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  1. Yea when I was CGY GM I couldn't find a replacement for seasons. Then Kesler was my replacement and made horrible trades so I took the job back from him until eventually finding a replacement
  2. If I was a GM I would have no worries drafting you I know what you can do
  3. how do we keep managing to outshoot teams soooo badly but lose
  4. You haven't been to a real Walmart until you have been to a Florida Walmart... Just wow!
  5. Pick me I would love to get back into the GM game! I hope I've proven I am active and back at it
  6. I would have asked you I didn't know you were in charge of it
  7. Happy Birthday VHL! F - Hitchell Miggins D - Robbie Yacht G - Fatty McGoalstopper
  8. So 2014, 2019, in 2024 we will have another big SHL vs VHL debate
  9. I think any team in the coastal US named the pirates would be cool New Orleans has a lot of history with pirates just saying
  10. shows how closely I follow hockey haha. Only sport I follow the whole league is NFL, other than that I just pay attention to Philly teams
  11. 1) This is about the time Boom's multi should be coming back, so I will go with him. 2) @Motzaburger always seems to be online and has been quite active lately, so I will go with him 3) Helsinki because they won last year pretty easily and largely have the same time. 4) I mean if you are in control of both of them you could make one a passer and one a scorer to complement each other. I see no reason why those studs shouldn't do well together 5) I don't follow hockey actively enough to answer that. I know a lot about the Flyers and watch most of their games, and can decently hold a conversation about some Eastern Conference Teams, but outside of Nashville or Vegas I don't know much about the West Coast teams. From what I remember the Canucks have sucked as long as I can remember, and I have no idea who Pettersson is. 6) If we are talking longer term, Morgan Frost is being hyped up as a great prospect, as he put up killer numbers in juniors and has outstanding offensive and puck handling skills. Shorter term, Carter Hart has already arrived, as he put up historic numbers in the CHL and already was an above average starter for the Flyers at age 20 (it's weird this people are younger than me now). Thanks for the questions!
  12. @Commissioner #1 would take 2 seconds to fix and would be beneficial
  13. Why the League Should Listen to My Superior Intellect Overall, the VHL is flourishing with probably its largest member base ever, largely thanks to the great work of the recruitment team combined with the modernization of the website via the portal. I am not here to make some big changes, but there are some very minor things that I think can make the VHL world a better place. If you agree with this article, please comment with the Gritty emoji. 1) Press Conferences At minimum, the press conference rules topic needs to be re-pinned so it's at the top of the page again. Also, I think we should make two separate press conferences pages if possible, one for all teams and one for individual players. It is a minor annoyance to have to scroll to page 2 or 3 to get to my own press conference topic because the team pages are taking it hostage Onto the more important part, the tpe earning system for answering / asking questions is off. Let's assume everyone wants to earn the full 2 tpe from press conferences. You earn 1 tpe for asking 5, or 1 tpe for answering 3. This means that if you ask someone for questions, logically they either give you 5 or 10 to get 1 or 2 tpe. You then are stuck because if they ask 5 you are one question off from earning your full tpe, or if they ask 10 you can borrow some for next time but it's still not enough. I propose that you earn 1 tpe for asking 6 questions instead of 5 to make asking on an even pace with answering. 2) Create more specific tagging systems for Member Groups Currently there is some sort of graphics competition going on, and I keep getting tagged in it despite the fact that in my 8 years here I have never done anything artsy fartsy related. This is another minor inconvenience that isn't the end of the world, but I think it would be great if you could pick to be in the Writer's Group, Graphics Group, or both when it comes to tags. More importantly if teams could have a tag so someone can say @Vancouver rather than tagging each member on Vancouver individually, that would be a great way to communicate with everyone more easily, especially for GMs who want to alert their players to training camp and such. 3) Make it Easier to Track Free Agency You can see the bulk of my argument for this here, but the main point is that it is extremely difficult to track which free agents sign where because once they sign with a team they are no longer on the free agency list, and there isn't a transaction list you can see this from anywhere. Unless you are looking at the free agents ahead of time and being super vigilant, it is difficult to keep up with what should be one of the most exciting times of the offseason.
  14. We had an era of VHL where @Victor and @JardyB10 each named their goalie after a Clegane brother, and they were both pretty good
  15. I think the more important question is why are some teams getting an unfair advantage over others?