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    WC GM 3: Seattle vs. Riga

    And just like that, Aamo glory days are over. Not a bad match to end his starter career. But only 6 goals is a travesty, STHS was a crap in this one. Should've been a lot more for the deciding game tbh.
  2. hedgehog337

    Kallis Kriketers the rookie

    Who dis: Kallis Kriketers Is he even 18?: 21 His job: Being a goalie Is he Zdeno Chara?: 70 in. Does he get his weight up?: 194 lbs. His hood: Dagda, Latvia Kallis is kind of an odd case. He never was supposed to start his VHL career, but the @hedgehog337 agency had a trouble to find a decent talent after Centis Kurtutecis didn't believe in his skills (what a pussy) and Gaidis Olnīca was just too lazy (gonna be a broke boi soon for that). The agency managed to find that guy only when the trade deadline was about to close. Kallis was just some goalie who was playing in the regional tournaments for fun, but for now his life has changed completely. He was drafted 4th OV by the Ottawa Lynx (damn, again?) team in the S62 VHLM draft. Also, he's on the Riga Reign team system which means this draft will be the only in his career. Let's look at his green and red lights now. HE'S EATING AT: Work Ethic! This pro actually was a con for so many seasons for Kallis' agency. It has changed with the arrival of Ritvars Lupatlasis, an SBA star. Seems like Kallis decided to take this chance seriously which is an impressive feat. Considering that he was playing just for fun before he joined Hedge's agency, he already deserves an award for his determination. Plastic as hell! In other words, he's agile. That was one of his main strengths before he even was drafted to Ottawa. Rumors has it that he decided to focus on other skills now, but I think this won't be a problem for a young Latvian goalie as he still should be one of the most agile goalies in minors even if he doesn't puts much effort in it. He can listen to other people! It's hard to start your pro career without a mentor. Somehow Kallis managed to find the first goalie in Hedge agency's history who is teaching him the basics of the pro leagues. It's nice to see that our youngster can listen to people. He knows he can't do this by himself so he's ready to take an advice from other people. HE'S BEING WACK AT: What a psychopath! Kallis' emotions - that's what his mentor will need to adress first. Only a few scouts know, but he wasn't that calmest player when he was playing in his homeland, but for now he needs to be calm cool and collected. Otherwise, we may see a couple of penalties or even fights from this dude because sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop. Sleepy! We know he wants to pay attention to other skills. But for now, his reaction is shit. Period. Sometimes he's being very sloppy during the matches. Maybe that's not a tragedy when you're playing in some regional type games for fun, but the VHLM (and then VHL) is the different story. Looking forward to his improvement in that area. He's no Larkin either! I mean, being fast isn't the most important skill to have for a goalie. But he still can't skate properly. And that's despite of his exceptional talent at being agile. He still will need to leave the net and play puck sometimes so he needs to be fast to not being robbed by an opponent. So what we have now? A dude who's agile enough to impress scouts, but at the same time he can throw temper tantrums for no reasons. We shall see how his game develops, but for now just apprectiate his determination. He really started as just some another goalie. Now's he OP, just like Krīgars. Deal with it.
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    Preferable destinations for Randoms

