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  1. Oh joy... another under 10 minute game
  2. really glad I was able to pitch in with a goal with my 9 minutes of ice time... 🙄
  3. gregreg

    NYA/MOS: S65

    Moscow getting all the S66 mid round picks to draft me 😍
  4. I was apart of this league for a long time and I've never seen a draft this deep before. I don't know how many of these guys are 2nd players but it looks like they recruitment team has done good job getting new members in the last little bit. It really bring a lot more excitement to a process I've done a bunch of times. Can't wait to see how this unfolds!
  5. Edgar Tannahill is 24 games into his draft season with the Saskatoon Wild and Tannahill has fit in well on the 3rd line. In the 24 games he as scored 7 goals and 10 points, for 17 points. Saskatoon though has struggled to keep the puck out of the net which had led to an early season hole. They are currently 6 points out of a playoff spot but Saskatoon GM took advantage of the Philadelphia Reapers selling off by trading draft picks for 4 very good players. Brian Strong, Cody Parkey, DWin Championship and Hans Gruber joined the Wild for their first game against the Rush were they took home a 6-3 win. Edgar who had been moving up and down the line-up is now solidly stuck on the 3rd line but he is okay with that cause he know the team will be a lot better with the extra the depth the Wild recently added. “Would I love more ice-time? Sure, but I also want the experience of playing in the playoffs and playing on a good team. I know I won’t be a high draft pick but in the long run I know I will be a very good VHL player.” Tannahill and Wild with their new players now on the roster will look to go on a run to make the playoffs.
  6. My future teammate should be named Vladimir Pavlov