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  1. F- Rhynex Entertainment G- Jacques Lafontaine @TTtheT
  2. Training camps are over and the Regular season is less then a week old. It is a prefect time to catch up with Robert Bouchard, who is completing his rookie campaign with the Prague Phantoms in a series we call #AsktheBouch. A few games into the season now so how do you feel about your start to your Rookie season with Prague? RB: Honestly, It has been an average start to the season due to a few different reason but the main one is lack of ice time compared to other players on the team. Playing center they started me on the third line, if I am correct behind an older player th
  3. Claiming second week 1/31 Thanks
  4. Chris Hylands and Groovy Dood @Da_Berr Snake order?
  5. Snowflakes falling all around as he skate on the pond not too far from his family house but far enough away that he cannot hear if his parents call him. One would expect this to be start of story about a young kid living out his hero’s dreams while skating in the snow behind his house but it isn’t. This is about Rookie Robert Bouchard; the season in the VHLM has just wrapped up with his VHLM team Philadelphia Reapers winning the Founder’s Cup. “Snowflakes” laughs Bouchard as he looks up into the sky. “Nice reminder that I haven’t earned anything yet; have I?”. Said more to himself
  6. Regular season is less then a week away and we were finally able to catch up with Robert Bouchard as he looks ahead to his rookie Champaign with the Prague Phantoms in a series we call #AsktheBouch. Rookie season is just around the corner, can you explain what you are feeling heading into your rookie season? RB: I am excited but nervous, as this is a dream come true. When I skate onto the ice for the first time I am expecting that I will nearly vomit but I will also try to enjoy the moment, as you never know when something might end your career. It will be only time I am
  7. 1. The season is starting this Wednesday, how was the off-season for you? Long and boring so I am looking forward to getting the season underway. No really expectation heading into the season so I will be happy collect 20pts or so on the season. We will see. 2. We found an empty whiskey bottle in the locker room, who is guilty? As a rookie, I cannot say who would have been drinking in the locker room but I clearly wouldn't have the gale to drink in the room; yet!! 3. Are you satisfied with Prague's picks in the last draft? I don't wear a suite so I don't
  8. I am a fan of #3 as I like the idea of having a banner for season 75 representing season 74. LOL!!
  9. Gaikoku-hito


    Don't pretend to know me as these type of comments shouldn't be made. Considering you are an admin. Am I fun at parties? Sometimes yes, sometimes no and sometimes I just don't care. But again this has no actual weight on my comment about the mature of the comments made about Halifax name. If you don't know what that name means then look it up but insults due to the fact that you don't have an actual agreement shows a lack of education and maturity. Either that you are simply trolling or trying to trigger. I am not that type of person since I learned a l
  10. Thanks for the love The idea simple came about since I didn't think a 1500 word response to someone else media post would have been respectable as he came up the idea and deserves the credit for writing his article. No need to steal the thunder.
  11. Response to Justin Lose @youloser1337 article rituals as he was curious what other rituals other players have before games: Day before games: Light morning skate working puck skill drills, power play and technical aspects of my game that needs a bit of work. Small lunch as I am looking to detox a bit so usually I am looking at Salad with chicken or tuna salad, lite dressing or now dressing. Afternoon nap followed by an afternoon skate with the team more edge work drills with or without the puck. Will also work on hand eye, tipping pucks and quick plays around the net again
  12. Gaikoku-hito


    These two comments are showing lack of respect for what the Halifax 21 name actually represents or maturity on the commenters part. @Spence King: This is a personal and salty comment but you are allowed to feel this way.