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  1. 1) Not even a little bit to be honest. Would be different if we had our pick of course but as it was, meh 2) I dunno, off-season can be a little boring, also a nice break though. Just hopefully getting better so we can play better next season. 3) I would've said Helsinki going in, but with the series 3-1 now I'll say Seattle finishes it off. 4) Definitely, really happy to have all of these guys back to make another run. We'll be better this time around. 5) I don't watch that many movies and my mind is currently drawing a blank so I guess I don't
  2. I know you later on said not to get hung up on you saying "exact" etc. but I mean... you reiterated it A LOT throughout this paragraph and other times here too. Even if you have softened your stance or initially meant very similar instead of exact, honestly, I disagree. They are covering two very different areas. It does make sense in a scouting report to briefly touch on a player's previous career, so I will give you that there is a small amount of overlap between them. However, one of them is about what kind of player they are and the other is a much more expanded look at a player's previous
  3. Around the VHL - May 3rd, 2021 - Season 78 Episode 3 It’s the best time of the season, with playoff battles underway as teams vie for the right to hoist the Continental Cup! As the regular season grind came to an end, we saw the Warsaw Predators capture first place overall in the league thanks in large part due to 100-point forwards Aloe Dear (112) and Dakota Lamb (104) as well as #1 defenseman Latrell Mitchell and mid-season acquisition Chris Hylands, who also seamlessly transitioned from forward to wing. Meanwhile, in the North American Conference it was Chi
  4. Less than 24 hours ago, Addison McLaren noted that while he hadn't yet heard from the Reign on a contract extension, he was confident they would get something done relatively quickly. Today, McLaren signed a three-year, $12 million extension with the Reign, on the same day the team also announced new contracts for Justin Lose, Linus Zetterstrom, and Cabe McJake, locking up most of the key pieces from their S75 core. There's still some work to be done, but the Reign have managed to get a significant chunk of their off-season handled early on. "I'm super happy to be back here with th
  5. 1) It was a lousy season, no sugar-coating it. Also playing in the lottery tournament for a pick that belongs to another team is kind of lame. But on the bright side we've had the good news of McJake, McLaren, Zetterstrom, and Lose all re-signing today so there's something to look forward to. 2) Sheilds was our best player, even though he didn't have a good year by his standards. Still, I've gotta go with him. 3) There's usually something. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever wins the LA/Vancouver series goes on a bit of a run. 4) A panda and like an eagle or
  6. It was a year that started with so much promise, but what was supposed to be a breakout year for the Riga Reign and their cast of S75 draft stars ended today in disappointment with the team finishing up 7th in the European Conference, a point behing Davos and Malmo, who tied for 5th with Malmo earning the wildcard playoff berth on a tiebreaker. It was the sophomore VHL season for Cabe McJake, Addison McLaren, Justin Lose, Artair McCloud, Isau DaMoose, Linus Zetterstrom, and Matt Thunder - a bunch of key players mostly from the S75 draft (Thunder from S74) who have shown a lot of pr
  7. As a disappointing season came to an end for the Riga Reign, for the second year in a row, winger Addison McLaren sits back and looks at the season that was with a mix of frustration and disappointment. "I really thought this year would be better - both for myself and for our team, with the group we had. We fought hard to the end in a season that never really seemed to be going our way, so I'm proud of the guys for that. But we couldn't get it done, I couldn't get much done, and we had a better team on paper than we did last season. So it's not a year that I'm happy with from any l
  8. 1) I'm a bit late answering this and we have fallen a point short. Kinda sucks especially with the team we had, but we'll be back next year. 2) Nah I think Warsaw are the best team in the league but Toronto and Chicago are also very dangerous. 3) Markinson, Reikkinen, David Tavau 4) George Carlin 5) I don't see a lot of movies so I don't really know, but if forced to pick one off the top of my head, Avengers: Endgame 6) umm I'm gonna go with Star Wars: Clone Wars or Rebels, I binged the heck out of both of those
  9. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE 1) We've clinched 1st overall in the VHLM ... how's it feel to officially be a 1st place team? 2) Which of your teammates would you say has improved the most over the course of the season? 3) Although we've clinched 1st place, we have 5 games left to play. Will your approach be any different for the rest of the season? 4) If you could play in any city that doesn't currently have a VHL or VHLM team, where would you play? 5) What team has your favourite logo in the VHL / VHLM? 6) What's your favourite movie of all time?
  10. 1) I don't see any reason we couldn't have this year, just had a bad start and couldn't get ourselves out of it but I don't think it's a matter of how good the team is. With a really good S75 group still improving all the time I have no doubt we'll be contending next season. 2) The Hounds have lost a bit more than that now and Miami beating Halifax in the first round of my VHLM rookie year goes to show there really isn't such a thing, but they have to be overwhelming favourites nonetheless. 3) Either one I suppose. I think forcing teams to play 250-350 TPE players creat
  11. Amidst a disappointing S77 campaign that sees the Riga Reign still fighting for their playoff lives, the team has made a couple of moves to bail out on their big off-season acquisitions. Sitting in 6th place as the season goes on and struggling to gain any momentum and string together wins, Riga management decided the best move for their team this year was to sell. James Rose and General Zod, acquired in the off-season to bolster their defense, were traded away ahead of the trade deadline as Riga tried to gather assets and regroup for a more serious run later on when their S75 draf
  12. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE 1) Kirby Pandora has been added to the lineup to solidify our blueline. What do you think of the pickup? 2) We've slid a bit over the last few games. Have you noticed anything different with the team that led to this stretch? 3) Do you think we need to make any more moves to re-assert ourselves as the VHLM's top team, or just ride out the cold streak? 4) What do you do to stay mentally focused every shift? 5) We've got a few games left against Saskatoon, the second best VHLM team so far this season and top team in the other co
  13. I appreciate the sentiment but this was written by @fromtheinside... its a great article though I do agree! haha
  14. 1) Yeah there's not much doubt in my mind we'll get in. I don't think our sets should be set on the playoffs, I think we could get on a really good run here in the second half and maybe challenge for 3rd. 2) I think Warsaw is probably the best team in the league right now, but Riga's still going to win the Cup 3) I kind of think it's impossible to hit 2000 now or even get all that close to it, they've cut back a lot on uncapped TPE opportunities, so... I doubt it but maybe a "modern era" record lol 4) You'll stay the same size because you'll increase by the
  15. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE 1) We're 32-3, 10 points up on the rest of the VHLM. Are we going to hold onto that and remain the #1 seed? 2) What do we need to do as a team to hoist the Founders Cup at season's end? 3) Name 1 thing you're happy with about your performance this year and 1 you think needs work. 4) What teams have surprised you the most this season? 5) Do you follow any other sports besides hockey and which ones? 6) What's your favourite kind of pizza?