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  1. @PatrikLaine Addison McLaren - Left Winger - S75 prospect (VHLM Miami Marauders)
  2. The Miami Marauders had an excellent second half to the VHLM season, ultimately grabbing the league's final playoff spot and earning themselves a series against the powerhouse Halifax 21st. The 21st finished the regular season with a stellar 64-7-1 record, a daunting opponent for a team that barely snuck into the playoffs regardless of how well they played in the second half, and the Marauders were written off by many before the series even started. However, they have looked up to the task and not just an easy out for the Halifax squad that has been referred to as a VHLM dream team.
  3. 1) The job's only partly done... it was an exciting playoff push and really happy we made it in. I want to see what we can do in the playoffs though. We are obviously big-time underdogs against Halifax, but I want to win. We can look back on the playoff push when the season's over. 2) Obviously Halifax is a tough opponent to beat any time, but we've won two already, so why not? 3) Gotta go with Cabe McJake, leading our team in goals and points this post-season. Sheldon Juniper has been great too. 4) Miami in 7! I will believe in this team until it's over. 5) It's almost imp
  4. ^^ this for sure, the main reason I came to post in this thread was to suggest something like this. There are a lot of games played every day and one per thread in a forum feels clunky. Keep in mind it isn't just a few extra clicks. It's scrolling down to the right games section, scrolling down again to find your games (with the order changing every time anyone posts in one), etc. There is a lot more... not sure the exact thing I'm trying to express here - vertical space per game, I guess? used up in the forum format than anywhere else you can get to games. Obviously these are real
  5. As the S74 VHLM season comes to a close, Miami Marauders forward Addison McLaren is just focused on his team's playoff race with the Philadelphia Reapers. But there's a lot at stake in another way for McLaren, too, as the S75 draft prospect has started to garner more attention and has seen his stock rise for the upcoming draft. McLaren jumped from 35 to 22 in the most recent ranking published by VHCS and is expected to make another leap in the next edition. For his part, McLaren admits he'd love to hear his name called in the first round. "I have a lot of confidence in
  6. Claiming for 3rd week out of 3 (previously claimed weeks of Oct. 11 and 18)
  7. 1) We got this. We've been playing great the last little while. 2) I have to think Halifax is the favourite right now, they are loaded. 3) Definitely team success. You play to win and in a team sport, personal success doesn't mean anything if it's not contributing to your team winning. 4) It'll be a disappointment for sure. But a failure, I dunno, it's a tad harsh. I don't think expectations were super high for this team but we've picked up a bunch of good players as the season has gone on. For me it's been a great experience, I've learned a lot and played w
  8. Transaction ID: 8PN46857B8930230N 5 uncapped TPE doubles week
  9. woo shout outs for my boy Cabe and I @RedSus nice job with this! was a good listen (well, only about halfway through, but so far so good lol) and yeah... I may have spent most of a work day looking at those old world cup stats instead of being productive before I wrote that media spot haha
  10. Mexico won game 294 no? @Acydburn
  11. Claiming for 2nd week out of 3 (first claim was for week ending Oct. 11)
  12. I'll add my own perspective too as another new player.. - I don't have a better idea than the waiver system for new guys, I just don't love the idea of picking a team and then going into the VHLM draft and changing teams again. But I think a whole additional league that's nothing but waiver guys is extra work, probably would be quite boring to be a GM in, could be nothing but bots if there's a slow recruitment year, and besides that I find there's plenty of opportunity to play in the VHLM right away. You don't need to step in and be a star right away. I like that you can choose a t
  13. 1) We definitely can! We've been playing great as a team lately and a lot of the new acquisitions are putting in the effort and contributing. I think we're a team on the rise down the stretch! 2) We've brought in so many players over the last couple weeks that I'm sure to forget someone, but I think obviously Cabe McJake, and I have been impressed with the work put in by Vivek Weiner and Martin Master. And I think Nik DAndrea has been around the locker room a lot too. Obviously I believe that I have what it takes to be a great player at the VHL level too. So all around just a great
  14. The Miami Marauders have taken advantage of a softer portion of their schedule and the strong play of some new additions to make a serious run at a playoff berth. 11 points back of the Philadelphia Reapers at the halfway point of the season, the Marauders have taken a huge bite out of the deficit just a week later. They've gone 10-4-0 in their last 14 games, and even their four losses were close one-goal games that could have gone either way (including one against the powerhouse Halifax 21st). Unfortunately for Miami, it's been a tough loss in a key game against the Reapers themsel
  15. The VHL All-World Cup Team Since the inception of the VHL, the World Cup has been a place where the best players in the world compete on an international stage. While the format of the event has changed over time, the World Cup is now a place where the VHL's finest face-off every second season for some extra glory, a chance for many of them to play alongside some other greats that they haven't gotten the chance to share the ice with. Sometimes, a player makes even more a name for himself with sustained international success. Today, we take a look at the greatest players in the history