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  1. My OS is OxygenOs 10.0.8, I dont have any other android devices so I cannot test it. And I have checked if VHL app have rights to use my storage.
  2. I cannot add attachments in my VHL mobile app. I press the button but nothing happens. I use Oneplus 7 pro with the newest android update it has.
  3. Ice and hockey #003 Welcome back again to read Ice and hockey. The off-season is running hot and now the draft is in the history book. Whole community is almost ready to start the season 75. Both VHL and VHLM teams are getting really strong. Big draft class has made the teams go big and build a teams that can stand even the winter of Siberia. Ice and hockeys sponsor player Teppo McBighit was drafted to Riga Reign. I had a conversation with Reigns GM @hedgehog337 about their draft. 1. First of all what do you think about the off-season organisatio
  4. 1. Mexico City has a grat chance to win the cup. 2. Houston Bulls 3. I didn't have time to watch it but I Mexico city drafted very skilled players so they are really really competitive in the next season. 4. I am trying to really get into Mexico's team. 5. I will check my trainind dummy 1000 time a day. 6. I was kinda lazy but got some TP in the off-season
  5. Ice and Hockey #002 Welcome again to read your favourite VHL articles. Today we have interesting interview of Houston Bulls AGM @MattyIce about upcoming VHLM draft. I had a reslly good conversation with him. 1. First of all how many picks do you have? So far we have 12 selections up until the 7th round, but there may be an extended draft up to 10 rounds, so 3 more picks bringing it up to 15 picks possibly. 2. What kind of player do you want for your 1st overall? Possibly a top scorer or defender, management hasnt decided which positional priority we want
  6. 1. I feel even better in the team because our team is now stronger 2. Mexico. Hot sauce, pineapple, double cheese, pepperoni and jalapeno 3. Lincoln or Sarah 4. I will definitely get it 5. My favourite is Be A Pro. 6. I didn't know. I will spend those to my weaker skills.
  7. This is the first article of the new VHL.com series "Ice and Hockey". In this series I will dive deep into players, teams and the whole VHL community. Today we have interview and deep dive of the Houston Bulls defenceman Teppo Mcbighit. McBighit started in VHLM in the late season 74. He comes from Lappeenranta, Finland. A small finnish town near the border of Russia. He has played in finnish minors for couple seasons before becoming Houston Bull player. He most likes to play physically and defensively. A true defenceman. This 19 yo player has really made an impact in th
  8. - I saw my face on it. - Maybe 15 minutes. - I don't hate anyone, and no one should. VHLM is league for great players and VHL is for greatest players. Anyone can play like they want, and I will try to hit them. - Giant bucket of chicken wings and couple of beers. - I don't know about times but when the song has been played often for like half a year I will delete it from my gameday playlist. - Well no, but I have thought about how many "Larsson" named swedish players are in the world. Elite prospects say that there is 1092. - I am a cat person. - Being the be
  9. 1. More physical for sure. 2. My only expectation is that I will get drafted 3. Houston Bulls GM @rjfryman 4. Dion Phaneuf, hard hits and good passes 5. Defence and checking. They are my favourite aspects of the game and also my strongest. 6. Just to get into the league in Houston Bulls and make little reputation for the draft.
  10. 1) Since it's not been too long since you've joined the league, what are thoughts on the league so far as a whole? League fells like this is it. I played in finnish minors last season and now i will be making steps to be a superstar. My team and the whole league have been very nice to me. 2) Are there any areas in the league that you would like to see a change/improvement? It could be little more active and also little more marketing would get new users to make this community more and more greater. 3) The VHLM Newsletter launched earlier this week, did you read it and was
  11. In year 2001, Teppo McBighit was born in Finland. He was raised in countryside near the border of Russia. Every night in winter he went to play pick up hockey to the nearest outdoor rink. He always wanted to be a hockey player but his parents didn't have the money for that. When he was 15 he started his career as an hockey referee. He had quite a lot of games and was very good at it. After his first season he was invites to a beerleague team. He would play beerleague and ref for two season. After that he was invited to a finnish minor league tryouts. There he would fi