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  1. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE Welcome to this week's press conference, Hounds! Here are your questions: 1) Well, unfortunately things kind of fell apart down the stretch and we didn't make it in. Any reflections on this season? 2) What does the future hold for you... do you think you'll be back in Mississauga next season? 3) Who do you think will win the Founders Cup this year? 4) How will your player be spending the off-season? 5) How much are you looking forward to the upcoming drafts? 6) Where would you want to go for the final team ou
  2. I don't think what was presented by gorlab here is completely wild... I mean there's certainly a correlation between Thompson/Lahtinen's strongest seasons and Beketov simming. But it's also far from concrete evidence. Lahtinen's career looks no different consistency-wise than half the guys I just wrote top-75 writeups for. There's a mountain of evidence that his career curve is pretty normal. His production going from 123 - 99 - 121 isn't weird. The 99-point season was a down year for the entire leaderboard compared to the two 120-point seasons. His final rank in league scoring is
  3. 1) Yes. We're a better team than our record shows due to improving over the season, the big acquisitions from Malmo, and the fact that we went 0-7-1 with our backup goalie to start the year. We're 18-8-0 in our last 26, things are going well now... there's no doubt in my mind we can pull this one off. 2) Reality TV was never my thing but then I saw The Circle and loved it... I'd probably do OK on it but I wouldn't win. 3) I hope so; it's well done and has some good people behind it so it has some potential. 4) I would be happier the Jets won the Cup obvious
  4. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE Welcome, Hounds, to this week's press conference! Here are this week's questions: 1) Well, we've gone on a cold streak that has dropped us out of the playoff spot we once held. Can we turn this around and get back in? 2) What do we need to do better to get out of this cold streak? 3) What's one thing that you feel we have been doing well, even despite the recently struggles? 4) What do you do as a player to stay positive in situations like these and continue to bring your best effort every night? 5) Anyone know wh
  5. 6 in a row... morale is high after the big trade... here we come
  6. All the best FrostBeard! You did a great job with Malmo. Best of luck with what you have going on your life.
  7. holy lol... 9 goals, all the damage done by just a few players but what a sim good sim @Chris P Bacon @animal74 @Miks Sunins and @Frank
  8. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS PRESS CONFERENCE Welcome to this week's press conference, Hounds! We're starting to play better and are just a point out of 6th right now. Let's keep climbing! Time to get the show on the road; here are your questions: 1) What's your experience with the Hounds been like so far? 2) How has your player developed over the course of the season? Is there something you've been focusing on? Is it showing up on the ice? 3) How do you deal with high pressure situations on the ice? 4) Who do you think is the best team in the VHLM this season? 5
  9. I'd rather write a player one I think... you guys can decide who gets the builder ones
  10. 1) Of course... we've got a good group here and we're all working on our games and getting better all the time. I believe in this team and we're still hanging in there in the playoff race. 2) We'll be a playoff team and we'll be ready to make noise as a real contender as soon as next season. 3) I haven't been quite as much a factor offensively as I'd have liked, but I'm playing my usual game and finding ways to contribute anyway, I think. I'm on pace for somewhere around 25 goals and 350 hits, playing PK minutes and strong defensively. I think the offensive presence will come with ti
  11. --- Although it took some time for the Hounds to find their groove this season, there have been some recent signs of life. The team continues to improve as the season goes on, and have now established themselves tied with Philadelphia for 7th in the league, 5 points ahead of the playoff bubble line. Since a disappointing result in dropping both games of a double-header to the Saskatoon Wild, the Hounds have gone 5-2-0, including a narrow 5-3 loss against Minnesota (30-5-3). “We’re making progress… we wanted to be a playoff team and we’re heading in that direction. It’s
  12. when you're a member of a rookie class and get tagged in "the greatest rookie class of all-time", but then it's just for idea credit and not your player ... rip me lol this is really good Ledge, awesome job!
  13. fight night in Riga
  14. Hi @Kuminga! Welcome to the VHL! I'm tcookie, part of the new management group for the VHLM's Mississauga Hounds. We're looking to be a playoff team this year, and with some hard work from our players, we can close the gap on the top teams in the VHLM and give them a run for their money. Both @Zetterberg and I were part of a special season with the Miami Marauders two seasons ago where we won a championship with a team mostly full of players signed during the season just like you - so we know how to build a winner and what some hard work can do! We've g