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    (S65) G - Chase, TPE: 30

    The minors team GM likely gonna send you a welcoming PM after he drafts you. and then send a locker room permissions.
  2. hedgehog337

    Finals GM 5: Riga vs. Calgary

    Great. Now we'll have to wait for another day and half cause this trash can't play properly.
  3. hedgehog337

    Jack Lynch introduction press conference

    1. Are you excited to get it started? 2. Did you check out VHLM teams? 3. If so, in which team you'd like to get drafted? 4. Are you in VHL discord? 5. What type of a player you want to build? 6. First impressions of this league? answering to all 6 q's gets you 2 TPE. @xsjack
  4. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 5 - Ottawa Lynx Saskatoon Wild Game 6 - Saskatoon Wild @ Ottawa Lynx N/A Game 7 - Ottawa Lynx @ Saskatoon Wild ´╗┐N/A Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Ottawa Lynx 1:3 Saskatoon Wild Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Burnt Toast Series leader in goals: Mark Gebauer Series leader in assists: Burnt Toast
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    Finals GM 3: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

    This series is so 3-2. Good job team!
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    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

  7. hedgehog337

    Finals GM 2: Calgary Wranglers vs. Riga Reign

    Jack Shephard's last hurrah, you say? @Victor and @DollarAndADream is here right when it needs the most.
  8. hedgehog337

    S63 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 5 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign Game 6 - Riga Reign @ Calgary Wranglers Game 7 - Calgary Wranglers @ Riga Reign N/A Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Calgary Wranglers 3:2 Riga Reign Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Jack Shephard Series leader in goals: Ryuu Crimson Series leader in assists: Jack Shephard
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    Finals GM 1: Calgary Wranglers vs. Riga Reign

    Only one game ­čĄö Nice win.
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    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    1. Try to predict Reign's offseason. Draft, trades and such things. @Tagger
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    Semi-Finals 2, GM 7: Halifax 21st vs. Saskatoon Wild

    *Yukon meme* here we go again
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    Quebec Meute Press Conference

    1. Do you still think your lines is the sole reason why Quebec underperformed this season? Cause I don't. 2. Will the next season be last for Quebec's contender run? 3. Can Randoms make it into the Quebec's roster? 4. Isn't his build too weird for a contender team? 5. Was it tough to start a GM career? 6. Your best trade to date (in your opinion) 7. Your best draft pick. again, in your opinion 8. Do you still have ''what could have been'' feelings after last finals? 9. How more seasons do you plan to stay GM? 10. What's gonna happen to Jose Gonzalez?
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    Talking about True North

