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  1. Review: Such a great tribute! I am a huge fan of the layout, especially of the wording. The left adjusting of the top spaced out by the logo and then bottom is all aligned as it should be. To nitpick, the leftmost part of "Post Season Points" should be where the next 3 lines of details starts, especially since "61" and the season numbers are all the same width. The logo swap is good but you should have tried it on the pants too. The black and white effect with the blue coming up from the bottom are classy but I think that maybe one more effect would seal the deal! Regardless, an amazing t
  2. Review: All of the professional marks of a seasoned VHL signature maker are here. The player cutout is crisp and the logo swap is clean. The font is so funky and the style works with the triangles in the background. I like the simplicity of the design and the glow effect pops all around. The angle of the triangles does interact with the font oddly in the first "R", "M", and "V". I wonder if the lines of triangles were more in line with the lines of letters if that would look better or if they more offset if that would look better. I would also do something with the background, perhaps a d
  3. #TheRegularSeason 1. How do you feel about your regular season stats? I feel okay about them compared to my original fear of utterly failing to do anything. I was given a fair amount of ice time on the second line, PP2, and being the extra skater on the PK, which lends itself to some disappointment. I hope to find more production in this build. 2. What do you think you did best in when it comes to the regular season? I think that my defense was the best part of my game. A positive plus/minus, fair amount of hits, shot blocks, and low PIM totals, kept the Titans
  4. Thanks for the feedback! With that logo, I tried to go for an "L" from the sideways chevron, a "V" from the upside down chevron , and an "A" from the regular chevron with the star seperating the "V" and "A". I can see how that logo might not read as I intended, especially the "L".
  5. Review: Well done for your second graphic! I like the background, especially how it morphs around the player, and the dithering effect added over the graphic. I appreciate the work to cutout the player, the stick, and even the puck! There are a few spots are the left skate, stick handle, and puck at are a bit jagged or missing but that is minor. I like the choice of font and that they match in total width. The offset stroke on the text is a cool idea but doesn't quite look proper down and to the left or maybe it needs to be more dramatic. The logo is cut off and could be a little smaller
  6. Review: This signature is really awesome! The lens flares provide great points of emphasis while staying understated. The logo swap is one of the better ones I have seen! The fonts are very stylish and suit the graphic well. The stroke effect on the font and the left side of the player is sweet! My only critique is that the player cutout near the numbers on his left, our right, looks a bit jagged. It might just be the resolution of the forum, I'm not 100% sure. 9.9/10
  7. Update 2/22: Next up, Las Vegas! The focus for the design was clean, air force inspired, and meant for the locals. The torso and sleeve stripes are inspired by the rounded chevron at the bottom of the air force insignias. Captain and Lieutenants (alternate captains) designations, as well as the NoB, are on a constant black over green name plate to add to the no nonsense feel of the set. The alternate logo is an L, V, and A made up from the air force insignia's chevrons with the negative space created from the classic star on the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. I didn't want to make
  8. 2. Do you think there would be more or less issues between humans if we discovered aliens? If we isolate out interferences from aliens such as mind control, I think that humans would band together against the other. The other is the greatest uniting factor to humans. 5. Do you think we take enough pride in representing our teams here in the VHL? I think that we do especially in our locker rooms. I wish that the VHL discord a little more open to newbies and that the game threads had more hype to them. I like what the SBA does. They post one game at a time with box score and spac
  9. I've decided that there will be a rookie showcase so Vick gets to go on vacation too.
  10. Review: For a first graphic, this is really good work! The logo swap work is valiant and appreciated. The player cutout is remarkably clean. The background is fun and the font is legible yet unique. I think you nailed the size of the helmet logo but the jersey logo is a too small and you almost perfectly removed the old logo but hit a snag near the right arm and black stripe on the belly. An effect on top of the whole graphic would really bring it together. 7.75/10
  11. Review: If you don't make a card series with this, I'll quit the VHL! There are so many amazing touches you add to this. The effect on top, the big Z in the background, the hidden close up in the background, logo swap, and cigar-glasses combo to name just a few! The only complaints are the missing logo swaps on the shoulders, helmet, pants, and background and that the text blends into the border but those are so minute. This card freaking rocks! 9.89/10
  12. It's the mid-season theme week and most leagues hold an all-star game at the mid-point. In the theme of needing a vacation, I suggest an all-star series held in Hawaii and Ibiza so that each conference's fans can get to their local exotic vacation hotspot (in normal times). The whole design is overly corny with the star, beach scene, font, and gradients but I think it works. I incorporated the Hawaiian hibiscus to one side and the castle from the Ibizan flag on the other. At the bottom are an attempt at conference logos in the same vein as the league logo. Let me know what you think of those a
  13. 1.) So in case you didn't know there is a fun trend where instead of going around and being all romantic on Valentines Day you actually spend it with your friends. You buy each other small tokens like you would have in grade school ( or you adult it up more lol ppl make things their own) and just make the holiday more accessible to everyone by expanding the definition of love and how we celebrate this holiday. How do you feel about this trend. I think this is a great idea especially for those that live with their significant others. We take our friend for granted normally and during the p
  14. Review: Interesting graphic and I like the concept! I really appreciate how you adjusted your text, I feel like that is never done well enough. I like the use of NHL21 to create your player model and the cutout is almost there but you missed the space around his neck. I think you could have organized the information better to have a headline and better composition. Lastly, the text color is too similar and isn't a color from the logo or uniform. 7/10
  15. GreenGato


    Review: There is a lot going right here and a few things to work on. I am a big fan of layout, the title bar in the middle, and the background behind the players. To make things read better, I would swap continental cup champs to the left and the founders cup champs to the right to take your eye from top left to bottom right in a more pleasing manner. I think it would have been better if you stuck with just the location abbreviations or removed them entirely as it doesn't read as one word. I like the color swap on the Malmo-side but the color is just a touch off. I love that you changed t