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  1. 2nd edition fam les get it. Points # Player GP P 1 Aloe Dear (WAR) 41 72 2 Groovy Dood (DCD) 41 67 3 Dakota Lamb (WAR) 41 66 4 Lexi Glass (WAR) 41 61 5 Robin Winter (CHI) 41 60 6 Andrew Su (VAN) 40 58 7 Uhtred (WAR) 41
  2. 1. yos yos yos yos 2. also yos watch them fall 3. i'd say McLaren 4. reality tv 5. stalin, hitler and mussoulinni 6. expired honey, smells good and bad at the same time it's so weird
  3. Review: One of the best graphics I've seen on hear. i have no clue how you managed to make this in 30 minutes. my favorite parts about this is the streamlined effect going on in the background and the font. They are both extremely visually appealing especially on the helmet where it almost looks like its gold. All the color's and lighting meshes really well and there's pretty much nothing you could do to make this better. 10/10
  4. RedSus

    L emon Head

    Review: lmao this absolutely beautiful. idk who tf lemon head is but i'm sure they'll love this. i like how all the yellow including the background goes with the theme of lemons. maybe you could've also made the Chicago logo yellow to match but it doesn't really matter. 9/10
  5. Imma start a weekly thing because I never know what to write for these. Basically my idea is to do weekly updates on players leading in categories such as Points, Goals, Assists, Points by Defensemen, Rookie scoring, Wins and Save %. Points # Player GP P 1 Dakota Lamb (WAR) 23 39 2 Groovy Dood (DCD) 23 37 3 Andrew Su (VAN) 22 36 4 Uhtred (WAR) 23 34
  6. if philly doesn't win we riot

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      @RedSus welcome to being a Flyers fan. 

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      i mean in fairness, rioting DOES sound like a very philadelphia thing to do

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  7. 1. BIG FUCKING DUBS BOIS 2. us cause why not 3. i will stick with big zod if not then McLaren 4. the goat Jan Hlozek 5. Ilya Mihkeyev 6. the egg
  8. I couldn't look at this graphic too long in fear of busting in my pants. Black and White graphics are always sick for some reason. The smoke around the player and glossy background are what really make this graphic stand out for me. The choice of font maybe could have been better but I still like how you had the first name all in outline and the last name filled out. 9/10
  9. Review: I like this alot. it's very simple and clean and there's a lot of cool touches and effects that make it pop out a bit. I like how there's a little bit of a shadow on the background and the player, it makes the graphic look a lot less plain which is good. My favourite part of the graphic tho is definitely the font. The font choice is great and I really love the pink and light blue outlines around them, it gives a Miami vice kind of vibe and really works well with the background. 9/10