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  1. Don’t thank me! You’ve put in the work to be here glad to have you! Enjoy this tournament and have fun!
  2. @Banackock time to re-edit this post?
  3. HERE IS YOUR TEAM CANADA ROSTER FOR SEASON 77!!! HERES YOUR FORWARD CORE!!! F- @Lilpfigher F- @Seabass F- @Telkster F- @TheCHEESE F- @Spartakiller2 F- @Midnite F- @Eddie Dams F- @Domino Draws F- @TheOGShark NOW ONTO THE DEFENSIVE SIDE OF THINGS!!! D- @TacticalHammer D- @Frank D- @NerdyCowz D- @JB123 AND NOW YOUR GOALIES G- @Trunkxolotl G- @Je
  4. Great article man!! Love the Wrangler history write up and you’ve been a key player now. I think you’ll end high on some of the stats but great research here. Liked this article a lot and how nicely you did it! Keep it up!!! 8/10
  5. Erm I don’t know about that once he starts to praise you he might not stop! That’s a easy 4 week claim media spot for him
  6. Good article! Great to see members doing things outside VHL together as it shows what this community can do. Good job tagging people and on spacing. Easy format to follow along and understand what all happened 8/10
  7. 1) grind tpe, really looking to make this season even better for myself 2) I think there’s a obvious choice between our agm and somebody else 3) I think we should pool some money together the poor bastard gonna have some serious issues in the future. What a beauty 4) on Cowboy Prouts ranch located outside the city! 5) we have the pieces it’s just how we earn and what we apply tpe into 6) absolutely love this new core that’s up and coming I think they’ll do a hell of a job for us. Tac was a rookie last se