    claiming second and third weeks cause the same problem
  14. hedgehog337

    Talking about True North

    I was talking about Netflex this Friday, now it's time for True North. My choice is obvious - my second player, Randoms will play there for the next three seasons. Brand Executive: @AndrewWarren13 Executive Player: Oleksiy Revchenko ($1,250,000) I mainly remember him as the guy who took the Oregon AD postion when I stepped down. Since then he took them to three finals in a row and lost in all of them. In two times I was presenting these games so perhaps I won't do that next time when Oregon makes into the finals. Maybe they will finally win it lol. As for his time in VHL - a welfare member. But he seems more active than his two other S62 peers and he holds the job here so that's nice. His player has a quiet season so far with 35 points which is not surprising considering that Revchenko is a second liner. Will be interesting to see his future when Calgary makes a firesale. 1. $3,000,000 - D Maxim Kovalchuk - @Banackock I already was talking about this member a lot in other articles. So there is not point of repeating this over again even if this could net me 50 more words. Only thing I can say he's my rival for the VHL GM award this season. Kovalchuk really had a nice rookie season where he won the Valiq trophy for being the best offensive defenceman. This season is not that spectacular, he's not even a 1 PPG at this point. Not really surprising since Seattle is competing now so it's not only about S61-62 players now. 2. $2,000,000 - LW Oyorra Arroyo - @omgitshim´╗┐ I'd like to name this member a silent assasin. I think he never was super active here, yet Arroyo is about to hit a 700 TPE mark real soon. He's more known in EFL, he holds the moderator job there. Also is one of them members who likes to press the like/or any other smiley button to a presenter's post. Perhaps 1/4 of my like ratio count there came from him lol. As about Arroyo himself - he had a really nice last season where broke the 100 point mark. And while this season won't be that successful as last, he still will have four seasons left become an elite player. And who knows, he may even have a shot at HoF if he's gonna have some luck. 3. $1,500,000 - D Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15 Like Peace, he only created his player in last mid-season. Yet he managed to make Wilson a mid-second round draftee as he was a legit TPE earner. And well, he still is. I've heard the one thing why he isn't even more active than he is - the lack of job here. At least he was interested in this and voiced this in discord (and maybe in forums also, idk). But this problem isn't making a hit to his activity so that's nice. In this season, Wilson is playing in minors for Halifax. Right now, he has 87 points with 119 blocked shots. That's a nice statement for the 20 achievement tracker TPE and I'm sure Quik would love to see that. 4. $1,250,000 - G Johnny Havenk Carison @Donno100 Another member who is not very vocal. And that actually applies to every sim league he's in. He is a bit more active in SBA where he even had an AD job. Moreso, he won the NCAA ring as the AD there. At this point, he has no job and heavily relying on the affiliate TPE. Carison was supposed to be the Toronto's future goalie, but change of GM kinda put him in an odd position. It's nice to see Donno not giving up on JHC, but I also hope he could find another team that might need a goalie because he may be a career backup with a decent ammount of TPE. Which is not fun tbh. 5. $1,250,000 - G Shawn Brodeur @TheLastOlympian07 I already mentioned TLO in last article as one of these unique members with having a very late peak in sim leagues. At this point, he's not as much active as he was during Muller and Gretzky, but still occasionally pounds some TPE to Brodeur. Talking about this goalie - Carison's partner in Toronto, also a player who took a starter job from him. And now these players are going to fight for the starter job in this team too. Shawn never had flashy stats during his career, but he could win the championship with Davos (with also posting his career best .920) so his I assume ex-SS91 has no complaints about this player. 6. $1,000,000 - Bo Axelsson - Retired @Trifecta The funny thing is this is not even last player DT retired. His newer goalie also went into the retirement home real soon. He's now trying with a defenceman and there are obviously some concerns about his career length. And it looks like Trifecta is slowly becoming less active in sim leagues. Is this a sign that he's starting to move on from sim leagues? Stay tuned. Also, Is Axelsson even going to play this season or this is a free slot? Stay tuned x2. 