    *this is so random* Many of you know about Kallis Kriketers who is playing for Ottawa and was fighting for the Deverux trophy. Looks like he's gonna lose to Pepper though. Anyways, there is another my player who is playing for Ottawa and is currently ranked 33rd among all draftees in TPE. That dude is named Randoms. Obviosuly, he's a welfare player since I won't have much time to devote as much time for him as for Kallis. But I'm sure he could be a nice third or fourth round steal...SIKE! I don't think this is going to be the case. All TPE are being assigned to random skills and I don't think he would be a good player in future. Well, maybe for the checking thing - the random said the first 30 TPE should go straight to this skill. And now let's begin. This is what random.org is suggesting about the prefered destinations of my second player. *You read it right, August 28th* So... 1. SEATTLE BEARS Ok, this is already getting ridiculous. That site says I need to bury the rivaly between me and 'Cock. I was about to send that engine straight to hell, but I'm not in charge of this player anyways. That means Seattle is the most prefered destination for Randoms. 2. TORONTO LEGION This engine gotta be trolling. Another possible rival for Riga. And another familiar team for me. The random definitely knows Dollar is playing for Riga too so he decided I need to pay back to him. The problem is, Randoms will be nowhere as good as Twinger. But I guess it couldn't think that far. Oh well. 3. RIGA REIGN That's an interesting one. @Will posted some announcements this week and the second player thing was mentioned there as well. However, I don't care much as I won't take him even in the seventh round cause he's trash. So this time random can go and cry in the rain. 4. DAVOS DYNAMO Does this thing reads my mind?! Davos was always an upper tier destination for me and this piece of something agrees with me this time. At least something good comes from that. 5. CALGARY WRANGLERS I'm absolutely neutral to this. As much as random is very neutral to this team. Not the most preferable and not most hated destination. I guess nobody's gonna be mad if Bush is going to draft my player. 6. QUEBEC CITY MEUTE Sometimes I like to joke about how Quebec is a trash team and @Beaviss is a garbage GM. The difference between me and random is it really thinks QUE is not a good team and Beav is not a good GM. The ''!'' response coming in 3...2...1... 7. NEW YORK AMERICANS That's kinda sad the last two teams are the only I never played for. But I can do nothing about it anyway. Looks like this thing is stuck in S47 NA semi's and still thinks I hate NY. I don't, random is. 8. HELSINKI TITANS Pretty much the same as NY. The only difference is I never hated Helsinki, but I assume this garbo thinks boubs is still in this team and it doesn't likes edgy people. Time to end this article. In before Helsinki drafts me and flips a middle finger to this list and this site goes in shambles. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Kallis
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    Benjamin Zeptenbergs wants to hear your questions!

    1. No I didn't. I was just puting 0-0-5 strat to see you guys scoring as much as possible, but I never imagined about 170+ and 140+ point seasons. What a time to be alive...until some newer goalies gonna invade VHL and the scoring drastically goes down. 2. I don't really hate him now. In fact, he can even suck in game 3 to secure a better pick and a better player to us. And after all, he's going to backup starting next season too so let him enjoy his last glory days. 3. Gotta be Freddy. Was fun to see him score a lot and see Boubs being in shambles about it. I'd say all three players did a good job, Krīgars was just a better. 4. I'm from small city named Limbaži. That's 87 something km north east from Rīga. So it's not far. 5. Yes. I saw you mentioned about it couple of time here. Don't know where, but I do recall about it. Thank you for the questions! Ruutu's Q's will be answered next week.
  5. The title says it all. ask me anything and thing.
  6. hedgehog337

    Nathan MacKinnon Press Conference No. 2

    Why did you go inactive? Is bagel > eveything else? Do I still sleep? Are yo still happy with Ottawa? I mean, the Senators, not Lynx. When will you come back?
  7. hedgehog337

    Practice Facility (September 17th - 23rd)

