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  1. Review: This graphic is super crisp and clean and looks great. I think the background of the jersey fabric makes for a cool looking back drop. The render choice of using Matthews works good since he's a Toronto player, just like Smarch so that fits well thematically. The font choice and placement is great too, I think you have it in the perfect place and its nice and clear and easy to read. My only knock would be maybe its over simplistic, maybe having a Toronto Legion logo incorporated somewhere would help, but then again sometimes less is more. Overall though, this is great! 8/10
  2. Review: This is a sick looking graphic and I love everything about it. The colors all work well with Malmo's color scheme. Additionally I really like the splatter-type visuals around the top and bottom of the graphic, it adds some extra to the final product. The font was a great choice and kind of gives it even more of a rough/raw type vibe and it looks great. Also great player, Sterk is an absolute gem. In all, this is fantastic work! 9/10
  3. 1. Are you a Star Wars fan and did you do any binging on May 4th? I'm a Star Wars fan but just casually. I didn't watch any movies this week, no. 2. Are you looking forward to anything this off season? Nope just looking towards next season. I am AGMing for Team Asia in the WJC's to help out a newer member in the league, but besides that it's gonna be a quiet couple of weeks. 3. Have you followed the playoffs at all since the Legion were eliminated? Loosely. Last I checked Seattle held a series lead over Helsinki. Once I am done with this PC I will probably go check it out.
  4. lol rng prevails again congrats though Miami
  5. i accept my fate
  6. yeah that line fucking killed me hahahahhah
  7. Review: Oh man, you make some really nice graphics! The first thing and probably my favourite thing about this piece is the jersey. That logo swap on the jersey you chose to use looks amazing, the light blue jersey fits in so well with the rest of the graphic. I also really enjoy the clear see-through font, it looks really slick. Also the shining/glowing effect around the player render looks fantastic and adds a ton. Overall I wouldn't change a thing. This is great work, 10/10
  8. Review: Oh yeah you knew I was getting TPE out of this bad bou. LMAO this is fucking GOLD! First off the actor you hired for Juice is 10/10 super cute uWu. The video was very humourous, and I enjoyed every second. The shoe on the head was a little odd, but hey, you're a go getter. The sheer amount of creampie that you took was most impressive and really added to the overall quality of the video. I wouldn't change a thing about this. Yukon gonna be back for blood next season #feeltherush 10/10
  9. 1. Seattle vs. Toronto is a rematch of S74; are you excited? Yes I was very excited to see my first action of VHL playoffs. 2. This series is also represented individually! Dawson faces his previous team, and former Legion Frank Funk Jr will be in town. Who do you think performs better between the two? Well Funk scored a huge GWG for his team so I guess Funk performed better. But we are still pumped to have Dawson on board with us in Toronto. 3. How do you feel about Toronto's 40-25-7 record to end the regular season? I think we exceeded our expectations. We almost finished fir
  10. The first round of the VHLM Playoffs have finally wound down and we had some high-level drama in the late stages of the Quarter-Finals. The fact that no series ended in a sweep really is a testament to the current state of the league and how much parity there is between the teams. While some teams performed as expected, other teams certainly went above and beyond and showed they belong in the postseason. The top seed and perennial favourite Mississauga Hounds faced off against the eighth seed Houston Bulls in a true David versus Goliath type series. Meanwhile the top team in the West was the S