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  1. don't trade me i like chicago plz-
  2. Minnesota Presser! (Finally) Answer 3 questions for 1 TPE, and 6 questions for 2 1. Does your player have any superstitions that they do before games? 2. Minnesota or a VHLE team? 3. We're reaching the top of the standings, how excited are you? 4. Canada or USA? 5. What do you think of your VHL team? 6. Are the Winnipeg Jets good?
  3. This might be the most effort I've ever put in an article.
  4. Hello everybody watching this on VHL Network! This is Dominic Drawes, you might know me as Austin Towbaker's agent. Today we have asked many people in the Greater Toronto area, would Towbaker get traded? And surprisingly, a lot of people said yes! So we have asked them also who he would be traded for on what team. And here is what the crowd said! "Towbaker? Great player. Was hoping he would be drafted by Toronto so we could have a kick-butt player. But sure, let him play in his hometown. Fucking stupid. We would love him to play for the Legion. Fuck Chicago. Just holy cow." -Guy we found off the street "HE NEEDS TO PLAY FOR TORONTO RIGHT NOW!" -Bob So yeah, there was a lot of non-advertiser friendly words that the Legion fans had to say. But there was a Calgary fan that we spotted and he never actually dropped a swear. He just said that Towbaker should play for Calgary. That's it. Many fans in the greater Toronto area. Probably the VHL capital of the world! We found Malmo, Calgary, Davos, London, every team! And most people wanted Towbaker on their team, along with The Red Menace as their starter. So these trades are what the fans want. MALMO TRADE: MALMO: A. Towbaker CHICAGO: S84 MAL 2ND The Malmo fans know how to think. They think the most realistic of the entire VHL. You might think I'm biased, but all of the Malmo fans said the exact same thing. All 1000. "Personally, the Malmo fans are the most coolest fans that I've met. I've also talked to Christopher James at the draft hall. You know, just about life and stuff. He wouldn't draft me, I just wanted to meet him. He's also a chill guy for a GM." - Austin Towbaker MOSCOW TRADE: MOSCOW: A. Towbaker CHICAGO: S84 MOS 2ND Just the same with Malmo fans, they have actual brains up in there. Actual reasoning for the win! "I never got to meet Euron, I had to rush right out of there as soon as the draft ended. I had a party to go to, no beer, just a party. I hope I do get to meet Euron soon!" -Austin Towbaker The trade rumors were in the Greater Toronto area. So it would be obvious that we would have at least one in Toronto. TORONTO: A. Towbaker CHICAGO: S84 TOR 1ST This trade is overshooting the likes of Towbaker. He is not worth a 1st. Definitely not. "I'm honestly scared of Toronto a little bit. I've traveled there once and there we so many people recognizing me. My face and my jersey were probably the common ways they would find the information of finding me. There were so many different feelings about me. Some people insulted me for my give-away against Minny which lead to a goal. That happened last year! And hearing these people saying that they want me on their team, it scares me! Toronto doesn't have a goalie yet so that would be bad. They should call up Oskar, eh? *Laughter* Free pads just to sweeten the deal, huh? *Instense Laughter*" Towbaker... he isn't really fond of Toronto. This kid isn't even a player in the VHL. Toronto fans are calling him bad, calling him good, calling him the most overrated player in the entire VHLM! So to you guys, respect players, ok? Or he might make jokes about your goalie problem. So... your choice. This is Dominic Drawes, signing off.
  5. https://gyazo.com/1207d5392f33247266915593ee1941f2
  6. Hello @GeneralLandro! Welcome to the VHL! I'm Domino, the AGM of the Minnesota Storm. Me and my GM, Laine, would love for you to be on our team! We could offer you 3rd/4th line minutes, we have great players, we're on track to make the playoffs, and much more! Quote this post with the tag #WEARETHESTORM if you want to join our team!
  7. So, hi. I'm Domino. I want thoughts from you guys. I want the big brain thoughts for this one. I've been wondering if there was a new league, what teams would it have? Who will shine? I feel like the league should be located in like... uh... Japan? No, it should be multiple countries. Asia? Holy macaroni, that's an ass bunch of teams and cities. Actually, why not. Asian leag- What? Will3 already did this? And he's actually pretty successful in it? Ah. Okay sure. You know what? I'm going to let you smart guys decide! Where the league should be, what the teams are, but this is the league topic. We will decide with the poll up there. Or you can reply, it's your decision. Just gonna pop out with this article, see you later (in your nightmares) and have a good one. Bye. Also are you a stupid-head? That's what I thought.
  8. what should i write an article about?

  9. Minnesota Storm Presser! 1. We had a very close game against Ottawa. How would you feel if you won against a team with only one loss? 2. Should this team have stayed in Oslo? 3. How do you think uour career in Minnesota is going so far? 4. Do you think the Red Wings are going to do well? 5. Do you think Eichel is going to go somewhere? If so, where will he go. 6. What is love?
  10. https://gyazo.com/eff898e152196d41064ae8b312a11b9a
  11. Hello @Russianmenice! Welcome to the VHL! My name is Domino, the AGM of the Minnesota Storm. We here would love to have you on our team! We could offer you a 2nd line spot on our team. We have great players, great LR, 2nd in Eastern, and much more! Quote this and tag #WEARETHESTORM if you want to join our team!
  12. Hello @Ninjadude! Welcome to the VHL! I am Domino, the AGM of the Minnesota Storm, and we would love for you to join our team! We could offer you a second line spot if you would want it. We have good players, great LR, second in Eastern, and many more! Quote this with the tag #WEARETHESTORM if you want to join our team.
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