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  1. Justin Lose and the Riga Reign are in a tough spot right now right before the trade deadline. The GM has to choose either buying to gear up for a playoff push like last season or sell and hope to get to the playoffs. Currently Riga does not own their first round pick. That pick is with the London United. At the time of writing this, Riga is only 1 point back with 2 games in hand versus the 5th seed Malmo Nighthawks. It appeared that Riga was finished for the season after trading away star players General Zod and James Rose but are shocking hockey fans by pulling out wins against the big conten
  2. 4 point game and only a +1. Ah powerplay time.... you make me sad / happy
  3. 1. I think we have a developed core that can make a big splash if everyone works over the offseason. 2. Nope. You have to work until the end. Nothing is ever handed to you. Just look at Halifax a few season ago, they were dominating the league and then lost to Miami in the first round. 3. If I had to do something I would just add 2 more teams to the VHL. An expansion draft would really free up some teams. 4. May. "May the 4th be with you" 5. I don't believe any conspiracy theories and I think that it can be harmful for some people. 6. To allow the pizza some room so i
  4. Game Six Overtime, 3-2 series lead for the Philadelphia Reapers with the Reapers being the home team. Hulk Hogan Jr slashes a Reaper and is sent to the box for 2 minutes. 13 seconds later Tom Eagles scores his 6th goal of the playoffs assisted by Carson Walkers which wins the series for the Reapers 4-2. Justin Lose was one of the penalty killers on that goal. It demoralized him and created the downward spiral that was the Season 76 blunder in the VHL. Lose has never fully recovered from that loss and it shows in his stats. Let's rewind history and see what would have happened if that goa
  5. Review: Damn that is a very sharp picture. The player cutout has no visible mistakes. The background is a perfect balance and having the player highlighted is very intimidating. The name also stands out very well. Overall this is a great graphic, you seem to always come out with outstanding graphics. Outstanding work! 10/10
  6. Review: This is a great graphic. Very simple and clean. The signature is very clear and creative. My only gripe is not having the logo replaced on the jersey. Other than that I would say this is amazing. Great job! 9/10.
  7. 1. Our GM has a tough choice coming up. Are we selling or buying at the deadline. Based on what happens will decide our fate. 2. Warsaw has a good chance, but its still too early to call it. 3. That would be incredible! I think he has a shot. 4. I would say you would create a time paradox and destroy the world with an ensuing blackhole. 5. I'd rather not think about that, so probably. 6. Horse the size of a cat. How adorable would that be?
  8. I'm sorry. I changed that. I use dark theme so I didn't know. I'll keep that in mind in the future.... which means that probably everything I've done is invisible for light theme....
  9. April is here so that means April Fools has passed. Lose was subject to a joke in the locker room when it was announced that he was traded to HC Davos Dynamo, alongside Cabe McJake. He was told it was for 3 first round picks. This came after the fake announcement where the VHLM and the VHL were to merge into one league. We spoke to Lose about the prank from the locker room. “I knew it was a joke, but it had me on edge all day. I know the GM was thinking of shaking up the team due to our performance. I always hate April Fools day since I’m easy picking for people. Honestly I wish th