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  1. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    Add me eaglesfan0036 on psn
  2. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    You are DantheLord?
  3. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    @oilmandan @Beaviss @FBR @DollarAndADream @NathanN you guys want to give it a shot tonight?
  4. eaglesfan036

    GM 128: Oslo Storm vs. Ottawa Lynx

  5. eaglesfan036

    Simming addiction

    I think it would be fun to have someone give live updates of the Sim come playoff time like for the finals or whatever
  6. eaglesfan036

    Are so many tournaments good for the league?

    The off-season has enough fun stuff going on with drafts trades and free agency. I don't think we need a tournament to supplement that as well, but the world cup has been a long time staple so I'm down with that
  7. eaglesfan036

    (S65) RW - Shawnomir Jagr, TPE: 50

    just recreate after the deadline Nice player name doe
  8. eaglesfan036

    GM 95: Ottawa Lynx vs. Oslo Storm

    maybe we should try to not be penalty killing the entire game?