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  1. I don't support the last one. It can only go up as we are the bottom of the barrel or at least close so us Russians will fight through. Do what devise did in our most previous sim, put bob on all lines. :sim: , no I'm joking, it's good for the team and will definitely help management to now focus more on skaters with him locked up. Idk but that's cow's horny space now. I like the way you never sleep.
  2. Just to make sure I’m in, I’m in.
  3. Wait...conditioner bars exist?!? I have no interest/use for them but like I can’t believe it’s a thing.
  4. Congrats to you @DMaximuswill miss you being there.
  5. Ok so who's going to change history on Miami's S75 cinderella run?
  6. Alright first time doing this and hopefully not the last! How do you fell with the Menace’s recent performance? What do you think the attitude of the Menace fanbase is like? There’s lots of third party activities the VHL hosts such as Town of Salem and an annual Chess tournament, have you ever been apart of events such as those? Have you been keeping up with any major sports event recently? The LR is an amazing place, what channel is your favorite to be in. Last question, but not really a question, say something to roast Spartan.
  7. He's doing amazing and playing how I expect him to. I would say Bob Tristan but his D partner Palloon is pretty good too. Mr. Worldwide, Pines Destroyer, or Papaya Man. I would like to go back to philly I had a good time there, but I should try some other places, would rather not go to vegas though. Mainly to just hit the top of the PIM standings. Idk 6
  8. I would love to apply for this role
  9. Turns around when Bob Tristan hits 400 tpe and over 300 pim Palloon is a major factor for us having such close game recently I would say LA Playmaking ability and being able to get the puck places I think hatter for his great lyrics Stay hyped really
  10. Idk of this is relevant either but someone did try to roleblock me
  11. I thought about it and decided not to. I transported advantage and barzal. The reason I didn’t transport you is because I don’t know if I can trust you or you are Medusa baiting me.
  12. @Ptyrellya sure, I'm transporter and N1 I transported Jericho with myself and N2 I just stayed home.
  13. Well this is the first time I've ever played this game like this on the forum so I'm still figuring this out but I'm not IA.