7. $1,000,000 - RW Dan Wilinsky - @oilmandan´╗┐ One of the most active newer members here. It's even more surprising that he doesn't even has a sim league job here. But perhaps he doesn't even wants it and he's feeling good when there's no pressure. He also joined the EFL league recently, very likely because of the affiliate welfare thing. Right now Wilinsky is playing for the Americans team. There was a heavy question what NY should pick at #8 in the S63 draft and it looks like Dan was the right choice by Spade. In this season, he posted 53 points so far which is fine for a rookie. -37 doesn't looks pretty, but this team looks bare with only 5 players in roster (+a goalie) so it's not like he should be worried about this stat. 8. $750,000 - RW John Madden - @@Thranduil I believe this member joined this league already after the season started. He wasted no time with learning a sim league system and he got the Oslo co-GM spot soon. And maybe at some point he could take the GM job here as well. He also keeps a good activity in discord. I may be wrong, but he had a heated discusion there due to his religious beliefs, but I may confuse him with other notable newer member (Wahl) since my memory isn't that perfect. As about Madden - like Wilson he's playing for Halifax and at this point he's doing a decent job with 50 points in 64 games. A really solid result considering he didn't even hit the 200 TPE cap yet. 9. $750,000 - D Toby Fitzgerald - @JohnnyT_77 One of these quiet members who aren't even logging in every day, but still doing a decent job with earning TPE. No wonders why Quik selected him and not some others potential steals. Honestly, I can't say much about him except for the fact he's also using an affiliate welfare which makes thing even better. Toby is playing in Saskatoon now and has 67 points at this point. Looks like he will be ready to jump into Helsinki next season alongside with another steal named Zajaczkowski. 10. $750,000 - LW Randoms - @hedgehog337 I had an idea to make this player completely random with even randomizing a contract length in VHL. But this idea faded out quickly, which is not a surprise knowing that converting ideas is not my strong suit. Also, I was ok with taking a 0$ spot, but Andrew has decided to bump me to a 750k. So I accepted this offer anyways. He's actually doing a decent job in Las Vegas. 56 points and 267 hits. He's really has a nice power forward season. And while he won't be a superstar in VHL knowing his build, but he may have some decent seasons in his peak. 11. $500,000 - C Connor McDavid - @Rocketman04 He never had a super duper activity, but seeing him not logging in for one week kinda worries me. Is this going to be another member who went inactive after a good start? Well, stay tuned. Also, a welfare member who is/or was doing more than just taking welfare and practice facility. McDavid is Randoms' teammate by the way. And Connor is another player with a so-so build which isn't letting him to post something astonishing. 28 points isn't gonna get him more than 10 points from an achievemnt tracker, but at this point the only thing we can hope for is he won't go inactive. 12. $500,000 - RW Pat Svoboda - @StamkosFan Another new member who only joined the league in this mid-season. The good news is he already passed McDavid in TPE and looks like we may have a good forward coming up if he keeps this up. I assume he also joined other leagues, but I can't say this with a 100% confidence. It's obvious I'm not knowing this member much since I'm not a recruitement crew member or a VHLM Commish. Anyways, Svoboda is showing a quality hockey in Ottawa. 32 points in 36 games is actually admirable for a player who was created like two weeks ago. Watch out when he reaches the 200 TPE cap - VHLM is in the danger. 13. $500,000 - D ´╗┐- Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ - @Fire Hakstol I still like to name him a Flyersfan (his old nickname). Right now, I'm GM'ing his player Jeff Gow who's going to retire following this season. Older members also can remember him as the VHL Commish. I also remember when he joined Bratislava with his brother Eaglesfan when I was GM'ing Bratislava. He had a point when he almost went inactive, but returned into action 2-3 seasons ago. And now talking about this player named Werbenjagermanjensen´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐: some guys wants to name him Werb, but Flyersfan is demanding to name his full name. I'm feeling sorry for these guys lol. Smitty is a newest addition to the True North team and we can't talk about his performance in VHLM yet since he only started his career. 