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  1. 1) Yes it does 2) Yes I thought us and Huston were the frontrunners to win the cup 3) I'm on team Asia so hopefully us 4) Don't know 5) Yes and no I'm from Europe but got put on team Asia still happy though 6) Teamwork and puck luck 7) Grizzly bear Polar bear
  2. 1) I think we just didnt play the full 60 mins to our best effort 2) After last season much more improvement it was a nice surprise to end up 2nd in the league 3) Yes I said I wanted to be a point per game player and i had 93pts in 72gp 4) Probably going to the VHL 5) No not really 6) Telker obviously 7) Earn as much TPE as I can so I can have a good rookie season with Vancouver
  3. 1) Sweep!!!!!! 2) Our superior defense will take care of him 3) No as i said before i think we will sweep 4) I dont really think rivalries are that big in the VHLM 5) No not really 6) If there are no fans then i dont think it matters 7) I think our odds our good
  4. 1) Winnipeg Jets (Canucks fan until jets came back in 2011) 2) Yes 3) Maybe a soccer league 4) For the nhl it would be the rule where you get a penalty if you challenge a goal but it still stands 5) North division is cool we get to see Flames v Oilers 10 times 6) Not sure 7) Dinner is the best
  5. 1) A hat trick 2) Sleep in 3) I think there are equally important 4) Eagle so I could fly 6) I say Houston 7) Missing a wide open net for a goal
  6. Maksym Jankowski was born in rural Poland to two hard working farmers. In Poland nobody was into hockey and some people did not even know the sport existed. One day Maksym went into town to run some errands when he came across an old pair of skates and a hockey stick. Maksym became intrigued by the sport of hockey and practiced his skills everyday shooting pucks and skating in the winter. Soon he found out that there was a league in neighboring Slovakia that he could play in. He begged his parents everyday if they could move to pursue his dream, but they said it was too expensive. For the next
  7. 1) Me Haha! or Telker 2) Puhovs or Moore are Solid (Defense wins Championships) 3) I think its in a category of its own 4) Nilsson probably 5) Honestly dont know hopefully we can all win the cup 6) Hoist the cup first 7) Looking at our logo i would have to say a viking or pioneer
  8. 1) It's gotta be me lol 2) PB&J 3) Pretty good above a point per game which was my goal 4) I think we could probably improve on some things but our current pace is good 5) Congrats hope you can lead us to victory 6) Obviously the team that drafted me, Chicago Phoenix!
  9. 1) Pretty good tbh not much going on 2) Maybe hitting a point per game would be nice 3) Making the playoffs for sure 4) More TPE opportunities 5) Im not sure we'll just have to see 6) Pizza or Tacos 7) Tiktok honestly dont know how people get famous from it
  10. 1) Its was good I'm in school so I get two weeks off, able to have some family over 2) I got mostly clothes lol 3) I enjoy time with family and friends 4) Hawaiian pizza 5) Eagle so I could fly 6) Im not really sure 7) Scoring my first point, last season I had none 8) We didnt win that many games
  11. 1) I like soccer 2) I use to play trumpet in school band 3) Tacos 4) Playmaker/Sniper 5) Consistent point totals 6) Miami 7) Not really
  12. 1) Myself 2) Don't know what that is 3) Dog person for sure 4) 1$ 5) Winter 6) Cold 7) Yes very nice