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  1. 1. Sometimes you need your best players to be your best players, and your role players to play their roles. Our top 5 are unstoppable, and our goaltending tandem is lights out. 2. In real life, pretty big to get an extra home game in a series. In STHS? I have no idea how much "weight" it gives to the home team. 3. Absolutely, are you crazy? Those guys are dynamite. 4. Big ol' steaks, whiskey, cigars. We are going to get right fucking polluted, then head to the strip club. 5. I like sharp angular lines, and a simple logo that's not too busy. In sim leagues, I like to uniform
  2. 1. A pint of your finest draught 2. It's my real life surname. Also, I enjoy brevity. 3. I play a lot of team sports, which unfortunately means that during Covid I'm not really getting a ton of good elevated-heartrate exercise. I have a fairly physical job, and I coach kids hockey (which is still going on). I'm really looking forward to someday being able to play beer league hockey/softball/curling/flag football again though. 4. Every sexual innuendo under the sun. Possibly a couple of busty models, maybe just posing or playing around, maybe some whipped cream wrestling. 5. Cr
  3. F - Venus Thightrap And if that player has for some reason switched position to Apache attack helicopter or something, I quit. @Caboose30
  4. My bad @Caboose30, RJ Jubis is a Forward.
  5. D - RJ Jubis @Caboose30
  6. F - Kyl Oferson @Caboose30
  7. G- Jean Pierre Camus @Velevra
  8. D - Matty Socks Still your pick @Velevra Sorry for taking so long - I have never been able to get the forums to send me e-mail notifications.
  9. F - Chad Magnumm @Caboose30
  10. 1. No idea, but I think in sim leagues it's always good to get a fresh influx of enthusiastic people into leadership positions. If it's up to the same folks to run everything all the time, that's a recipe for burnout. 2. Not at all, it would basically be like a free "re-spec", right? That said, I'm happy with the hodge-podge build I've got going on, even if it might not be optimally min-max'ed. 3. This might sound depressing, but I don't really have aspirations like that. I like my life, I'm happy with what I've got. I hope I can see my kids grow up to be good people and outlive me.
  11. 1. I didn't even know he had a player in the race, but my buddy BigTittySmitty, who is my teammate in the PBE mentioned winning a 'ship here, so I retroactively am cheering for Malmo. 2. I straight up have no idea who the big teams/small teams/active GMs/buyers/sellers are in this league. That might change now that I'll be playing in the big leagues and will actually pay a bit of attention. 3. Are those guys any good? If so, great move by the organization. If they're not, then it's a questionable personnel decision. See, with takes like this I could be a sports journali
  12. I can't remember if I signed up already. But I'm in!