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  1. idk that's how the site worked, the names I put first on the list (commishes, mods, GMs, etc) appeared bigger and more often
  2. Actually I used a bunch of stuff First, I went through all the VHL staff through the discord member list Then I did all the GMs and AGMs Then I did all the active Riga players (because bias lol) Then I looked at the form answers for fantasy zone because that was one of my open tabs and recorded all the users who submitted that Finally I went to the stats leaderboard on the forums and used all those players' usernames So definitely not an exact formula, but it was fun and I'm gonna do it again maybe next week, in a different format probably
  3. Paris Guardians doesn't have a French touch IMO, while if you say 'rev-o-loo-SEE-YAH' it sounds kinda Frecnh which was what swayed me
  4. Unfortunately after lengthy trial and error I figured out that long names are either really big or really small

    The VHL User I-Spy-With-My-Little-Eye challenge is live! Get in the thread and go fast!

    1. Ledge and Dairy

      Ledge and Dairy

      Congratulations to @GrittyIsKing09 for winning the challenge!

  6. Hey all, I've been hinting at this in the discord for the past 5 mins or so, and here it is. Rules: In the below spoiler, I will provide the names of 5 VHL users which you must find in the puzzle and take a screenshot of each of them separately, then put all five screenshots in a post of your own in this thread and the fastest post wins an article written by me about their player in the coming weeks. Here are the 5 names: Here is the puzzle: Good luck!
  7. yea I remember asking my parents for like 5-10 bucks for the drive and they were like 'fuck no it's a scam' like, I find parents don't understand that not every website's sole purpose is to make money. Even when I told my dad there weren't any ads on the site, he still wouldn't do it. I don't get it
  8. Hello random VHLer, it is I, the ledge dairy man, here to bring you a startlingly long list of possible recreate names. Struggling to think of a creative name for your new player? Well I’m not, and there’s no way I’m going to go through all of these names in my tenure here, so I’ve gifted them to the public for use. FYI, none of these are from stupid random name generators, all from my reliable cranium. If you’re going to use one, which I confidently expect you won’t, please post a reply in this thread so I can cross it off the list. Enjoy! Gildon Kempton Ali Roswell Eth
  9. Sorry to hear this mate, I feel lucky my school isn't collecting my laptop. Obviously being a kid I can't send you anything, but I could maybe write articles for you if a. I have extra free time, and b. it is allowed by the commishes. Either way, best of luck with the situation and enjoy your summer.
  10. Jesperi Kotkaniemi's nickname is KK There are 3 Ks in Kotkakoivu
  11. A perfect nickname thwarted by a white supremacy terrorist group Sigh