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  1. Will the players available be made public before the draft?
  2. 1. A heartbreaking loss in the final minute to Calgary, how disappointing is it to lose like that? very. Tough way to have it end! But I’m proud that we pushed the top team in the league to seven games. 2. Despite the loss, were you happy with how the playoffs went overall for us? 100%. Have to keep growing and look forward to next year. 3. How are you coping with being eliminated so close to the final? I know I'm not happy at all. Made it a lot further than most teams! 4. Who do you think deserves to win Playoff MVP for the New York Americans? I’m always partial to awarding it to the goalie! Red Guy gets my vote. 5. Do you have any plans for the upcoming off-season besides crying a lot? crying a ton? 6. The Season 72 World Cup is upon us any day now, which team will you be rooting for? I hope the both lose!
  3. Damn, scored with :30 left in the game. good series Calgary. Proud that we pushed you to seven.
  4. 1. We finished 1st in our division, but 3rd in the conference, are you happy with how the team did this season? Yeah i think we did fantastic. Had we had the roster we do now (with Freeman and Burn) from the start of the season, I think we’d have given the top teams a run for their money 2. We have taken a 3-1 series lead over Seattle, and have an opportunity to clinch the series in front of home fans. Just how much does that mean to you? Huge! We were the under dog for sure. Fingers crossed for some Simon t love today. 3. Does your pre-game routine change when playoffs arrive? keep it same as the regular season. Had success then, don’t want to change it now! 4. Our 2nd line has been doing a lot of damage to the Bears this series, what makes them so effective? Our depth is key. We have a great roster, I think if we go further, it’ll be due to these guys ability to dominate the other teams lesser players 5. Do you get nervous about important playoff games, or do you treat them just like any regular season game? gotta treat them all equally 6. What do you think will be the biggest factor in any playoff success we have this season? depth!
  5. Well would you look at that! For once, the Americans actually won some games and made the playoffs! After some disappointing seasons (some would blame the playoff structure for this, but I digress) New York’s finest are finally in the big dance! (Just looked it up and the drought wasn’t that long, but I’m already committed to the article). Things didn’t look so hot for NYA at the beginning of the season. Despite having some solid talent, it looked like Simon T would claim another victim, and banish them to non playoff team purgatory. But then, just before the half way point of the year, a trade was made that changed the tide of the season for the Americans. Sending out Fredrik Elmebeck and some draft picks in a three way trade, the team acquired veteran Julius Freeman. Freeman proved to be just the weapon that New York needed, scoring many goals and winning the scoring title! The team would go on to win nearly 60% of their remaining games, leap-frogging them past Vancouver and allowing them to overtake the Toronto Legion for the 3rd seed in the North American division. Drawing Seattle in the first round will be no easy task, the Bears have been a top team for 5-6 seasons now and have their eyes on the prize.
  6. Last season, Hugh Jass had a moderately successful rookie season. He scored 31 points in 72 games. Just a few points shy of a half point per game. He also was a leader on New York in the plus/minus category, an impressive but overlooked accomplishment. But as with every rookie, especially one drafted in the first round, there are certain expectations put on the player to make a jump. To take that leap in year two. A leap that says, "You didn't waste your pick, I'm a more than serviceable player who can lead this team". Luckily for NYA management, Jass didn't just take a leap this year, he vaulted expectations. The season started off relatively quiet for Jass. He had just one goal in his first 25 games! Then a trade happened, and Jass saw his numbers sky rocket. On June 3rd, the Americans dealt defenceman Fred Elmebeck to the Toronto Legion. This move opened a ton of playing time for Jass, leaving the Americans with just three defenders. This move didn't just effect Jass, it changed the entire season outlook for the Americans. At the time, NYA was playing just under .500 hockey, at 11-11-3. Post trade, the Americans went 27-15-3, shooting them into the third seed in the North American Conference. Jass took advantage of his team's increased success, scoring 36 points (ten of which were goals) in the remaining 47 games. Pre Trade Post Trade 25 GP 47 1 G 10 11 A 26 12 P 36 5 +/- 16 55 Hits 61 49 SB 105 35 Shots 89 As you can see by the chart above, Jass' play took a jump to that next level when the trade was made. Every category, save for hits, saw an increase of at least 20%. Having one less defender gave Jass more room to breath on the blueline. With a lot of production coming from the other defenders on the team (Flowers finished with 70 points and MGS had 64), having one less body to compete with really allowed Jass to blossom. "I really felt like it gave a boost to my confidence", Jass said, "Seeing that the team believed in my abilities enough to keep me on and run with three defenders, that meant a lot". General Manager Ess Oh seemed pleased when asked what he thought about the surprise surge in Jass' play, "We're thrilled with Hugh's season. We made a gamble, giving up Elmebeck, but having someone like Hugh step up and fill the void that was left is exactly what we had hoped would happen. Couldn't be happier with his development and we're excited for his future". Compared to last season, this was a big jump for Jass. He saw large increases in every stat across the board. The biggest jumps being points (31<48), shots (72<124) and hits (61<116). Jass carries the puck up the ice during a game against the Seattle Bears It remains to be seen if Jass will carry this production into next season. The addition of a fourth defenceman could certainly affect his chances. The club has no first round pick, so it's unlikely they acquire another defenceman in the draft that will be VHL ready next season. They may choose to sign one in Free Agency, as they did with Scott a few seasons ago. The upcoming expansion draft also throws a wrench into this, as it is possible that they lose a defender in the draft.
  7. 1. We just can't seem to get any solid momentum going, what do we need to do to get a win streak started? I think we’re doing okay. Can’t win em all. Happy to be in a playoff spot! 2. We're chasing Seattle right now for home ice advantage in the playoffs. How big of an advantage does that home ice bring? Best fans in da league! I don’t think we’ll catch them after yesterday’s two big Ls. So 3rd place it is. 3. How are you preparing yourself for the playoffs this season? Training hard! Every TPE counts at this point. 4. What skills are you working on as a player right now? Trying to get PH/SK to 90 5. Piggy backing off that last question, what do you think is your biggest strength as a hockey player? I think my player is a great PP weapon. Showed it in the minors, and he’s scored a large chunk of the 17 career VHL goals from there. When he gets more playing time as a #1 option. 6. If you were chosen as the pre-game DJ to get the team pumped before a game, which song would you play? Some classic rock. Lep Zepplin maybe!
  8. The double members tag. bold.
  9. Yup, looks good! Roles come off as really hard to read though. At least the blues.