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  1. 1. Prospect here, but last time I knew that we were the spoiler. Don't be a spoiler. 2. I don't know 3. For Vegas, i like to just sit around. Nothing special 4. Check number two 5. Rubiks Cube solving 6. No. 7. Check number 6 8. I dont think so 9. Other way around.
  2. So, Nexber has the highest amount of TPE on his team, and is most likely going to be the captain of the green and black team. Here is a question, How in the world did we get here? SOMETIME IN AUGUST: Oh look, a hockey simulation app! Im going to download it cause why not. Make a player name? I want it to be close to my real name so... Oh wait! I have an idea! And that's where it all began. A curious Domino Draws downloads an app about hockey and mindlessly makes a player, not realising he might be the overall scoring leader in S76 bas
  3. 1. Ok, I guess 2. Very. 3. I hope we are going to be a playoff competitor. 4. I don't really listen to music that much anymore. 5. Miami, Philly, Sasky, Mexico. 6. IDK
  4. 1. TBH, I'm not surprised with Philly, but with Malmo... 2. Eyyyy 3. Use. Now. 4. I'm playing for World. But you already knew that you smarty boi (not a compliment) 5. Uh.... Are you talking about next season? If so, yes. 6. fine, hbu
  5. 10/10. Love the details. There is not too much, not too little.

  7. 1. I wasn't active around that time, so... I felt sad at the start but I forgot about it. 2. Good, same as last season. 3. Try not to fuck it all up. 4. Good, (me included, LETS GOOOO) 5. To all those people saying yes, don't jinx it. 6. He did good...
  8. eyy always happy to help my friend @Ledge_and_Dairy
  9. Ì would like to have a job. An AGM one to be specific.
  10. 1. FINISH HIM 2. Clothes and two hockey pucks. 3. not being broke 4. Europe, I'm the AGM. I don't think fromtheinside would pick me for tram Canada. 5. Idk, I hope it's a bad so that we could beat their ass. 6. Those tits are unreal.