    Randoms and Kallis 2 each
  8. hedgehog337

    Wildcard GM 1: Seattle vs. Riga

    Aamo knows his job. #1 OV, here we come!
  9. hedgehog337

    The S62 Devereux Trophy talk

    *a minor league goalie* It appears that we will likely wait for the VHLM Mag longer than we thought. They're currently searching for more writers to get the second edition done. Kinda funny, but this thread will be VHLM related. I even had thoughts to apply for being a mag writer, but can't see myself writing about the minor league each week. But hey, you will get the VHLM article here at least. So let's start it. I believe it's @Beaviss said that the VHLM season is more fun than the big league. Seems kinda obvious since the recruitment crew brought a lot of first gens and some of them are literally starving for cementing their legacy on this league since day 1. That means there is a chance for a rivlary. And one of them is deserving my attention since it affects my goalie, Kallis Kriketers. I actually can join this rivalry for real, but at this moment, it's mainly about these two players: Alexander Pepper vs Cole Mertz [HALIFAX LOGO HAS YET TO BE MADE WTF] I think these two squared off against each other since the start of the season. They already posted a couple of articles which contained some jabs against each other. Why I'm not vocal about this thing? Well, it's kinda odd to join the rivalry of two first gen goalies. And second of all, Kallis already has a VHL team, these two will be drafted later and it will be interesting which goalie is going first. By the way, not only this tense affects Kriketers. It also makes a huge impact of the Benoit Deveroux Trophy. For someone who doesn't know what is this - the best VHLM goalie award. So looks like all three goalie will fight for this prize: Tyler Smith is too quiet and is having worse stats than his teammate - colleague Cole Mertz. Weekes, Stoffiday and YoungBlood are playing in bottom three teams and their stats are taking a hit because of this. But is it that obvious? Is this a three way fight? My last question isn't coming out of nowhere. Probably some of us already know about this fact, but Cole Mertz only played 23 games so far. The other half was taken by Tyler Smith. Yes, he's having worse stats, but the member isn't inactive so the Halifax GM @ShawnGlade is giving a chance to both goalies to shine. But this also hurts Cole's chances on Deveroux trophy. Can we consider him as a real contender for this prize with probably ~40 games played even if his stats are superior to Pepper and Kallis'? After all, this season hasn't ended yet and these stats could change. But even if his stats will be better than his rivals by the end of the season? Could the number of games put a stophammer to a Halifax goalie? A bit hard to imagine that a goalie can win an award with only 40 something games played (and this number could be even lower if Shawn will continue to give both goalies an equal ammount of games started). Right now, the maximum number for Cole is 49 games, but I doubt he will play all remaining games. So at this point it's more like Pepper vs Kallis for the top goalie award to be honest. Cole also could join in this conversartion, but this more depends on Shawn now... @ColeMrtz21 @Sonnet get in here. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE to Kallis.
  10. hedgehog337

    GM 253: Bears vs. Legion

    you do realize this is game 253, right?
  11. hedgehog337

    VHL Official Twitter Page (with TPE rewards)

    is that claimable for both players btw?
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    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Kallis Kriketetrs Goalie Randoms Hits Assists
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    The sleeper hit from Italy [1/2]

