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  1. It's been a long road for one of Riga's bright new prospects. After waiting for another season in the VHLM, rookie sensation Cabe McJake will join many fellow talented S75 draftee's making there entrance into the league this season, most of which will be playing along side him in Riga. "It's a different type of year." an anonymous VSN writer stated. "Last season we saw what was one of the deepest most competitive drafts in the VHL's history and now we get to see how these young players will change this league.". The anticipation in the air is now palpable as the new season is only a day away.
  2. There's your extra point fam 10/10. LFG!!!
  3. RedSus


    Review: This shit's epic. I love all the vibrant colors you used in this graphic especially the light blue you used on the font and on the right side of the image. Everything meshes very well, the font is clear and nice to look at and the background is also very fitting. There's really no where you went wrong in this and for that reason it is a 10/10.
  4. Review: This is pretty nice overall. The logo swap is clean and the overlay you put mixes everything pretty well. I also like how you blurred out the background to bring out your player more. The font is maybe the only thing you could've improved from this. The color that you used on the outline doesn't really match the jersey but that's honestly just nitpicking. 9/10
  5. 1. I wouldn't put it past us to be a winner in our conference, but most likely we will play spoiler. I hope we can spoil enough teams where we have enough points to make the playoffs since that's are main goal. 2. We can try to make the LR more attractive by making it a place where we help each other out with VHL stuff like fantasy or earning TPE. 3. I need to take a dumb right before every game. I can't be carrying a dump in my ass the entire game and also the anal stimulation gives me an extra jolt for puckdrop. 4. Probably defense, we are a little weak there atm but I don't t
  6. dope idea having a screen instead of just making a plain podcast, made it a lot more interesting. Hope you do more stuff like this.
  7. RedSus


    it's times like these where I wish there was a snowflake emoji
  8. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Class of S75 Position: C Birthplace: United States of America Height: 6'3" Weight: 250 lb. Drafted: S66 - 1st Overall (Riga Reign) Username: @Beaviss Being one of the most notable and prolific first overall picks in league history, calling Helmsley a prodigy would be an understatement. Hunter was the crown jewel of the stacked S66 Draft class that included both Julius Freeman and Jet Jaguar, both of which are previous inductees. Beginning his career in Halifax in the VHLM, Hunter began as a waiver pickup garnering attent