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  1. your editing skills hit a new bottom just like your team against Davos today
  2. one thing fo sure, current goalies will have a very hard time to get inducted into HoF. and I'm still mad cause I'm still stuck in S50's and expecting Kallis numbers to be 0.925+
  3. you have bad editing skills. just like your skills on winning championships.
  4. shit game as always they're being lucky ass
  5. 170 New York Americans @ Calgary Wranglers 171 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves 173 HC Davos Dynamo @ Helsinki Titans
  6. 173 HC Davos Dynamo 2:4 Helsinki Titans
  7. here are you some more questions: 1. do you hope to play your whole career in Moscow? 2. Your fav place in Moscow? 3. Have you ever been in Moscow irl? 4. Which Moscow LR is more active - forum or discord? 5. How's GM? 6. In how many seasons Moscow could begin to compete? 7. Are you surprised by your and a couple of your teammates performance? 8. the most funny teammate? 9. do you want to meet Putin? 10. Are you excited to meet S66 draftees soon?
  8. 1. Do you know TheFlash irl? 2. How's Yukon? 3. Not too cold there? 4. Are you happy with your performance so far? 5. Are you worried about a surplux of goalies? 6. btw, is that a coincidence both you and Flash were in same draft class before? S42. 7. and how about me who was drafted in same draft class too? hue hue 8. Do you hope to become a starter in VHL someday? 9. which name do you like more? Cap'n Crunch or Clayton Park? 10. ...or Paul Ready?
  9. *does it even makes a sense to put Swiss flag into the article? yes.* Older members know that I liked to talk about my first major trade for a while and how weird it was in the first place. That trade took place in S53 off season between my team and Seattle. However, this is not the last trade with this team that deserves a mention. I'm sure that you already read the name of this topic. Yes, another RIG/SEA trade. This happened in S60 when the VHL wasn't poppin yet, but already implemented the welfare affiliate stuff. This trade wasn't a big one and at the first glance, that thread doesn't even deserves to be even opened. Let alone taking a look at it. But it's indeed a notable trade for two reasons. First, this is the last deal between Riga and Seattle. No more trades happened between me a 'Cock after that. But this is not the most interesting thing. I'm not even sure, maybe some other guys already took a look at the trade tracker and figured it out what am I talking about. But I only managed to realize about this fact like two weeks ago, hence this media. So let's take a look at this trade: To Seattle Verner Reinholdt Augustus Gloop To Riga S61 SEA 3rd S61 SEA 4th Nothin special, isn't it? Some players newer members defnitely won't recognize and minor picks. But this trade turned into something special for me. But before I'll name the reason of this. Let's take a look at the background of this deal. What happened? Riga. My team was coming off from a slightly disappointing S59 when we couldn't get past the wildcard round. It also appeared that I couldn't compete anymore since majority of players weren't young anymore and I've decided to pull the trigger in favor of rebuilding. However, by the S60 our team wasn't looking like a true rebuilding team with a couple of solid players + Krīgars still playing his last season. Calgary also helped me with sending three lesser TPE players that still were capable of not sucking. Also, aforementioned Renholdt was still in Riga as well. So we were more like a fringe wildcard team than a bottom feeder. And who knows, maybe Riga had a chance to dump one of Davos/Calgary out of the wildcard spot...to just maybe get away with a lucky win in a wildcard round and getting wrecked by New York then. But I've decided to think about the future instead. First of all, I sent Finn to Calgary. And then this trade happened. At the end of the day, our team finished sixth and grabbed a S61 draft third pick. Which was used to take Podrick Cast. The rest is history. What happened? Seattle. Unlike my team, Seattle was a defending champion. However, they also weren't young anymore so this season was labeled as the last hoorah before going into the rebuild. It was clear they needed more bodies in the team for making another cup run. And their GM picked a perfect moment when to pick players - it was a mid-season when the team didn't have to pay a full contract to players so he could make moves. As the result, he took three players - Bourdon from Quebec and Gloop+Reinholdt from Riga. How it turned for Seattle? Well, it didn't end up as nice as in season prior. Their back to back dreams were cut short in semi-finals. They were trounced by Helsinki in five games and they went into the rebuilding. But the Bears didn't lose much either - it's not like the S61 third or fourth were worth much at that time. Ok, now here is the real reason why I made this thread. To see how it ended up for my team. And won't name winners or losers. Because this thread isn't about that. ...One last thing. I'll name users behind both players: Augustus Gloop: @evrydayimbyfuglien Verner Reinholdt: @Devise And now let's see my picks in that draft. The fourth round pick actually was forfeited. As I told you earlier, the S61 draft wasn't as deep as the next four (soon to be five with the S66 draft). But what about the third rounder? To (S54) RW - Verner Reinholdt (S56) D - Augustus Gloop To S61 SEA 3rd (C Mikka Pajari) S61 SEA 4th (Forfeited) What goes around comes around. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Kallis.
