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  1. Now that I have Beaviss excited, let's talk about some things going on in VHL that I really enjoy currently: Town of Salem Games - Gustav is the man for putting in the work to run these. For those of you who haven't played, it is an entirely text based game all with real players (in this case VHL members), where different factions face off, such as town versus mafia. Town doesn't know who their fellow town members or mafia are, and every day the town can vote to hang someone. So mafia tries to blend in and town tries to find the mafia before it is too late/ Press Conferences - A fun way to get different peoples takes on various league and real life goings. I especially enjoy writing questions for Moscow and seeing their response I wish Victor would stop posting trivia answer so early since I always do my tpe stuff on Sunday night
  2. 1) The small sample size makes every game way more important than the regular season. Also, small sample size gives worse teams on paper a better chance at winning 2) Philadelphia has to be the favorite to win the cup as this team is stacked 3) Definitely Kevin Malone, dude hasn't allowed a goal in net! Whether or not he has played is a different story lol 4) Getting my first start and getting a W! 5) Saskatoon because I used to have a rivalry with them back when I was a VHLM GM 6) Getting my rebound control up, I hear that is important
  3. happy birthday! One more year until you are allowed to use the internet
  4. MOSCOW MOSCOW MOSCOW Also I think @Ahma will enjoy these results! I hate Helstinky
  5. I doubt this would be a problem in the VHLM, actives always play first there
  6. we should bring back vasteras 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Advantage


      Not a good identity though.


      Vasty won't come back pretty much regardless of support.  Can confirm as someone who inquired back when I brought Malmo in.  They wouldn't even let me do yellow because they worried people would relate them.

    3. solas


      Unfortunate but I guess I can see why (although the yellow with Malmo would've been great).  Oh well.

    4. Advantage


      Yeah I wanted the yellow and black just cause I thought it looked fire.  Also really liked purple and white but alas we went with what we did, which I still think looks good.

  7. While I have never been blue before, I have been a VHLM commish, which is just a downgraded version of being blue. Being blue is pretty much working a part time job, except you don't get paid a cent. These people it seems like have to put out a fire every few months of some idiot starting some drama. They also do the administrative stuff for the league, including simming! While we may not always agree with blue team decisions, we know that they always have the league's best interest in mind. I think the thing that has set the VHL apart from other sim leagues is how great our leadership has been (and consistent and steady). Have we ever had an actual bad commish? I need 25 more words so let's pump up Victor's ego. He was the best blue member of all time and also if the first GM of recent expansion teams to win a cup. He is also very tall in real life.
  8. welcome back my dude! You better earn tpe so I can claim my recruitment points