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  1. There is the TPE payout for week 3: 2 Uncapped TPE @Renomitsu @tinafrombobsburgers @MexicanCow123 @KaleebtheMighty @jRuutu 3 Uncapped TPE @Jtv123 @IamMOOSE @bluesfan55 @Greg_Di @OrbitingDeath @Telkster To claim it on the portal: Player update -> Claim uncapped -> Fantasy -> VHL fantasy zone
  2. @Berocka I never heard of that racist meme untill now and I can see why people like to troll you a bit as you are well known around the league and we just like to mess with our friends from time to time but if its getting to a critical point where you get bullied in PM, I do agree that this meme needs to stop. It sucks to see such an active member thinking about leaving because of something like that.
  3. S77 Fantasy Zone Week 4: The rules are the same as always, 2 uncapped TPE for guessing the 4 winners and 3 uncapped TPE for guessing the score and the winner of the last game. The form closes when the first game has been simmed, which I expect to be at the end of this week. If you submit the form more than once, your last submission will be the one considered. Form Answers Good luck everyone!
  4. 1. With locker room activity being the hot topic in the league right now, how would you rate Prague's locker room activity this season? (I myself give it a 6.5/10 or 7/10, we kinda slowed down lately) 2. The VHL trade deadline is coming next monday, can you try to predict a move that will happen in the league? 3. What is your thought on the Taylor Hall trade in the NHL? 4. Which NHL team won the trade deadline? (if you answer before the deadline, just answer with who is currently winning it) 5. Since Bouchard really liked the puppy question las
  5. Breaking news: Robert Bouchard has been officially sent back down to the VHLM by the Prague Phantoms. He will be playing for the Houston Bulls.
  6. I mean, seing worse doesn’t make this right.
  7. So we can say anything about anyone in public without warning if its rp? I don’t think Rico is necessarily a bad person for doing that, don’t get me wrong but stop acting like the VHL is a new school about how to act in public. Yes he is new to VHL but I’m sure he is not new to life in community. I do agree that some people went too far and Rico got some disrespect by some people in this thread but that doesn’t make him innocent. Maybe he didn’t mean it, maybe he did. But in the end, 2 names were pointed out and I don’t think pointing names in public is something we shoul
  8. I’m pretty sure that AGM is in the first place a learning role. Yes there can be things your GM ask you to do for sure but I don’t think you were doing anything wrong.
  9. Nuking New York’s forum locker room was the other test?
  10. Thank you @roryfor my 400th reputation point. Now I can go to sleep