  10. imagine not using 3-5-1-1 formation
  11. It's not like I really wanted to make a goalie. It was just a positional need at that time.
  12. Idk. Can't say I'm very familiar with either Kayfabe, SwagSloth or Toasty. These three were drafted late and may break 300 TPE at some point. And yes, any late pick that makes the big league and still updating consistently (even if it's a welfare) is a steal in my eyes. So maybe they won't be considered as steals for you. To be fair, you with Pajari could fit into the ''member relation steal'' category. other than that, fair enough.
  13. We have new heroes though.
  14. I mean, we already are having some teams running with two and half lines (7 or 8 forwards) cause they can afford it.
  15. I forgot to mention that Devise teams don't count when it comes to draft picks.
  16. *someone caught me...smh* Don't worry, there would be no negative thing mentioned in this article. I just want to type some of my minds here. I don't know BoG plans since I'm not among them so I can only guess what are they thinking about. So this is the only thing I can do now - raise some questions about the future of this league. 1. How much expansion teams? Let's be honest, it's hard to imagine there would be no expansion happening. The S66 draft is about to become the deepest in whole VHL history (maybe). And I can't see that teams could afford to have all of them. Only if Moscow and maybe Calgary. Unless commishes are going to raise a cap, which could be a possiblity. But I guess it's better to have 10 teams again than forcing majority of S66 draftees to take 10-12 minutes per game cause they have no good spot in the team. 2. The cap raise? I already mentioned this possiblity. That could be good news for competing teams that have multiple players with a heavy cap. Like Riga and Vancouver. I'd imagine rebuilding teams won't care about this since they will have enough money for draftees. But the competing teams? Because the another question might be - are all immediate call ups be ok with taking the minimum money? 3. Three/four lines? This was a big topic back when boubabi was unbanned for the first time. In fact, the first signs of this happened in his thread about Franchise Cornerstone. @jRuutu was the member who mentioned about this. At the end of the day, boub's thread hit 300 post mark because this indeed was a very hot topic for a moment. Ruutu even had an alercation with Kendrick in discord about this. He was comparing our league with SHL that indeed has a three or four line system so he was interested in cutting even more teams for implementing this thing in this league as well. In my opinion, that wasn't the best decision to do this back then when we didn't have so much new members coming in. But what about now, with these deep drafts? Is that possible? How older members are going to react on this? How about the cap? Are members going to be ok with playing max 20-25 minutes per game? There are so much questions about this, but this definitely becomes a more viable option for the future. 4. Latvian takeover? Not really related to this topic, but interesting thing for me. Apparently, there are few Latvians who came here either from reddit/youtube or other member brought him. At this moment, we are four or five: me, @FrostBeard, @DoubleCarl, @GRZ and... @hejta? I wasn't sure about the last one. But first of all, he recruited GRZ. Second, his player is from Latvia so I assume he's also our fellow. One way or another, we have so much Latvians for the first time since @Prikulis5 and @Paramorise days. So yeah, this is nice. End of article. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Kallis.