14. $250,000 - LW Evan R. Lawson - @diamond_ace A well known sim league veteran. Older head also knows him as the record holder - the longest GM tenure in the VHL history (16 seasons). Which is likely going to be beat by 'Cock, but still. I believe he took the break from sim leagues shortly after he stepped down from Calgary, but returned in second half of S50's. Ok, Hrdina may count also hehe. I don't think we had much interraction before Kallis was drafted to Ottawa last season. Good thing we won. As for Lawson - a reliable forward for Calgary. He's not a star there, but is an important player there nevertheless. And I assume he's interested to stay in Calgary even if they will make a firesale. D - dedication. 15. $250,000 - LW Ryuu Crimson - @SlapshotDragon And there's Slapshot Dragon. A known Calgary Flames fan. Also, his player is playing in Riga Reign. He has a good activity in forums and discord, maybe even more active than me...who am I kidding. A lot of members are more active than me, especially in discord. I'm not sure, but I guess he's IRL friends with Dtayl. And interesting fact - there were some doubts about his activty comparing to Sasky GM, but at this point like he's much more active now. The guy who likes to post memes and we even had a meme channel named after him. It was shelved though. Ryuu Crimson made a debut in this season and so far he's playing well - 52 points in 66 games. Nothing spectacular, but who said it's going to be easy when the team has seven forwards. He is likely going to have more chances next season when Shephard and Gow are retiring so stay tuned. 16. $0 - LW Karl von Moltke - @alecbama Alec started his VHL journey with a bang with earning a lot of TPE, thanks to a bio and rookie profile. He easliy reached a 100 TPE mark and as the result he was drafted in the mid-second round (S62 draft). There are some worries about his recent activity. No updates since October 14 puts him behind Baxter and Revchenko. Seems like he's more focused on EFL with being the LA GM. von Moltke has a decent season so far. 41 points looks about nice for a player who wasn't updated in a month. But maybe we still can hope for his comeback though? You already know what am I going to say now...yats denut. 17. $0 - D Evgeni Komarov - @Gooningitup The last player in this list. Goon was more known as the Davos for life member until he was drafted to NY in the S56 draft. And he joined in this league like in S39(?). And all this time he was only representing Davos and even was GM'ing this team at some point. Then he took the VHLM GM job as he felt he likes this job more. Looks like he passed the torch to Dtayl and Peace now. Looks like he became a bit less active and I believe he sai Evgeni is going to be his last player. By the way Evgeni is yet another member who likes to put bodies through the boards. The only player who was more than a checker was Sergei Komarov, but Goon has decided to return to his roots. The stats are showing the same - 205 hits so far and I'm sure he's going to have more of these seasons with constantly being a league's TOP 10 checker. Another 2000+ article done. @Beaviss is ready to jump of his seat out of happiness. I did something more for Randoms than just a welfare!!! That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE [for this week] 6x3=18 TPE [for the next three weeks] goes to Randoms. 19.11 - 25.11. 26.11 - 03.12. 04.12 - 10.12. 11.12 - 17.12
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    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    More like questions to @Devise as GM 1. Is there any chance you won't search for ways to compete in next season? 2. Are you hoping for Calgary firesale? 3. Can Toronto make a deep playoff run next season? 4. Are you happy Dollar won't have to retire Ironside? 5. How many times you missed the playoffs? gotta be a small number, isn't it? 6. What happens to Carison after Rift is called up? 7. Are you surprised Ottawa made the finals? 8. Do you consider yourself as the TOP 5 GM of all time? or TOP 3? or even higher? 9. Your GM tenure you had most fun in managing a team? 10. Was it tough to begin your GM career?
  16. hedgehog337

