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  1. 1) I did. Beketov went too high 2) Right now it is looking like Prague, but the season is still very young. Could definitely see Riga being a possibility too 3) Victor gets 99% of the credit for this draft, he made the list and I just kind of sort of attended and sent in the list. Moscow didn't have any high picks to work with, but made reasonable selections with the 2nd rounders and later. Should be a good group 4) No idea what any of this means, usually talking about knobbing your shaft refers to a different subject 5) I want to finally become a PPG player. 6) At minimum, I always brush in the morning so my breath doesn't smell funky. At night probably 50% of the time. I never floss and I hate it, but I do get flossed at least once every 6 months when I go to the dentist (and they yell at me to floss). Also side not, the mechanical toothbrushes are 10x better than your manual ones, get with the program
  2. It's already Gritty's second to last season in the VHL, and I would say it has been an okayish, average career. One cup so far and okay ish stats, but nothing to write home about. I am hoping to reach a point per game for the first time this season, but it is hard when you aren't one of the highest tpe players on your team as it seems like the top tpe guys are rightfully hogs with the puck. One fun thing for me was that I got to play with 3 teams so far, when usually I was a loyalist who stuck to one team. Moscow has been a lot of fun for me because in all my years in the VHL I almost never got to play with Victor, who is one of my favorite members on here and the GOAT VHL member. Speaking of goats, Goatlab has been fun to have around as well, and Mr Hatter is a new guy I never would have met if not on Moscow.
  3. He wasnt a 13 year old kid, didnt know what to do
  4. Back in my day we walked 2 miles to school uphill both ways in the snow
  5. What kind of libtard pc communist propaganda is this
  6. I don’t understand what is the thought process behind this?
  7. Dave Hakstol apparently Connor Adrien had 7 hits and 3 shots blocked, which is my guess for 1st star. All that means to me is his team never had the puck when he was on the ice