked at number three on the charts here in the United States. Bruno Mars is taking us on a ride in Julio's stretch, but where to? We had three options this week. The Choices: Harlem, New York Harlem is a large neighborhood within the northern section of the New York City borough of M