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  1. Transaction ID: 2P573703L60202929 5 TPE Uncapped (01/24) Doubles Week (01/24) $ 1 Mil Players Store Cash
  2. Philly Artist Honours The Reapers
  3. Claiming second week 01/24
  4. What excites you the most about the VHL? I look forward to the sims and being able to check in-depth replays. Also, the off-season is filled with moves/trades/retirements etc. Of course, I really enjoy the LR's that I have had the pleasure of being part. Do you have a specific team you would like to play for? Are you playing for that team now? At no time did I have a specific team that I desperately wanted to pla At this point I have been a member of three teams and each had their own rewards. Currently I am with the Riga Reign, looking forward to Season
  5. @Banackock Many thanks !!! And allow me to say at this point a great honour.
  6. @Abe Roque I can adjust this further if you send me suggestions...
  7. Too many irons in the fire at the same time......i
  8. Ya Abe, I followed your process through the "kerfuffle" and the like. I am truly glad that you hung in there!!! It won't be long before we will be playing against one another....that is unless I can persuade @hedgehog337 to make a deal that gets you to Riga. (JK, I don't have that kind of influence and I am too poor to offer bribes ) Nevertheless...have fun !!!
  9. @jacobcarson877 Yup. I agree about always being a Reaper. What is that hack..................when your name is on the trophy you will never walk alone.. .
  10. Isau DaMoose Media Spot (3) To refresh your memories. As mentioned in Moose Tracks (2), the DaMoose family had relocated from Fire River to the hamlet (ghost town) of Swords. Originally called Maple Lake Station. Swords began as a siding on the Canada Atlantic Railway. When the Long Lake Lumber Company began operations in the area, the community began to grow. John Sword built a hotel on Maple Lake that became a popular destination for American tourists who wished to experience an adventure in the “Canadian Wilderness”. Swords used to see as many as 20 trains go through daily.
  11. Hey, your spiritual side is important too !!!