    *this is Bolzano, Italy. Why am I putting this as the main pic of my article? I have no ide....wait, I actually know why.* We can already tell that the last two and an upcoming drafts will be known as the revival of this league. These drafts produced (or will produce) a lot of future stars or even HoF'ers. It also worth mentioning that each of these drafts includes different type of members: S61 - mainly recreates ; S62 - a mix between recreates an first-gens; S63 - mainly a first-gen draft. So I mentioned about the players that are about to do big things, but obviously it's not only about them. There is a group of people that are being slept on even after they are being drafted. This was happening in less stacked drafts and this definitely will happen in the S63 draft. The group of players I'm talking about is usualy being called steals. I'm very familliar with this, as my first player went 14th OV and became a decent player. Can't forget about a 11th OV that is close to be inducted into the HoF. As a GM, I could find some of these too. Slava Aleksei at 15 (S54), Mikka Pajari at 22 (S61), even Niko Bogdanovic at 6 (S55) could be considered as the mini-steal. But all of them are recreate players. But how about a first-gen steal? These players are harder to find, there is no science about that. At least you know the potential steal could end up as a decent player if this a recreate. Especially if a member had a decent/successful player in past. With the first-gen, it's a crapshot. He may end up as a good player or he won't. That's it. So I will talk about one of them. This player is one of the most promising steals since S57 (with Pajari and Bronstein) and he actually has a shot at being called up next season as the fourth def. He is pretty quiet on boards, but still doing things which is nice for me. This is the player I'm talking about: D - PAOLO NANO I like a fact that the Riga Reign team is filled with members from different continents and nationalities. That also applies to Paolo since he comes from Bolzano, Italy. He joined the VHL league right after the S61 mid-season. After some time, he decided to join the Saskatoon Wild team. The team was a bottom feeder at that time, but nobody else could afford to sign him. This also gave him a chance to take a big role from the start as there weren't much active players there. Fast forward, he posted a so-so 7 points in 28 games in addition of 54 hits and 31 blocks. Anyways, nobody said this is going to be an easy road and getting an important role from the start can't be bad, isn't it? Usually, not having the best start is one of reasons why young prospects are crumbling under pressure and become irrelevant. Luckily, Paolo knew what he was signing for and just continued to make a bit slow but steady improvements. It didn't help him from being overshadowed by more hyped prospects. But his work didn't go unnoticed as he was picked in the early third round by Riga. The draft had a couple promising steals, like Novacek from a famous player agency or Shawn Mendes from also a known place. However, it looks like Paolo is on the verge of becoming the best steal from the S62 draft. He also went into the VHLM draft as he joined in last mid-season. He was picked by the Oslo Storm team and stayed there after Riga GM decided it's better for Paolo to gain more experience in minors. The Reign team isn't competing at this point so this send down makes sense. So far in 62 games, Paolo posted 32 points (12+20) among with 47 hits and 77 shot blocks. What probably Nano doesn't likes is the fact is that once again he is playing for a non-contender. But this also could make him to not throw a white towel and fight for the D spot in Riga. Knowing that the Latvian team is in midst of rebuild and may end this period soon, it is the wonderful chance for the Italian sleeper to finally join a contender team. So what can I say about Paolo? His skillset are suggesting that he is equally decent at passing as with scoring. The only thing that differs him from your normal defenceman is lack of physical play. Looks like he would rather become a sort of a ''defensive forward'' - he will try to score, but he also will be the first who is going back to defense when the opponent gets the puck. And at this point it doesn't really matter which type of a player he wants to become. As long as he is steadily improving, his debut at pro level will definitely happen. Sooner or later. I like to brag about being the last more or less active player being drafted in S42 draft. I started with a welfare, but ended up as a more active member. And now here I am, managing a team and trying to make Riga a powerhouse. And then here comes a first gen member with a player named Paolo Nano. His player was also being slept on and I bet some of them are thinking he is inactive by now. Right now, he is mainly doing a welfare. Could he end up as the more active member than now? Stay tuned... @leafsman 16 TPE goes to Kallis.
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    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Very unlikely. These two last games were wack for him. It's a shame, but at least he can break Riga record and perhaps he already did when he surpassed Krīgars. STHS finally gives a chance for young players to shine. And looks like playing a middle of the pack team really benefits them all. Iseault had a good try, but last four games ended these talks for ever. Stropko remains as the father of all goalies for now. And probably next season is also his and then it's gonna be a dogfight.
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    Jose Gonzalez Press Conference

    Did you like WJC? What do yo think about Mertz vs Pepper rivalry? Do you think you could be picked in first round? What else you do in LV besides gambling? Are you ready to finally leave Nevada after VHL draft?
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    VHL Pickem (S62W6)

    285 Bears 286 HC Dynamo 287 Reign 288 Wranglers
  17. hedgehog337

    VHL Predict the score (S62W6)

    285 Titans 2:5 Bears
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    Practice Facility (September 10th - September 16th)

    Kallis and Randoms 2 each
  19. hedgehog337

    S62 Mid-Season PT Special!

    Taking Paolo Nano, doing media aaaaand....DONE
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    VHL Official Twitter Page (with TPE rewards)

    sisssai did his thing
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    (S64) G - Mac Miller, TPE: 30

    can't wait to see the reason of the retirement
  22. hedgehog337

    (S64) LW - Jimmy Recard, TPE: 30

    Ok, so that's why you're stepping down from Milwaukee
  23. hedgehog337

    VHLM Predict the Score (S62W4)

    162 Ottawa Lynx 2:1 Las Vegas Aces