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  1. I’m actually very very interested into this series it’s something that’ll I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing progress. Great to see people like yourself adding to your resume this early in your time here!
  2. Playoffs have started the best time of the year and the Calgary Wranglers have now played there first two games vs the Bears. The Wranglers being down 2-0 already here in the wild card I’ve noticed one thing about my player (Cowboy Prout) and I can’t help but think is how poorly I’ve been playing since they trade. The Calgary Wranglers have been nothing but just fun to be on I’ve really enjoyed the time so far. I’d like more production out of myself as SB and hits have taken a dive even which has been frustrating to see especially in this wild card series where I was hoping to have my
  3. Review- good write up but I’d recommend some spacing/ bold words added as it looks dry but still a good article just could touch it up abit. I enjoyed some of the things you’ve said in here and making your player have a character and a background is always fun 8/10
  4. review- love the small details as in who was gm and the team. Nicely written and some good information here with the details I like reading history like this in the league personally so for a in depth is something neat. Good format 10/10
  5. Good write up and nice little details about upcoming pipeline Riga has. I’d like to see more stats involved on depth side to really see the players and what stands out most about them and then to add your opinion. Pretty easy to follow as in for spacing. Nice welcoming to any first gens/ prospects teams have that get mentioned in these articles. 7/10!
  6. Review- awesome JUICEEEE write up as usual, love seeing Toronto joke around about social club and these types of post! good piece and well written I’d say format fits what you intended so all good there! 10/10 well done buddy!
  7. 1) he sucks!! Trade him back!! (Joking) but i should and wish to be better in all reality.. sorry team! 2) heard a lot of good things about him from members in the community. Definitely was glad he took a chance on me on deadline and has been nothing short of a great guy. I wish him the best and hope we do something special in his last season. 3) the whole team! We’re all in this together! 4) probably go with the good ol Mr Sub/ little ceasers combo- the ones in my area are good so I can’t complain:) 5) media spots I guess? H
  8. I’ll let you decide lol why so serious tonight?
  9. Damn I can’t even get a tag when mentioned?
  10. The trade deadline has officially passed and in the books. With one trade that effects myself and gives me something to reflect on was my trade to the Calgary Wranglers. My time in New York was good. I had some amazing teammates in @thadthrasher @Tate @Rhynex Entertainment @jhatty8 And more :)! I’d like to thank @dlamb and @Esso2264 for drafting me and giving me a chance in my first creation. Thank you for everything. Cheers! Now onto Calgary Wranglers. I’m honestly excited I like this team’s direction and the team. I’ve been welcomed nicely and looks lik
  11. Prout

    NYA/CGY/DAV; S76

  12. Prout

    NYA/CGY/DAV; S76

    @dlamb thanks buddy I appreciate everything and good luck !
  13. Jokes on you BOOM loves me and my life’s a joke so that’s TWO JOKES ON YOU
  14. Vacation is something a Cowboy would never do. Working 7 days a week on there ranch Yeehawing away day by day. This really isn’t something this young man does. Hell he’s never taken one in his life before. He’s always worked on the farm on those long days up north while hacking darts and drinking that good ol Canadian beer and not that cheap American water bullshit! Cowboy Prout will bull ride and showcase his talents off ice that he has. From being on the farm on those long days and only being able to see glimpses from when he’s inside the Calgary stampede is what this Cow