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  1. 121 TPE! You made it! way to go man, keep climbing!
  2. great writeup and nice graphics I do feel FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY though!
  3. nice job on your first graphic! Looks great! Not sure if you talked to him already, but your AGM Zetterberg is a photoshop wizard, if you are ever looking for tips or anything he is the guy to goto. He's taught me alot of stuff!
  4. Hey I dunno anything that went on in VAN, and I don't need to, but I hope cooler heads prevail and you can find a new home that you will enjoy your time on! You've had great success in the league and I know from seeing your success in PBE that you are definitely a person worth having in the community! Hope you stick around
  5. shit thanks man thats so amazing to hear!! You should keep doing these for sure, this is great content!
  6. wait didn't you just make a player and sign to Minnesota?
  7. Great writeup man, I really liked the breakdown into tiers. Well done!
  8. OK so this is my first stab at doing a podcast with video overlays. It's a little rough around the edges, but myself and @Zetterberg, @MexicanCow123 and @Moose put alot of work into this. Hopefully over time we can refine these and make them better. And just to get out in front of it, I apologize for the jacked up audio. The levels of the other three are really low and also I recorded on StreamLabsOBS and it picked all my breathing in the mic lol. Usually when I'm on Discord I have my mic sensitivity set up so that kinda stuff isn't getting picked up. So that was definitely an oversight on my
  9. oh yeah I saw you guys had an OT Win and forgot to see if that made it a 5-streak. Lol you guys needed it though, pretty sure you lost 5 straight before that. Or something like that?
  10. Well I wasn't expecting to read this on VHL today hahahaha I enjoyed it though
  11. Welcome to the VHL! Hey @caltroit_red_flames , thanks for taking interest in the VHL! Your journey towards becoming a pro VHL player begins now! I am @fromtheinside, the Assistant GM for the Yukon Rush. Last season we made a great run to the semi-finals in the VHLM playoffs. This year we are right in the thick of things again. We have a very deep team and extremely competitive. We are looking to add to our forward depth and that's where you come in. We would love to add to our team, especially since you are a friend of Esso, I'm sure you would be a friendly and reliable player to