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  1. 1. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be and why? Cat people, just no. Bernese mountain dog because I am pretty relaxed and very hairy. 2. I was thinking about bagels in the shower this morning (as you do) and thought to myself, "If I were reshingling a roof in mid July, what would the offspring of a chicken and a parrot look like? What would we call it?" So my question is this; Why is toast? I couldn't agree more. 3. This was Defensemen Vladimir Pavlov's (Victor) final season and unfortunately Moscow was unable to rally back against Helsinki. What'
  2. Sounds like tons of fun! Vick Fairchild, LW, SDM
  3. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself with this one. I like the background and the effects. I think you should have picked the diagonal line effect or pixalation as both its a bit much on a busy background. The logo replacement and player cutout are flawless. Finally, someone prioritizing the legibility of font. 9/10
  4. Really nice job on the color replacement for this jersey, you really knocked it out of the park. You did a good job cutting the player out of the original background as well. The background and effect is really solid. The logo replacement could use a touch more work but it is a very good attempt. 9.5/10
  5. 1. Founder's Cup Prediction? Halifax is the easy favorite but I like an underdog. The Yukon Rush are deep and talented, I think they can pull off the upset and take home the cup. 2. VHLM Disperal Draft? I don't have a preference on either side of the draft. An oppurtunity to play for a team with good chemistry and to get solid ice time, especially on special teams, is what matters most. 3. Off-season Focus? The goal for the off-season is puck-handling and skating. 4. VHL Draft? My hopes for the VHL draft are similar to the VHLM draft, with the understanding
  6. Update 10/19: I was trying to go in alphabetical order after the Marlins but my idea for the Wild is going to take a lot of time. I had been thinking about a split color mask and the Kings immediately stuck out. This has a nod to the Jocelyn Thibaut's chicago masks. Huge shoutout to @ZP16 for the critiques on the last post. The whole background template has changed and I am much happier with this moving forward. I kept the Sport Template logo as recognition for the free template and will continue to do so until I pay for their jersey template. C&C Please!
  7. The most recent signature is super! The background is impressively done and it blends nice with the player. The signature and font choices are spot on. The clear name over the player and number to the side are hard to read, however. 9/10
  8. I really like the look of this signature. The effect on top adds a lot without being distracting and the choice of fonts works really well together. The only critique would be to attempt a logo swap on the jerseys. 8.5/10
  9. 1. What is your favorite kind of food and why? This is a challenging question as I like lots of different types of food. Instead of thinking about this from a regional perspective, my favorite kind of food is sandwiches. I believe that you can learn a lot about a culture based on their sandwiches. 2. Any thoughts on NHL 21? I don't have a console that can play NHL 21, so I am pretty neutral. The BAP mode looks like a significant overhaul. Hopefully, they will come to the PC next year 3. Considering it's October and we're approaching Halloween, what's your favorite horror mo
  10. Review: I think you showed an absolute mastery of logo replacement on the jersey. I haven't seen it done better anywhere else. The font works well, and the drawn line below it is a nice touch. The numbers part of the font let you down though, it isn't very legible, and such a small size didn't help. Perhaps using a more extensive outline may have helped, but the greyscale theme doesn't give you a lot to work with to make it pop. 8.5/10 +1 for the logo replacement on the helmet that I just caught = 9.5/10
  11. Well done! I really like the font, the distortion effects, and the flame. I especially like how the flame looks like it is coming out of the fuller part of the effect at the bottom. My only critique is the red outline around the players; I think a slight gradient or fade outwards could look better and you missed tracing some parts around the goalie. The critique is super nitpicky though, 9.85/10.
  12. Hey graphics people, I just started with the VHL last week and it has been a blast so far! I am looking forward to working on my graphic design skills, especially since I haven't used much Photoshop since college. I found great templates from Sportstemplates.com. I will start with the retro mask for the VHLM and once I get acquainted with the templates, move onto their jersey template. Ideally, the jerseys will have design elements from the masks but we will see if that is possible. Anyways, I present the San Diego Marlins:
  13. Thanks for the Q's, Moose! My favorite thing about the league so far is the lore and history of it all. As a longtime player of sim games like FM, FHM, and OOTP, the community seems to be geared towards my favorite parts of those games. I am hoping to build a fast, hard-hitting winger with good hands and passing Camaraderie is the most important thing in any locker room. My favorite logo is the VHL logo. It is a clean look with plenty of hidden elements that won't dominate not being the major element. I very much like cheese. As with most hockey players, cheddar i
  14. Thank you for the offer! It is accepted!