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  1. Without calling out any name, there is curently teams that offered to under 5 waivers during the whole season and all of them are recreates. Bottom and top teams…
  2. Domg5

    Houston GM

    Congrats @Moon_50!
  3. 7. I'd prefer to look like a potato 8. they support the maple leafs, that team is a joke 9. Uhhhh... I have no idea 11. meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, colas, beers, cheese and many other things 12. Someone who is fun to have around 13. The only deceased relative I have was gone before I was born so I have no idea what would she say to be honest.
  4. Supernatural Games of Throne Walking dead untill season 4 or so vikings the witcher the mandalorian waiting for lord of the ring impatiently
  5. If you sign with yukon I can give you a game or 2 and release you right after
  6. Hey @fishy! Would you like to join us in Yukon? We are a great squad and a serious contender this season!
  7. Hey! Most of you have probably noticed but its already been 2 times this season that we had to make an emergency locker room for 2 different teams, thanks to @Alex_J32 for being our savior both times. The fact that it happened twice in a season make me think that maybe it's time to reconsider how locker room ownership should be handled. Feel free to disagree or agree with me but I want to share my thought about it. So first, why should we consider a change in it? Obviously, for the new players, their first locker room is most of the time their stepping stone. It's important that they get invited in it and get their role and everything. It's what retain the most people in my opinion and it shouldn't be neglected. Also, sometimes, these players are in only that single discord server and not even in the main VHL one and in a case where the server get deleted, they are left all alone and confused or worse, they think they got kicked and wasn't wanted. There is also the memories that everyone have in the locker room, while its not as important as retention, memories is still something everyone likes to hold onto. What I suggest: - Locker rooms could be owned by mods/commish/admins or anyone who is trusted enough - Maybe only apply that to VHLM locker rooms as it is the ones that are the most important for retention and the most likely to be managed by a less trusted member - A solution could be to make it owned by an account shared between admins so they can't see in the hidden channels with their main account. - Not making them owned by an admin that is GM of an other team in the same league for spying purpose Cons: - Less privacy in locker rooms (But at the same time, should we really have anything to hide? In the worse case, there is DMs) Now, just know that this post is to make everyone think about it and see if there is a way to fix that problem, what I suggested doesn't mean I absolutely want it that way but more that I throw a first idea and we can all discuss about it. If it makes no sense, we'll just let this thread die.
  8. Awesome! Look at your notices, you should receive a contract and a discord link in the next few minutes
  9. Welcome to the league @GeeksI am Domg5, the GM of the Yukon Rush. We are currently holding the 1st spot in the standings and we would like YOU to join us in this amazing adventure! What we can offer? An amazing locker room on discord including new players like you and veterans, support to get started with your new player, an opportunity to live the playoffs hype on your first season! You would start on the 4th line because we are a stacked team but its a fair price to pay for an opportunity to compete in your first season. If you want to WIN NOW , join the Yukon Rush! To accept this offer, just quote this andwrite #FEELTHERUSH
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