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  1. The story of Scotty Kaberle's rise as one of the VHL's elite blueliners is far from being over. From his humble beginnings in the prairies of Saskatoon, all the way to this year in Sweden where he is looking to help Malmo capture back-to-back Continental Cups., It's been a heck of a ride thus far, but a lot of people have been asking... what's next for Scotty Kaberle? How many years does he have left in the tank? What will he do after he rides off into the sunset after his playing days are over? Well, first off Malmo fans, don't fret because Kaberle has a ton of energy left in the tank. It will still be a few seasons before he decides to hang up the skates, but as for what he will do after his retirement from pro hockey... well there's something Kaberle has been passionate about during his free time. Fantasy sports has always been a passion for Kaberle. Even now when he is at the height of his career in the VHL, he always makes time to play in multiple fantasy hockey leagues. He is a real stats nerd and loves competing against his friends in fantasy hockey. After he hangs up the skates, Kaberle plans to launch his own fantasy hockey website that will serve as the main hub for everything to do with VHL Fantasy hockey. All your stats and fantasy advice will be available at the tip of your fingers! Wondering who to sit and who to play on Saturday night? Kaberle's site will offer expert advice on all things fantasy-hockey related! Kaberle plans on reaching out to league experts and bringing in a team of VHL Insiders to help legitimize his site and make it the most reliable source of information on the net! As for what the site will be called, well there's a few possibilities. Kaberle is in talks with GoDaddy.com about registering domains. A poll will go out shortly to gauge interest with the fans over potential options so be sure to keep an eye out for that! The site will also host leagues for people who are looking to start up private or public leagues. All leagues will be fully customizable and include all formats such as head-to-head, roto and points leagues. Unlike Yahoo, Kaberle's fantasy site will allow fans worldwide participate in fantasy hockey contests, not just people from North America. Make sure to keep an eye out for more updates in the near future! But that's all down the road... for now the fan's of Malmo can just sit back and enjoy Kaberle taking the ice with the rest of the Nighthawks, as they continue their hunt for a second consecutive Continental Cup. With a lot of things up in the air for next season in Malmo, this is a crucial year for Malmo to be successful! Hopefully they can capitalize on their window of opportunity as there are a few up-and-coming clubs that will be powerhouses as soon as next season!
  2. this fucking sucks. I had some amazing interactions with Emi in PBE where I played under her team for a few seasons. She was incredibly passionate and kind to me. She taught me a ton about Japanese culture and I always will hold her in high regard. I didn't see this until now and I feel awful. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and especially Dren who is also a fantastic person. Love you Dren, if you ever need anything just hit me up on Discord DMs. RIP Emi
  3. great work on this animal! I love the star system its too bad ill have to crush you in fantasy hockey!!!
  4. this is one of the more interesting pieces to come out lately. Really good idea!
  5. This is an awesome article, great stuff homie!
  6. 1. How do you feel about your player’s performance in the early part of the season? Honestly, I feel like I can't really complain. I'm leading all defensemen in points right now, so that's pretty cool. I am on pace to set new career hights, so hopefully I can keep it up! 2. We’ve seen just how good the bot goalies can be, especially with Riga this season. However, we signed a backup goalie this week. How important is a solid backup to this team’s success? I think having two capable goalies is still crucial to a team's success. I know Riga has gotten good results out of the Bot goalie, but at the end of the day, I highly prefer running a tandem in net. 3. Scotty Kaberle seems to have found his stride after adjusting to the team over the course of last season. Do you think he has what it takes to keep it up? Well shit, let's hope so! But yeah I was chugging along pretty well last season after the trade. For whatever reason though, I kind of pulled a Houdini and disappeared in the playoffs. This season though I feel all of our core he gelled incredibly well. 4. Anything you can see that needs improving in your personal game? I tried to add some checking and discipline in an attempt to make my player tougher to play against. It hasn't yielded much in terms of results yet though. Having some sandpaper added to Kaberle's game would be adding a nice dimension to his game that hasn't really existed to this point in his career. 5. Which VHL team has the best city to visit for away games? New York and Vancouver are a couple of my favourite spots to play in on the road. Both have great night lifes and a bevy of solid steakhouses to eat at after games. 6. If you were GM of Malmo for a day, what would be the first thing you do? I would try to acquire Kristof Welch so I could reunite him with Kaberle! That's not to say we need him or anything, just selfishly I would love to be his teammate once more!
  7. Kabby was taking notes last year when Telk was stuffing the statsheet
  8. HAHAH HELL YEAH!!! I LOVE IT! thanks boom you are the fuckin man haha
  9. F- Druss Deathwalker That's wraps up the draft, thanks everyone!
  10. @Spence King you're skipped. @Bojovnik you are on the clock
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