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  1. Oh god... what have I done...
  2. 1. We have a really good coaching staff that keeps us all updated on how when to earn, and help us with our goals. They've been really helpful for me, at least. 2. It definitely will be a lot closer than a lot assumed. Just taking a glance at how close the standings are near the top, it's clear anyone could make a run for the title this year. 3. 5 Gorillas and 10,000 Rats. Rats are fuckin disgusting too, but there's no way anyone is stopping that many of them if they're also worried about 5 silverbacks. 4. If my PC didn't die long ago, I would bb. 5. Less money, championship. For sure. Money comes and goes, that title goes down in history forever. 6. I really love the LR. Everyone is constantly joking around and having a great time. I like all my teammates and my coaches as well, we have a solid group together right now.
  3. Welcome to ESPN 11 Radio, covering the newest sports leagues across the globe! Today, we are taking a look at the VLHM, the Victoy Hockey League Minors. Specifically, the Las Vegas Aces have started to get their stride. Winning their last 3 games in a row, we decided to take a deeper look at the team. Today, we have left winger Kasey Tamm to answer a few quick questions. Thanks for joining us Kasey! Kasey Tamm: Of course! Thanks for having me on. ESPN: You have had an impressive run, winning your last 3 in a row, one of which where you gave Miami their first loss. How was that possible? Tamm: We had an incredible day from Nils Friedriksen. He was a straight up brick wall out there. They had to pull out all the stops and use all their tricks to get one goal against him, he was on fire. It was a massive team effort to get that win, though. On our two goals, we had 6 points spread across 6 different members of the team. It doesn't get any better than that. ESPN: It's true that that game against Miami was a team effort, but you have been having a surprisingly strong rookie campaign. You're tied for 2nd on your team in points at 19, only one behind top 10 scorer Gary Rush. How does it feel to be producing at this level already? Tamm: It does feel pretty good. I have been getting some quality minutes, and coach has trusted me to give me a green light to score. I am more happy with my passing numbers than anything. As a younger player, I had always been a scorer, but the passing has really developed here in Las Vegas. It's hard for it not to with all the talent we have. I'm pretty happy with my performance so far, but a -4 in the plus/minus isn't going to cut it long-term. I need to get better on both ends, fast. ESPN: Well, you heard it here first. He is not satisfied. We look forward to seeing how Tamm and the Aces continue to play throughout the season.
  4. 1. We have a plethora (damn look at that word) of young talent thanks to his recruiting. We are a very active group so far, and I think we'll surprise some people. 2. Sorry Fonz... need these dubs bud. 3. I like playing video games, reading, and eating. Eating is probably my favorite activity lowkey though. 4. Right now, I can't complain about where we are. Our schedule was TOUGH to open up this season, but after playing the defending champions 3 times in 6 games, we have been winning a lot of games. 5. God damn it this is targeted you fucker ...I don't know what a pierogie is but based on the reaction last time I said that, I'm missing out. 6.