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  1. eaglesfan036

    A Quik Announcement

    why wasn't @Munk hired! Down with Higglypuffs This made me scared if @Will leaves I cry so I'm glad he stay. And these new emojis look lit. Will I ever become active? Who knows? Still glad to see you guys are doing well though
  2. eaglesfan036

    S63 All-Star General Manager Vote

    I voted only for CGY because I am biased @Devise
  3. eaglesfan036

    Exactly 150 words

    I dont think i did
  4. eaglesfan036

    S62 Experience Points

    waw is dis
  5. eaglesfan036

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    @Fire Hakstol I'm also starting to sour on Hextall too. Like I always say, how hard is it to find an average stopgap goalie for a few years until Hart is ready? This team has an outstanding core (G-Coots-X-Ghost-Provorov are dominant whenever they are on the ice together), and as far as I can see they will have no problems scoring this year. However, that great core is being wasted by absolutely horrible goal tending. Yes the defense is not playing well either, but just make a save every once in a while please. Also, Hextall seems to be fully on board with Hak, maybe he agrees with his veteran heavy presence philosophy? Was it Hextall or Holmgren who gave Amac that contract?
  6. eaglesfan036

    My thoughts about S63 draft.

    Maybe I can become a decent depth player we will see
  7. eaglesfan036

    NYA/TOR: S63

    thanks @Spade18