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  1. Through 43 games this season, Gritty has a team low 14 points, which is obviously not how any rookie wants to start their career. Gritty is very frustrated by his lack of stats, as even games that his team wins 6-0 he does not show up on the score sheet. This would be ok if Quebec was winning, the the Meute are off to a horrible start as well, as they currently sit in 5th place, which is not good #analysis. Rumors are that Beaviss is going off the deep end and putting Gritty on the first line for some reason, because his play does not show he deserves it. On another note, @Will I am pretty sure there used to be an automatic word counter on here that showed you how many words you currently had in your post. I now have to copy paste into the word counter website to see how many words I'm at, which is a 5 second inconvenience for me in my very not busy schedule. Could you do something to remedy this thanks buddy.
  2. 2) Last time I checked Gritty had like 11 points, but still overall dissapointed in his season. It's hard being the lowest tpe player on the team. 3) Team wise I expect to be a cup contender, and 4 in the standings is not ideal but still gets us to the playoffs. Gritty wise, he has sucked 4) Gilbatar because he is terrible and useless 5) Rita's Wooder Ice and Philly soft pretzels 6) English, English, and English. 1) I don't think the color has anything to do with it but yes fur does help stay quite warm.
  3. As everyone in the VHL knows, Gritty had a brief retirement due to being upset about not earning the first-gen tpe that is his by right. Instead of actually retiring, Gritty planned out a fake retirement to get his point across, and it worked to full effect. To make this fake retirement seem real, Gritty threw his cell phone out the window so he would not answer calls or texts from all his adoring fans. He then proceeded to play the new game everyone is playing, Apex Legends. Gritty was playing with his best buddy, Smitty, and they proceeded to dominate a lot of noobs, winning 3/4 games before calling it quits. If I could compare anyone in the VHL to the mozambique, I would say it is @DilIsPickle, because like the Mozambique, he is everywhere, and like the Mozambique, you know exactly what you are gonna get, and it's not great
  4. interesting stuff this kind of analysis is right up my alley
  5. 5) Predict ahead for what teams are rebuilding vs competing vs somewhere in the middle. I've been caught in cases where I'm trying to sell off great players but no one has cap room or is interested, or vice versa, and it really sucks. If you can plan ahead of that it is key. 6) No I hate New York and the city is not cool at all they have the meanest people in the country. 1) He played Apex Legends with Smitty and won 3/4 of the games they played
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    Dang thought I was traded ;(
  7. Boom you've said you were leaving 100 times before
  8. When you team scores 9 goals and you don't even get a single point....
  9. I did point it out and nothing happened so I took my own course of action
  10. ok so if I went to a candy store as a kid and got candy, then come back in 30 years as a "new" customer I get candy again?
  11. other returning members meet the requirement and i dont if it was just for first gens i would be ok with it
  12. 1) How is your first season in Davos going? 2) If the winner of the brands tournament won 20 tpe would you pay attention to it? 3) Have you ever skipped any life commitments for your duties as a GM, Blue team, etc? 4) What team do you think has the coolest looking logo? 5) If you were league dictator would you ever bring @boubabi back? 6) Who was/is your favorite blue team member?