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  1. 1. That massive shot of his 2. Tom Eagles, with the more ice time he should be good 3. The GM (I'll miss u Jubis), and the culture 4. We just got our stuff together 5. I'll go with shots blocked, physicality isn't a strong suit for Juniper 6. I think the extra depth and filling in spaces will make a difference
  2. Ever since I was drafted by Calgary, the only things I’ve gotten from you is kindness and helpfulness. As a newbie to the VHL, and experiencing all this for the first time, I really appreciated it. You were a fantastic GM, and I hope everything is okay with your home life.
  3. A fight and two goals against Toronto......I like it!
  4. Well, it looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty tight playoff race in the North American conference. The Wolves and the Phoenix are fighting over first place, the Dragons and Bears are kind of comfortable in their 3rd and 4th spots, but the trio of the Toronto Legion, the New York Americans, and the LA Stars are starting to nip at the heels of the best team in the league, the Calgary Wranglers. Although it's a ten point gap as of right now, the Wranglers have been struggling with recent sims, and the Legion and Americans in particular are winning games they should not be winning. And it's m
  5. 1. Ya know what, let's shoot for the stars. Give me the Wolves 2. Well, Riga looks kinda good now, so I guess London still has a chance 3. Fromtheinside was a fantastic AGM for my in Yukon, and he's bound to get a GM job soon. 4. A BELT from Timmies. Best of all four worlds 5. Soccer, and a bit of golf if we get knocked 6. Quinn Hughes as a winger tbh. He'd be like a Marner
  6. 10:15 on a Sunday night, the very last minute for writing a media spot. Yet it must be done, and I've come up with an interview with Sheldon Juniper for this week's article. It regards the performance of Juniper himself lately, the performance of the Calgary Wranglers, and the race for the rookie of the year. Reporter: Thanks for taking the time to do this, Sheldon. First of all, how are you doing? It's your very first season in the VHL, and that must come with a lot of stress. How do you cope with suddenly being on a real professional hockey team? Juniper: Yeah, I mean
  7. 1. For sure. He's a great player, and he has a bright future 2. I like some of the above answers, he's an absolute workhorse and he gels real well with his linemates 3. Well, I've been sucking since I banked big on John Merrick, and it hasn't worked out so far. 4. Tallinder for sure. What a beast of a player 5. Honestly, it would be clutch. I think clutch is quite valuable 6. Used 2012 toyota corolla. Saving up for an apartment in downtown Calgary
  8. 1. I think we're doing decent out of the gates 2. Apple. I need a watch 3. I love my pick of Alex Letang, I think that's a steal 4. Um, the whole season? haha 5. Jets got fleeced. They don't get to see a Perfetti-Laine power play. 6. Merrick went to a bad team, so maybe he makes them better. Strauss should give the Bears some depth
  9. Review: First things first, I love the title. Nasty clickbait, isn't it? Anyways, I do like the article, too. Outlining the trades you made, and giving a little bit of reason to it, but not enough to ruin your podcast which I'll probably listen to now. Maybe make the trade itself bold so it sticks out. 9/10
  10. Review: This is hands down the longest interview I have ever seen, props for that. You really went into Isau's story, and that's cool. In terms of formatting, the spacing and the photos looked pretty good, My one suggestion is to maybe make either the person's name or the text bold, not both. 9.5./10
  11. The first nine games of S76 are underway. Right away, a few teams established themselves as contenders and the teams to beat. One of those teams is the Warsaw Predators, who are still undefeated in regulation with 8 wins and 1 overtime loss. Even though they added some rookie talent from the VHLM, the addition of Uhtred, who is the second in the league in scoring, Defenseman Latrell Mitchell has also been key. Also relevant in the European conference are the Helsinki Titans, who brought in a couple of young prospects to eventually replace their aging core.
  12. D-Markus Schauer G-Jacques Lafontaine @Jubis you're up again
  13. F-Timothy Brown @weekz Picking the second time, thanks @Jubis