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  1. eaglesfan036

    GM 128: Oslo Storm vs. Ottawa Lynx

  2. eaglesfan036

    Simming addiction

    I think it would be fun to have someone give live updates of the Sim come playoff time like for the finals or whatever
  3. eaglesfan036

    Are so many tournaments good for the league?

    The off-season has enough fun stuff going on with drafts trades and free agency. I don't think we need a tournament to supplement that as well, but the world cup has been a long time staple so I'm down with that
  4. eaglesfan036

    (S65) RW - Shawnomir Jagr, TPE: 50

    just recreate after the deadline Nice player name doe
  5. eaglesfan036

    GM 95: Ottawa Lynx vs. Oslo Storm

    maybe we should try to not be penalty killing the entire game?
  6. President Trump just tweeted that this year's Continental Cup Winners will all get free Wendys 4 for 4 catered at the White House. 

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    2. Quik


      Woah now, don't get too fancy on us there Mr. President!

    3. BOOM™


      The idiot could put the money towards the wall. Or you know, giving people back their jobs and income. 

    4. Higgins


      Boo Orange man bad. I likey Wendy’s jr bacon though 😩😜🅱️

  7. eaglesfan036

    Gritty Press Conference

    1) Because Gritty is the best mascot in the world. And Gritty's twitter is hilarious and I just love the entire idea of it. And because with the Flyers being so bad right now Gritty is the only thing going for them. Also, lame of you asking me the same question twice. 3) I don't watch movies and have no idea who Freddie Krueger is. And no I personally don't think Gritty is scary, I just think he is funny with a dark sense of humor. To really discover the truth of this though we need to survey a bunch of little kids to find out. 4) Sorry to break your heart bud, but I chat up a lot of people on chat. Gritty and Rift do have a secret bromance though, and perhaps they might wind up on the same VHL team!?!?