    Practice Facility (December 3rd - December 9th)

    1 Kallis 2 Randoms
  17. hedgehog337

    Talking about Netflex

    claiming this for the third week since the portal doesn't likes same links smh
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    Talking about Netflex

    The VHL Brand thing reminds me of the SBA All-Star week - never cared very much, but it gives me more TPE than in usual week. So yeah, I cared enough to sign both players with two different brands and now I can do what I need to boost this mediocre Kallis ass. That's pound another 12 TPE to him. I'm not interested to puzzle over some previews or analysis and I suck at graphics. I will do much more simple article. Just going to name my brand teammates and comment on a user or a player. Because it's still counts, right? Let's go with Netflex. Brand Executive: @Romaris Executive Player: Roctrion King ($1,250,000) So what can I say about Romaris? He seemed to not be hyper active here and King is still a welfare player. However, he started to pay more attention to this league after the draft. And launching the brands helped him with maintaining a better activity. He had problems with getting it started since it was unfamilliar thing, but looks like he's feeling better now as the executive. As about King, he's having a deent season in a rebuilding NY. 61 points in 62 games - can't be mad at this performance. 1. $3,000,000 - Kallis Kriketers @hedgehog337 Ok, this interesting. I believe I was one of first members he contacted. And he offered me 3M right off the bat. Well, can't decline the max contract you know. There are talks that he is kinda overpaid, my teammate @Victor even had an article about overpaid/underpaid players and Kallis was considered as the overpaid dude. Can't argue much about that. In the first 40 something games we were witnessing him ruining a couple of games for Riga with his inconsistent play. He picked it up lately and has the most SO in league at this point. But .917 is still not elite even if he's having better stats than Stropko. Lol. 2. $2,000,000 - Casey Jones @der meister We had a long history with each other in other league when he was GM'ing my goalie. And how about my goalie being his teammate now? We also were teammates here in Riga when I was GM'ing his Ravenwing. And we even managed to get the championship unlike the Riot scenario. Probably because he has much more calm persona than me. His Jones is having a solid career so far and while I'm not sure about his HoF chances, he is doing big things with cementing Quebec's defence. 3. $1,500,000 - Dan Montgomery @BarzalGoat Another welfare member. But he also holds an important job - Yukon GM. He also is known for S61-62 members from S61 VHLM finals fiasco (lines and such). He was heavily memed about this and while they aren't making fun of him anymore (because Shawn Glade exists), he has a truly legendary moment to brag about. Or he won't - this is not really a situation to be proud of. Anyways, Montgomery is doing nice in a promising Helsinki squad. 71 points in 63 games with ''only'' -11. I mean, Helsinki isn't supposed to compete so these stats are really nice. 4. $1,250,000 - Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream Oh hey, I'm GM'ing this player! At some point, I was a teammate of Dollar in pretty much every sim leagues we were in. GOMHL's Ottawa and VHL's Toronto is what I recall more though. Especially Toronto - being a part of making history in this team can't be forgotten. Then I wastrying to help him with Petenis when he was GM'ing the Legion. And now it's vice versa and I believe this is the first time he's playing in Riga. Twinger had a very good last season and while the first half of S63 wasn't a spectacular one, I'm feeling like Twinger is starting to find his play again. Also, he's pretty much is the only power forward in our team. 5. $1,250,000 - Ismond Kingfisher @Spade18 The teammate and rival at the same time. After all, 'Fisher is fighting for the starting spot with Kallis. I don't know Spade very much, but I do know he actually can consider himself as the S1'er. Even if he went inactive in no time. Also, he is one of these fresh bloods that came in S56 (to become a S57 draftee) to start the VHL's reborn. He's a bit in Beaviss' shadow when we're talking about the recruitment, but he has a GM job. As about Ismond - he was created to fill the hole after the forced retirement of Arkander, but it appeared that NY was going to a rebuild anyways. Now he's a locked starter for this team. He isn't having spectacular stats, bu sometimes he's stealing games for his team hardly, like posting 76 saves out of 80 shots. Damn. 6. $1,000,000 - David Kiaskov @Exlaxchronicles The player I was trying to get in FA, but he went to Seattle. Another fresh blood from S57 draft and also a steal of that draft as well. But I was not surprised about his draft position as much as his real life age. He's actually almost/or already is 53 now. WOAH. My eyes is still wide open. Let's talk about his player now. Kiaskov has an interesting build. It isn't really the best to have a HoF career , but at least he can do everything. And not having to pound good chunk of TPE in another attribute when switching positions is nice as well. He had three 76-point season in a row which is kinda funny, but looks like he's about to set a new personal record in this season. 7. $1,000,000 - Sebastian Ironside @DollarAndADream The player I was trying to get via trade, but the league put a stop on it. Ok, thanks for Kastelic then. I already said things about Dollar other than he's one of the calmest members in sim leagues. Sebastian switched to a center this season and this is definitely his breakout season. And it's nice to know he can keep this player too instead of a forced retirement after JB Rift goes up. It's just he will never be a Toronto player following next season. 8. $750,000 - Kisshan Shan @Kisshan Kisshan really started with a bang when he joined this league. He was close to become a TPE whore, but he decided to calm down somewhere before the draft happened. But it's nice to see he didn't go inactive and still claiming welfare at least. Ok, he actually posted a brand related article this week, so he's even doing more than just welfare. And I'm starting to feel like he's becoming a bit more active again, but seems like he isn't going to push himself back to whoring for TPE's. Nothing wrong with it, it's not like you can't make a solid player if you're not capping every single week. Shan is currently playing in Yukon and he may have a nice achievement tracker payout. 