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  1. 1. Super pumped, I'm really starting to hate mexico but I think we have a chance to beat them. 2. I'm feeling good, definitely optimistic, we've beat these teams before. 3. The Miami vs yukon for sure. Two middle of the pack teams, which are always close. 4. Green tea is my go to, I also like peppermint when I'm sick. 5. I couldn't have done it without the rest of the team, I had some dope liberates to play with all season. 7th in D scoring is amazing and 4th is sv % is unreal, I'm saying we have a real good chance to upset some teams. 6. I wouldn't say do or die, ever
  2. claiming 6 uncapped tpe and doubles week (next week) so stoked that we made enough money
  3. 1. Love em, we picked up a couple beauties. It shows we will be a force. 2. I love spending time with the fam, eating, drinking, and giving gifts. 3. I remember my buddy beating the shit out of this one kid. 4. I'm hoping it does. I haven't made the playoffs before. 5. I've been doing pretty good, working my ass off, but it will be nice to have the holidays off. 6. I would have to say nachos, or cheese and crackers.
  4. Transaction ID: 20454551621055504 2 uncapped Free week Tickets Confirmed. -sterling
  5. 1. I think we will , started hot then went a little cold so I believe the trend should go upwards. 2. I usually buy a nice cognac to share with the fam, make a nice dinner and open gifts. 3. I like the dark horse status, when we upset a bunch of teams it will make us look better than being first and losing to a dark horse. 4. Hell yes they are, I was wondering what the refs have been smoking lately. 5. I've been playing call of duty(both of them), and rewatching the american pie movies. 6. I wish I knew...
  6. Sorry @fishy I'll go F - Timothy Brown
  7. 1. I think we are doing pretty damn good so far. 2. I believe we will be able to carry the momentum throughout the season. 3. I was expecting to have a little more points, but seeing how my linemates are putting up points make me think I'm doing an alright job on center. 4. I would say our bottom defence. It is not the biggest issue when we are top on our division. 5. My favourite toy was my n64. 6. Haha I have no idea what that is
  8. D- Cinnamon Block @SweatyBeaver
  9. Ohh okay I'll go F - Kefka Palazzo
  10. G - Raymond Bernard D- Hugh Jass @SweatyBeaver