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  1. imagine how much bucks do I need to put on Rara joining back Seattle?
  2. Swapping 4ths isn't funny
  3. still doesn't changes thing for me, I just don't see him as the longest serving gm before the end of S80. But you do you.
  4. Is he THE longest serving though? He will be after next season, but now he is just tied so I'm not really sure if that qualifies.
  5. And now he is tied with aforementioned members.
  6. that's a big cap, he's about to be tied following this season.
  7. @Eynhallow here we go! A hat trick for two games in a row, that's what the scoring doctor was prescribing for having a healthy position in standings.
  8. gotta post something in here not always you see a team dropping 11 goals while being one of the least scoring teams in the league.
  9. these days when goalies were producing shutouts like it's nothing good luck in Seattle @jRuutu and welcome [back] to Riga @Kendrick!
  10. I guess I'll need to force @Red to switch position next season
  11. Makes sense. Got contracted under a Latvian GM, gets reborn under another Latvian GM. grats to all 6
  12. Oh Sens to Riga as well @Beketov
  13. 1. The team has had some heart-breaking close losses this season. What do you do to get the guys motivated after a tough loss? Letting them to beat up the opponent team after the match. 2. Who is that guy in our locker room that's always there to pick everyone else with an inspiring speech or act? Ledge, Thunder and Lose. 3. Who do you think is our biggest rival in the VHL? Helsinki cause we meet in playoffs a lot. 4. How would you describe the colour orange to a blind person? I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do that. 5. What is the cheesiest movie you have ever seen? ...not watching movies. again. 6. What is the best book you have ever read? as if I'm reading books as well. don't even remember the last tim I read a book. like 15 years ago or something lol
  14. @GrittyIsKing09 sent you a challenge
  15. 1. What do you think of Kaleeb's Reign logo redesign? It was fine I guess...too tired to give an opinion 2. What is your favourite possible VHLE team? Could be logo or name. This will help Bratislava. 3. Our last few sims have been trending upwards, yet we remain 5 points out of a playoff spot. How optimistic are you about the season? STHS is an asswipe 4. Describe your ideal sandwich. some meat some cheese some hot stuff...lots of stuff tbh 5. If you could combine two qualities of two different people, who and what would they be? Zero idea for this question 6. Who is your Stanley Cup favourite? who knows. maybe Colorado
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