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  1. Be nice to Canada! he cheer for the leafs though, (eww more)
  2. 1. The season is starting this wednesday, how was the off-season for you? 2. We found an empty whiskey bottle in the locker room, who is guilty? 3. Are you satisfied with Prague's picks in the last draft? 4. What is your main goal for this season as a player? 5. Are you a gamer? If yes, what is your current game? 6. If you could choose the song that is played when Prague score a goal, which one would it be?
  3. We can’t see the first picture
  4. I like that idea and the lack of new players is not a big problem really. Just 2 teams even if its only 1 line of active players on each team is enough imo. The goal is just to get them hooked.
  5. domg5


    Halifax is gonna have one of the best locker rooms now, congrats to @rory its a great choice!
  6. Welcome to the league and good luck in the draft
  7. The same happened to me, I got drafted late in the third round (46th) by Prague in S75 and it was a slap to the face. It really pushed me to do better and now I’m starting my first season in the VHL in S76 and I’m currently at 360 TPE