72 points in 61 games, I think this is going to be more than 10 TPE. He is planned to be called up to Riga next season. 9. $750,000 - Samuel Gate @street Streetlight is a well known member here and also in EFL too. The most interesting fact is I managed to recruit one of his players to a team I was AD'ing (Oregon Ducks). That was really the only useful move I made there lol. Here he had some break after Maxwell and mist4ke, but decided to return with Gate. He was one of contenders for being a #1 pick in the S61 draft, but got picked second by Quebec. Right now, he is more active in EFL than here, but he already managed to make Gate a force to be reckon with. His stats are not flashy, but as well as Jones he's helping with making Quebec's defence a brick wall. 10. $750,000 - Ryan Sullivan Jr. @Advantage This is another attempt of returning to this from Advantage. Last couple of players didn't have much success, including Novacek that was drafted by me in S62 draft. But Dexter Lane was a legit player that even managed to win an award in uhmm....in Riga. Making a ''son of a HoF player'' isn't a new concept in sim leagues. Some of them were as good as their fathers, some of the failed. Only time will tell what's going to happen with this guy. Anyways, he's projected to go #1 in the upcoming draft which is cool. The another question is - will he become a GM again. He expressed his wish to managing a team again and cementing himself as the best GM ever. Stay tuned. 11. $500,000 - Scott Shawinganen @Cornflakers Corn started pretty well in this league with having a good activity and earning TPE enough for being considered as the TOP 5 draftee. Shortly after the draft however, he started to fizzle out a bit. He named a reason for it - he simply doesn't have much possibilities for being as much active like once was. Not having other than mobile at home and work limited his chances on spending his time here in a pre-draft rate. But it's nice to see he didn't completely go inactive and I guess I can take his name out of a potential busts list in my article. As about Scott, he's yet another player in NY that has 61 points so far. No wondering why Romaris wanted to sign this player and eventually Corn accepted this deal. 12. $500,000 - Kyson Blake @TMI I think nobody is more unique member than TLO in terms of having a very late peak in sim leagues. He reached his peak like, 10+ seasons after he signed to his first sim league or something? That's wild. But there are few more members with a similar story, like Peace and this man - TMI. He even had a player back then, but went inactive real quick. But the most crazy thing is he is none other than BWIII a.k.a. Philadelphia Liberty GM in NSFL. Which means he's a also GM'ing my player there. So it makes sense to snatch him in the S63 draft, right? While I'm thinking about this possibilty, let's look at his stats. 32 points in 61 games with Sasky. Considering that he made his recreate during the season and doesn't have 200 APE - a decent result. 13. $500,000 - Eric Parker @Eparker24 I don't know much about this member since he's not very vocal and I'm not a super active here either. But I just looked up to his update log and saw that he's a welfare member. So that figures. One interesting fact - Tagger was mentioning in his first mock that this player may be drafted by me. We shall see. He's also currently playing for Las Vegas so he's Random's teammate. Nice one. He's being a nice defenceman with 47 points and 53 shot blocks. Not a groundbreaking stat, but can't complain about this either. 14. $250,000 - Dan Baillie @wcats Like TMI, this member didn't join the VHL this year. I believe he didn't even have a player until he created Baillie though. He is another welfare member, but is doing more than members who are only claiming practice facility and welfare. He's also doing press conferences and participating in VHL fantasy. You already can figure it out I don't know about this member either so I'm just naming his actions in this league. But seems like this player could be more promising than other welfare players. Dan is another player that plays in Yukon and playing in a contender team cut his playing time so he's doing much now (17 points in 61 games). $250,000 - Diljodh @DilIsPickle He only joined VHL a month-and-week ago, but already managed to become a notable one. He is very active on discord and having a decent activity on forums as well. He kinda reminds me of Penny since he likes to post memes as well. As you can figure it out I'm not very familliar with this member too since I basically went inactive on discord (only rarely posting something there). At this point he's a TPE whore and while I'm hoping he isn't gonna push him to his limits (since it's likely going to end up in a burnout) I'm also hoping he won't fade out either. Another Randoms' teammate in Las Vegas by the way. Also not having very heart pumping stats (27 points), but you can't expect something big when he joined after this season started. So this is a short 2000+ word article about Netflix, it's members and players. Thanks for reading this. That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE [this week] 6x3=18 [for next three weeks] goes to Kallis 19.11 - 25.11. 26.11 - 03.12. 04.12 - 10.12. 11.12 - 17.12
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    (S65) RW - Matthew Kai, TPE: 30

    I mean, it's not that bad. still can get good TPE even with welfare.
  20. hedgehog337

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 5: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    Also, that's really surprising how a team with the best defence and a couple of 500 TPE + one almost 700 and 800 TPE forwards heavily underperformed. This actually was the finals pairing according to my predictions. I guess centers issue screwed QUE hard this time.
  21. hedgehog337

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 5: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    The second line Locke and Kr─źgars would be very proud of you. FINALS! @Victor @DollarAndADream @Tagger @Devise´╗┐ @Smarch´╗┐ @Enorama´╗┐ @Fire Hakstol @Higgins @ShawnGlade @Dtayl @SlapshotDragon´╗┐
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    Finding the best VHL players of all time

    1. John Locke
  23. hedgehog337

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 4: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute