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  1. 1. Point per game is the ultimate goal, but I'd like the Wranglers to get past the wildcard series 2. Hard Markinson looks really good 3. Hmm, probably some sort of sports drink, probably the only thing he specializes in lol 4. I find soccer is a good outlet and great for getting your feet involved 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCQJp4DQob8 6. I'd like to improve my faceoffs for sure
  2. Thanks for doing it, appreciate it 1. Keep on training, it never stops 2. Perhaps we bring back Tallinder himself! 3. Oh heck yeah man, I'll definitely take some of that bill 4. At home in Toronto, good to be back with my family 5. I think Warsaw'll probably win the cup 6. yeah, especially the two lottery guys
  3. 1. Getting to know our fairly young crew 2. I would have won a few of our close OT games to sneak us into the playoffs 3. VSN consistently bangs out quality content 4. I think we have a promising young core 5. Be more exact, not just throwing TPE in random areas when I have extra 6. Harris has been active in the LR, developing his character as well as his skills.
  4. 1. I think stand pat, we have all of our young guys 2. Ekholm gets traded 3. I like writing media spots if I can 4. Maybe a mix of AC/DC and imagine dragons 5. Maybe acquire a backup goaltender 6. Maybe if Juniper gets his head out of the sand
  5. Time to give PS a boost
  6. 1. Not fantastic, but I think we can bounce back 2. Well, Juniper can't score. That's that 3. Rodeo bull named Paul 4. Foster Hewitt would be so cool 5. Maybe CCM or Bauer so I can get a deal on sticks 6. Being a Sabres fan, probably Jack Eichel or Ryan Miller
  7. 1. Even though he's a rookie, he brings a lot of professionalism into our locker room 2. We may have a rookie of the year in the house 3. Rookies and young players in general. We will be scary in a matter of time 4. I'm pouring TPE into FO right now as per position change 5. The tournaments are always fun 6. The scent of youth is fruitful this season
  8. 1. Train, hang out with family/friends 2. Remember the Name by Fort Minor 3. Us, and then Prague, then I sorta stopped caring 4. Live it up. You never know when you're next championship will come 5. I would say Ricer but he just got it . Spartan from Vegas would be great as well 6. I'm fairly new to discord, and my favourite channel is probably the locker-room. Good vibes
  9. Does it have to be the full 7 million if it’s not F to D just LW to C Because I can’t afford the full thing
  10. 1. It's sad to see some of our older guys go, but I think we have a bright future. 2. Some of the guys coming up from the VHLM 3. Hmmmmm. I'm going with Andy Samberg. 4. He's just a beast. Always calm under pressure, always there to make the big save. He will do great 5. Timothy Brown underperforming hurt my team a lot, so I ended up 4th in my group. 6. Gotta say Thornton or Couture
  11. 1. That massive shot of his 2. Tom Eagles, with the more ice time he should be good 3. The GM (I'll miss u Jubis), and the culture 4. We just got our stuff together 5. I'll go with shots blocked, physicality isn't a strong suit for Juniper 6. I think the extra depth and filling in spaces will make a difference