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  1. The VHL Lottery is dumb - just random chance for tpe and doesn't add to site activity

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    2. Eudaldkp


      I agree. Whenever I won I remember one of the first thing that I thought was that it was pretty unfair for the tpe race that we are having. 

    3. BOOM™


      I won recently..... so its fucking awesome. @Smarchis a legend. 

    4. Ahma


      it's great. you're all just sore losers and antigamblers.

  2. VHL Regression Part 2 In case you haven't done so yet, read my first regression, as I explain how to interpret the Eviews results, otherwise you will probably have no idea what is going on. As a reminder, this is based on final player attributes and player stats for the S63 regular season. For this study, I will examine how each individual player attribute impacts expected hits, penalty minutes, shots blocked, and total shots taken. If you are too lazy to read through this whole thing, go check out my summary at the bottom. Hits The most statistically significant attributes that impact hits are checking (1% level), defense (5 % level), discipline (5% level), leadership (5% level), experience (10% level), and skating (10% level). As expected, checking by far is the most important attribute to increase your hit totals, as a one tpe increase in checking increases your total expected hits in a season by about 5. Defense has a strong negative correlation with expected hits, which makes sense considering the STHS definition of how defense impacts your player, " The higher the stat, better he'll play in defense / he'll block more shot / he'll retrieved more free puck." If your player is retrieving more lose pucks or poke checking the puck away from the opponent, that means they possess the puck less often, and there are less opportunities to make a check. Increasing discipline also results in less expected hits, as a more disciplined player won't make as many stupid hits taking himself out of play or to avoid penalty minutes. Leadership has a decently strong positive correlation to increased expected hits, which makes sense to me as a leader would put his body on the line more. Experience has a decently negative correlation to hits, which is not something I can explain as one would think experience would have no impact on expected hits. Lastly, skating is finally useful for something, as it is the second strongest positive correlation for expected hits, which makes sense because your player needs to be fast enough to catch up to his opponents in order to hit them. Penalty Minutes The most statistically significant attributes for penalty minutes are checking (1% level), leadership (1% level), discipline (5% level), fighting (5% level), and experience (10% level). There aren't too many surprises here, as checking by far has the strongest influence on penalty minutes, which makes sense as a player who dishes out more hits will accumulate more penalties. Leadership is tied with fighting for the second strongest positive correlation to penalty minutes, and I am not 100% sure why. Perhaps because leadership results in increased hits, therefore increased penalty minutes? It just doesn't seem very leader like to me. Discipline as expected has a strong negative correlation to penalty minutes. Fighting as expected has a positive correlation to penalty minutes. Also, players with more experience see slightly less penalty minutes, perhaps this is because the crafty veterans know how to be sneakier with their penalties, and are wise enough not to go in the box? Shots Blocked First off, it should be noted that the adjusted R squared for shots blocked is only 50%, which is much lower than for any other statistic I've looked at, meaning that only 50% of the variation in the dependent variable, shots blocked, is explained by the variation in the independent variables, which are all the different player attributes. For shots blocked, defense, faceoffs, experience, and leadership are significant at the 1% level, and scoring is significant at the 10% level. Very shockingly, leadership has the strongest positive correlation for shots blocked, not defense! It is interesting to see that leadership actually does something, and it makes sense too as a player with higher leadership would lay his body on the line more. Next up defense obviously would have a strong positive correlation to blocked shots. Faceoffs having a negative correlation to blocked shots makes sense, because your team winning the faceoff means the other team has the puck less and shoots less. Experience has the strongest negative correlation to blocked shots, and my only explanation for that is players with high levels of experience are often very good and on the best teams, and their team often has the most puck possession. Lastly, scoring has a negative correlation to shots blocked, and I don't know why. Shot Attempts For shot attempts, scoring is significant at the 1% level, puck handling and penalty shot are significant at the 5% level, and passing is significant at the 10% level. Scoring obviously results in the most expected shot attempts, no surprises there. Puck handling also makes sense having the second strongest positive correlation in shot attempts. Penalty shots having such a strong negative correlation in shot attempts makes no sense to me, and I'm guessing it's probably due to a very small sample size of people who actually upgraded this stat. Passing having a strong negative correlation to shot attempts also makes sense. Conclusion As a quick recap, in order of importance the following attributes have the greatest impact on these statistics. + means positive correlation, - means negative correlation, ? means I am unsure if totally correct. Hits - Checking (+), Discipline (-), Skating (+), Defense (-), Leadership (+), Experience (-?) Penalty Minutes - Checking (+), Discipline (-), Fighting (+), Leadership (+), Experience (-?) Shots Blocked - Leadership (+), Defense (+), Experience (-?), Scoring (-), Faceoffs (-) Shot Attempts - Scoring (+), Penalty Shot (-?), Puck Handling (+), Passing (-) My biggest takeaway from all of this is that contrary to popular belief, leadership actually does something! @flyersfan1453 falsely told me that leadership is turned off in the sim, but I have received confirmation from @Will that this is not true. Increasing leadership results in more hits, therefore more penalty minutes. Leadership is also the best way to increase your shots blocked totals, even more important than defense according to the numbers. Outside of that, my next biggest takeaway is if @Gooningitup wants to increase his hit totals, skating should be his next focus after checking. As always, please let me know your thoughts, as it appears to me that the numbers make sense and don't lie. Tune in for my next article, which will see which attributes have the strongest impact on save percentage for goalies.
  3. eaglesfan036

