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  1. You arent missing anything you get what you pay for with it
  2. I dont have good playoff luck against @Beketov lets hope it changes
  3. It’s 2019 who still uses twitter. Catch me on VSCO and Tik Tok with my hyrdroflask
  4. I initially thought it was @BOOMCHENKO™ as well
  5. In he days before discord, chat was used by me and many others to contact / spam / harass those in need of my wisdom. Now, most people aren't even online for chat, as many people are on mobile or for some reason don't like chat. If you want to do any talking discord is the place to be. It makes me said to say that after being a major proponent of chat, but after many years of coercement I have finally moved to team discord. If chat costs the VHL money, why don't we remove it? The only person I ever even chat on here is Flyersfan telling him to play NHL with me, victor once in a blue moon, spamming Will, or educating Trifecta on life. I haven't looked at the word counter yet but I'm going to guess I was at 123 words before this sentence. Turns out I was at 126 words, I am a very smart and good guesser because I have a big brain. Speaking of big grains, where has @boubabi been I miss him
  6. Fuck the portal, I'm doing my practice facility on here. +1 tpe for Gritty
  7. 2) I haven't started my research yet so this could change, but Moscow because expansion + Victor, Prague because expansion + Diamond Ace, and Riga because of my past history are all options. Any contending team would be of interest though with the right pitch. 3) With how competitive it is, probably not. I don't know if I'm active enough to prove myself at this point, which is fine. While I still enjoy VHL it no longer entertains me for hours on end like it used to. 4) Probably not, you need to be a tpe whore for it to be worth it and even then STHS just hates you sometimes. 5) Not really, my past players that were retired early had low tpe totals and would have been a big hole to climb out of. 1) First of all, you got both of those wrong. I do like poptarts, but if I am eating junk food there are other junk foods I enjoy more hence I don't eat poptarts on purpose, but would if I was hungry and they were there. Only liking cheese pizza is also incorrect, I prefer it be plain but if it has pepporoni or sausage or whatever I will still eat it, but I just don't think it's necessary. Another food thing you may not know about me is that I think grilling corn is terrible and completely ruins the taste, especially when our parents put that lime spread on it. 2) I could see an argument for a hot dog because it is meat in between two pieces of bread. A taco is definitely not a sandwich though. Speaking of tacos related to #1, I am not a big taco fan. I will eat them but prefer not to.
  8. Lets just win the cup and that solves everything