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  1. 1.fucking ecstatic 2.100% we won once, we can win again 3.Sheldon Juniper has been a beast so far 4.we will win game 6 then 7 5.Let it rock-by lil Wayne 6.Ontario
  2. The series between the 1st and 8th seed in the VHLM has gotten off to a very interesting start. Halifax, whom many are considered the favorites to win it all this year, were expected by many to get by Miami with ease. Some even suggesting a sweep. However it's clear that certain scenario will not be happening as Miami and Halifax have split there first 2 games. Game 1 was a thrilling 5-4 overtime win for Miami while game 2 was a cake walk for the 21st. Miami showed through the first two games the type of tenacity and grit you'd expect for an underdog, the question is can they keep that intensi
  3. RedSus

    I tried

    I don't remember the total size being 9KB, this is as big as this image could get to fit in here sooooooo, yeah it's tiny.
  4. I really like this graphic, very clean look and not overly complicated like others I've seen. Another thing I like is the jersey, I think it looks sick with the all dark blue look. If there were any improvements I would try to make it would maybe be to move the font up a little bit, "Callahan" kind of gets blocked off a little making it a bit difficult to read, but I'm really just nitpicking. Overall pretty good. 8/10
  5. This is one of the more unique graphics I've seen on the forum. I like the black and white look, It kind of seems like a pencil drawing which I think is cool and it also goes with the theme of the graphic. The font doesn't look out of place at all either. I also liked how you kept a little bit of blue there, I don't know if it was intentional or not but it keeps the graphic from looking to dull. 9/10
  6. @GustavMattiasDoesn't post enough status updates

  7. @Gaikoku-hitoI look up to you every day, you are the reason i work so hard. you are my inspiration, you are my everything. I love you