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Press Conference

    1) Who do you think is the favorite to win the Founders Cup? 2) Who do you think is the favorite to win the Continental Cup? 3) When you are in the VHLM, do you pay attention to the VHL, and vice versa? 4) Who is your favorite member on here? 5) Who is your least favorite member on here?
  4. Ordinarily, I would never bother to check or care about the WJC, as I don't care about it at all. However, we apparently get 1 additional tpe if we talk about it in a vhl radio or media spot so I may as well for the tpe. Apparently I made it onto Team USA with Smitty which is nice I suppose. In the WJC predictions I picked team Canada because I would assume a lot of our members are from Canada with it being the biggest hockey market and all. There is a player named Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVIII who is in the index for some reason so that is cool I guess. Only person with a longer name than Smitty. We also have Athanasios Andrianopoulos on Team Europe, how in the world do you pronounce that name? Also, former Flyers Chris Vandervelde is showing up in the index for some reason. Wow this has been a painful article I really don't care about the WJC at all thanks for the tpe.
  5. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    Add me eaglesfan0036 on psn
  6. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    Like a year or two ago, we used to have an EASHL club and if I remember correctly @DollarAndADream, @Smarch, @Kendrick, and @Cuffy participated among others. If we can get enough interest, I'm down to make another club. Here are the requirements for joining: 1) Have a PS4 and NHL 19 2) If you really want to be goalie for some reason, you better not be a sucky human goalie 3) Know what offsides is (My biggest pet peeve is trying to play drop in with a 10 year old who doesn't know what offsides is) Let me know if you guys are interested! It was really fun when we did this last time.
  7. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    You are DantheLord?
  8. eaglesfan036

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    @oilmandan @Beaviss @FBR @DollarAndADream @NathanN you guys want to give it a shot tonight?
  9. eaglesfan036

    Simming addiction

    I think it would be fun to have someone give live updates of the Sim come playoff time like for the finals or whatever
  10. eaglesfan036

    Are so many tournaments good for the league?

    The off-season has enough fun stuff going on with drafts trades and free agency. I don't think we need a tournament to supplement that as well, but the world cup has been a long time staple so I'm down with that
  11. eaglesfan036

    (S66) RW - Shawnomir Jagr, TPE: 50

    just recreate after the deadline Nice player name doe
  12. eaglesfan036

    GM 95: Ottawa Lynx vs. Oslo Storm

    maybe we should try to not be penalty killing the entire game?
  13. President Trump just tweeted that this year's Continental Cup Winners will all get free Wendys 4 for 4 catered at the White House. 

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    2. Quik


      Woah now, don't get too fancy on us there Mr. President!

    3. BOOM™


      The idiot could put the money towards the wall. Or you know, giving people back their jobs and income. 

    4. Higgins


      Boo Orange man bad. I likey Wendy’s jr bacon though 😩😜🅱️

  14. eaglesfan036

    Gritty Press Conference

    1) Because Gritty is the best mascot in the world. And Gritty's twitter is hilarious and I just love the entire idea of it. And because with the Flyers being so bad right now Gritty is the only thing going for them. Also, lame of you asking me the same question twice. 3) I don't watch movies and have no idea who Freddie Krueger is. And no I personally don't think Gritty is scary, I just think he is funny with a dark sense of humor. To really discover the truth of this though we need to survey a bunch of little kids to find out. 4) Sorry to break your heart bud, but I chat up a lot of people on chat. Gritty and Rift do have a secret bromance though, and perhaps they might wind up on the same VHL team!?!?
  15. eaglesfan036

    Gritty Press Conference

    Ask me questions
  16. eaglesfan036

    Regression Pt. 2 - HITS, PIM, SB, Shots

    Someone didn't read the very last sentence