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  1. Hell of a series Miami! You gave us all we could handle!
  2. its a great problem to have though. And I'm no diva, all the dudes on D deserve to get solid minutes. I did fall a bit short of my personal expectations but Im excited to see how S77 unfolds for the team. Ill be on the TPE grind as usual lol. Great writeup
  3. Review: yoooo THIS is a god damn beauty!! It's so damn clean, honestly one of my favourite sigs on VHL I'd say. The render is so crisp and clean and the font is absolutely perfect. The use of vertical and horizontal text crossing and the outline font for the player name. It's all just so good. 10/10. Amazing work.
  4. Review: The background and text are actually super clean and look fantastic. That blue stripe in the background looks good too. I don't love the player render though as it's not super clear. The jersey is a bit of a mess too. Overall though the pros outweigh the cons. Great job, 7/10
  5. great job man, this is really nicely done and well formatted! you are killing it!
  6. Press Conference- S76 Playoffs Edition 1) We are up 3-1 on the Miami Marauders in the first round of the playoffs. Miami has proven in the past to be a hard team to put away. We have 3 chances to get it done. How confident are you? 2) It's only been 4 games so far but we have gotten contributions from plenty of different places so far. Who is your early choice for Yukon Playoffs MVP and why? 3) The Minnesota Storm and the Mexico City Kings both swept in their first round, while the 1 seed Houston Bulls are up 3-1 in their series vs PHI. Who are do you find m
  7. thanks for all the hard work @fishy, great job as always
  8. hahaha i didnt see that sweep coming but Mexico has a hell of a team. RIP Vegas
  9. BoG Update 2/22 | 75: 25-1 | Around the VHL- Feb 14 | The Talents Behind the Trophies: Matt Bentz Trophy With the regular season coming to a close and the playoffs just around the corner, this week we are going to preview each VHLM playoff series and check out which key players could make an impact for their teams. The standings pretty much played out the way most expected them to. In the West, the Houston Bulls maintained their dominance over the entire league and finished with a very convincing 123 point season. This is their best showing in team history and will nab
  10. I don't really know what to make about the allegations in this thread... but one thing I have a strong opinion about is the live sims suggestion. The viewpoint of "these guys are all super busy and have lives so they don't have time to live sim every day" seems absurd to me. These guys are users who have put in some work to get the roles they have whether its BoG, simmer, etc... You took on a high-end job in the community and to me that comes with extra responsibility. Like pointed out many times before, you literally just click "live stream" on Discord and record yourself doing sims. It takes
  11. Review: For a first attempt, this looks awesome man, and it's a hell of alot better than some of the other stuff I've seen on here lately. It's got alot going on visually, but thats not necessarily a bad thing! I like the swiping backdrop behind your name at the bottom, it looks sick and fits in nicely. I guess the only thing I'd change is maybe the positioning of the font so it's not cut off, but really this is just a minor issue overall. You should totally keep at this, if this is your first attempt I can't imagine how good you will be at this a few seasons down the road. Cheers man! 9/
  12. this is a god tier media spot lmao Smarchs was the best
  13. Review: This is a great graphic. The orange and red background is cool and the simple white font over top looks really nice. I appreciate the time you must have taken to logo swap all those images. I think maybe the middle player would look a bit better with a recolor on his shoulders so they match the Riga logo, but besides that I like it alot. Great job 8/10
  14. WELCOME TO THE VHL Hey @hockeyis66, I am the AGM of the Yukon Rush and we are about to head into the playoffs next week as 4 seed. We are looking for one more forward to fill out our roster and we would love to have you on board for our playoff run. We can only offer you 4th Line Minutes but the playoff experience will be valuable to you and your career here in the VHL If you are interested quote this post and reply with #FeelTheRush and I will send a contract your way and DM you to get things started. All the best, cheers.