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  1. @GustavMattias get him
  2. G Thaddeus Sales @leafsman @Spartan we done here
  3. F Chris Reynolds F Nathen Perry @Domino
  4. F- Cabe McJake @leafsman my bad lol @Domino
  5. D - Scotty Kaberle. @Domino @leafsman figured I’d tag when I posted
  6. D- Cowboy Prout!!! woooooo @Domino Draws
  7. Thank you @Rhynex Entertainment I appreciate the kind words let’s finish what we’ve started and have a good season!!
  8. Bye ya cracker!! all jokes aside good luck on everything all the best
  9. Prout


    Did not consent to this.... however fuck the e I’ll never play in it.
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