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  1. Oh didn’t even notice the S72 to be honest. Looks amazing!
  2. 1) Not yet, I'm going to be earning as much as I can until the start of the next season to ensure I can step into a meaningful role. 2) Shots blocked. I'm really proud of my player's ability to score and also play in his own end. Defencemen need to be responsible on defence and I think my player is elite in both ends 3) Out of the important attributes, I'd have to say puck handling. I'd like to improve that by the next season. My goal is to be 80+ in each of the "big five" by then. 4) Defence and positioning. I think it allows my player to be in the right place at the right time and make all the right moves. 5) The top teams for sure. Minnesota is one that comes to mind. They're having a great season and have a terrific goalie. 6) Welfare just kidding. I enjoy to write, so I like to be able to come up with a quick topic for a article, or a media spot when I have the time.
  3. My oh my, it seems like the season only just started, yet we are down to nearly 25 games remaining on the year. As is a constant in the league, we have our bottom feeders and our top dogs. Our rebuilders and our contenders. Though unlike some of the past seasons, we don’t have a front runner just yet. Three teams currently sit atop the standings separated by just three points. In first place we have Minnesota. They’ve allowed a league leading 96 goals, led by their top goalie Jaxx Hextall. He’ll be their MVP if they can hold onto the spot. Sitting just two points below them are the Ottawa Lynx. Upcoming S71 draft prospect Ola Vikingstad is leading the charge for them, he’s got 95 points and is among the leagues top scorers. And last but not least, in third place, are the San Diego Marlins. The Marlins are just three points behind the first place Storm. The Marlins are a VHL scouts dream, possessing four of the top talents in the upcoming draft. Kyl Oferson and Roque Davis each have 105 points. Meanwhile Uhtred and Thomas Landry II have 90 and 88 points respectively. How this season will end, no one knows. Though one thing is certain, we’re in for a wild ride!
  4. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  5. 1) With season progressing, who do you believe needs to step up to the plate the most? just need our newer players to keep updating and stay active. 2) Hugh Jass is in Top 5 in points league wide, how much of an asset do you think he can be for a team in VHL? hopefully be a big asset! Time will tell, vhlm success doesn’t always translate. 3) GM John Frostbeard has been quite vocal on considering Houston a true contender - how do you view our chances at winning Founder's cup? we’re a top team no question. We’ll need a bit of simulation luck. Sths is a cruel mistress 4) Our team currently sits in 4th place in VHLM, is it out offence or our defence that is pushing us up? I think our offence has been great. We’ve blown a lot of teams out. Most of our losses seem to be when we only score one or zero 5) It was recently leaked that Killinger stormed out of the LR after a loss against Philadelphia calling Stone Wolski a Swiss Cheese of a goalie? Is it true? yes 6) How do you see our new 2nd line Centre Tomothe Dylansen, is he fit to be a Houston Bull? for sure. Great talent. Our depth keeps growing.
  6. I'll be tuning in. Not sure who I like yet
  7. Would like to apply. I've been a member for awhile, had a short stint as AGM for Peace when he GMed the Wild, but due to some personal stuff I was going through, it didn't work out. If you'd like me to go more into detail in PMs I can lol. But as I said, been around awhile (first go with sim leagues was about 10-12 years ago, currently have been active for the majority of the past year) and would love to work my way up to a GM position.