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  1. eaglesfan036

    Chat's Press Conference

    1) I have been claiming welfare and doing press conferences lately and also am on chat so you suck 2) GMing in the VHL was way more fun. VHLM GM was more like babysitting (still very important to the league!), and it was just too easy to win as it came in cycles. VHL was much more of a challenge and was the actual league people cared about. 3) Lots of good answers here, but where in the world did @Phil disappear to? 4) I am friends with @Munk on facebook and used to talk to him a little bit, but it's been many moons since i've really heard anything from him. 5) I have never been interested in joining any other leagues because when I was active, the VHL was the only one I cared to stick around in, and nowadays I can barely keep up with VHL
  2. eaglesfan036

    15,000 post party!!!

  3. Despite some of our past disagreements, I was willing to give @Banackock a chance as GM because I know he is active and does care about his team. However, reports have flooded my earlobes today that Seattle has placed their recent draftee, Chat on the trade block. Chat was already not feeling the love upon being drafted, as every single player received a welcome message and a gift basket in the locker room except for Chat, as he had been forgotten by their GM. Chat understands he is not going to be a star player, but he will not take this kind of treatment from a GM who clearly doesn't want him. Because of this, Chat will never be accepting any contract offer from Seattle. Instead, he will hold out until he is traded, which it seems Banacock wants to do anyway with his recent trade block proposals. Who knows, maybe one day Chat will randomly score the game 7 winner to beat Seattle, and Banacock will forever regret this decision and join @Higgins in killing cats
  4. eaglesfan036

    S60 Recruitment Drive

  5. eaglesfan036

    Chat's Press Conference

    1) Not really a comeback to full activity, but I am at least doing a decent amount of stuff now. 2) Only because I am too lazy to update. If I had to guess my actual tpe right now I'd say it's around 75 3) Absolutely free @boubabi I don't think anyone should be perma-banned. He should have just always needed mods approval before posting like was originally designed. 4) Meh not really because I became inactive with them. The most fun part was people not liking the name of "The Process" or all the trust the process puns that occurred. 5) I'm not sure how often other people use chat, but it's usually me hitting other people up on chat besides whatever Da Trifecta's current username is messaging me about how i suck haha
  6. eaglesfan036

    New York Americans GM Change

    Goosd to see a first gen taking over! Especially since stz is another case of all of us getting too old after many super active years previously
  7. eaglesfan036

    Did I leave in S52 or S42?

    I can confirm @Victor is under the age of 16. I had to sneak him beers when we met at the pub
  8. eaglesfan036

    Could Chat be a Draft Steal?

    8 kills!
  9. @Cuffy if you ever read this you were my boy!
  10. eaglesfan036

    Could Chat be a Draft Steal?

    Everyone knows I am too lazy to do updates more than 3 times a year, but I have been doing a decent amount of welfares and player interviews, which count for something. While Chat is never going to be a star player, perhaps he could become a steal depth player a smart GM who is actually paying attention selects in the later rounds. My tpe is listed at 40, so half the current GMs who are lazy and just never do their scouting work will automatically not have me on their boards until way to late. The other half who pay attention will bump me up some if they see I've actually been semi active. I am not a super active beast or anything, but I think my guy could turn into a useful role depth player at some point. That is if chat is ever brought back!
  11. eaglesfan036

    Chat's Press Conference

    1) I've made the following players: Austin Gow, Robert Gow III, Tim TebowGow, The Process, and after that a few scrubs who did nothing. Probably like 6 or 7 times. I've been here on and off since like S27 ish 2) Around S27 ish, but didn't become seriously active until the mid S30s. 3) I am assuming you mean organized hockey? I have never played hockey other then being goalie in street hockey, but ice hockey is something I wish I had tried when I was younger, but I was just never really introduced to it. I do currently play tennis for a division 3 college team 4) I am assuming this question means the VHL. Chat is gone again so that is my number one concern. Other than that, this league needs lots of new members and if that would ever occur I think an expansion draft would be very exciting. 5) Not really, I moreso tried to copy the height, weight, and attributes of some of the VHL's hall of fame players (at a slower tpe earning rate of course)
  12. eaglesfan036

    Welfare / Pension (May 28th - June 3rd)

  13. @Higgins where the hell is chat!

    1. Higgins


      it'll be back the site broke on the weekend 🦉

    2. BluObieZ


      change the name