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  1. Ya, they say, out there, that you can see your dog running away for a week.
  2. @Domg5 I liked what you did here. 2 criticisms for lack of graphics, so I'll throw one in here to help you out....although you really don't need any help whatsoever.
  3. Tuff job. Difficult to look at all the graphics for evaluation. So here's one in case you haven't seen it. (below)
  4. Very clean cut and an excellent logo swap. The colours worked out just great for you. I also like the dynamic of the player ion action. The text is a little funky and originally I as not too thilled with it, but the longer I spent with the graphic the better I liked it. Nice work. 8.0/10
  5. It's unfortunate that you chose to host this image off-site. I liked your choice of colour and really liked the logo in the background..Good use of text objects. However, I think you design does not draw attention to the player, but rather the text. Was this be design ??? 6.5/10
  6. OK, this is not a theme week "what if". This is current and on going. As you might have noticed from previous mini-rants, Isau DaMoose isn't having what one might call a "Banner Year." Needless to say I was concerned, but when I noticed this: Player Name G A P +/- PIM S H SB GA TA FO MP PP MP PK MP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Addison McLaren 2 0 2 2 0 4 3 0 0 0 1/4 21:15 2:59 2:58 Andy Nexber 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0/0 14:23 0:00 0:00 A
  7. 1. Well, believe it or not, Rose and Zod are gone. We'll be doing a little more draft picking. Do you think we'll have a strong enough team next season to compete? We should have had enough to compete THIS season. Who knows what with the ridiculous results STHS produces. If you look at our S(75) players, we should have enough to be more than competitive, but somehow GM @hedgehog337 has pissed off the STHS gods. So the real question here is whether or not he will be forgiven. 2. Looking at the VHLM, the Mississauga Hounds have only lost 4 games! Is there such thing as
  8. Here's an example of a recreate when the original player was at an elite level Thanks @Devise Base TPE 69 (System) Practice Facility 2 (System) VHL.com Article/Podcast/GFX 2 MexicanCow123 Job Pay Simmer 8 MexicanCow123 Junior Review 5
  9. My understanding of this is that you start with 30 tpe and carryover 4% of 139 tpe, so, 6 tpe (maybe 5). Your new player = 36 tpe. The 50 is the max carryover to get that you must have like 1250 tpe from your old player
  10. 13.3 - Re-Creating Rules Once you retire, you cannot make player store purchases with your retired player's balance. If your previous player wins any awards after he is retired, you may claim the TPE for those awards on your new player. If you retire during the season, you may claim that seasons prediction points on your new player. However, prediction point multipliers bought in the player store are not allowed to be claimed on a new player. If you purchased one and retired, you will receive only your base prediction points. You cannot claim unclaimed point tasks or a
  11. Ya done got chewed up and spit out...