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  1. 1 - Last night, our 8-game winning streak was shut down by the Chicago Phoenix. Who would you say were the most important players of this important stretch? Goaltending! Malones been a stud. We just all clicked and hopefully it was enough for a playoffs spot 2 - Who's one player on the team that doesn't get enough credit but you think is an integral part of our success so far? My guy Rose! Great defenceman who’s having a wicked season. 3 - We only have 14 games left. Are you satisfied with your individual performance? yes and no? I knew
  2. 1. Our hot streak has really cooled off. Do you feel our numbers now are more realistic or we're just in a slump? i think we’re coming back down to earth a bit. We were pretty bad last year, i don’t think a jump from the basement to the top of the EU is realistic. We’ll be a bubble team this year, and that’s okay. 2. Our goal scoring seems to have almost disappeared in recent games. How do you think we fix that issue? I blame Simon T. I think it’s just so random. 3. Both of our goalies have .919SV% right now so the losses can't be on them. Do you think ultimately
  3. What are you looking forward to most this season? London’s first playoff appearance! Glad to be apart of it 2) Did you participate in the VHFL this season and if yes, how do you think you’ll do? I did, last I checked I was in second. I have a pretty solid team! Should do well 3) Who would you say is the number one player from each position in the league right now? Oh man. Chad Magnum at forward, Erik Killinger at D and Kevin Malone in net. 4) We’re off to a hot start. What do we need to do to keep it going? Don’t change
  4. 1) London has started the year 3-0. At this current rate, they will never lose a game. Realistically, what do you think London's final record is? Well, a bit late but yes, we did! I think we finish the season in a good spot. Currently doing very well. I say we finish with somewhere between 40-45 wins. 2) Have you ever actually visited London in real life? If so what was your favorite / least favorite part? I haven’t but my girlfriend went right before we started dating. She loved it, ill go someday. 3) Who is your favorite teammate? H
  5. D- Jacob Perry to finish us off
  6. F- SS Hornet G- Ajay Krishna @Victor
  7. I think it’s actually @animal74whose up!
  8. F- Chad Magnum D- Hugh Jass back to you, @Victor
  9. @Zetterberg missed his pick, @BladeMaidenis up! (sorry I know I’m not manager this time around but I like to try and keep these moving)