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  1. How pleased are you with your player's performance to begin this season? - Can’t complain but I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of my potential. I know I can take over games and I’ve had a few moments here and there but I need to be more consistent every night. Who on your team has impressed you the most? No one really, Phil has been a disappointment and everyone else just plays in my massive shadow!!!  How is the Lockeroom Atmosphere? Is there a sense of optimism or defeatism? Is it energized or quiet? I will give the young guys credit they have brought a lot of energy to the room and care about the team, ask a lot a questions about getting better which is great. They care about winning and that’s all I care about is winning! Heading into the next few games, what do the Marlins have to do to ensure victory? Just get me the puck and we will win, I carrying this team so if we want to win they just need to pass me the puck and watch me score. Should @iRockstar be looking to switch up any of the lines? What would the benefits of doing so be? Best thing for the team is to play me as much as they can, so double shifting me is the best thing for the team. I already play on both the PP and PK so the next step is double shifting. It’s never a bad thing to have your best player on the ice.. Ottawa, Philly, and Sask seems to be the clear top three in the league. What will it take for the Marlins to beat these three giants? Saskatoon is a joke with poor leadership, Philadelphia are over confident and that will be their downfall and Ottawa? Lol who cares they won’t show up when it matters. We have the best player in me so in the end we will be on top! Have you looked ahead to the upcoming VHL Entry Draft? If you are a draftee, where do you project yourself going, if not, where do you think your fellow Marlins will go. Phil will go first and who cares after that. I’m not in the business of ranking player, I’m a player not a scout. Let's say you won an instant 20 TPE. Which attributes would you immediate put the 20 towards and why? Scoring cause that’s what I’m built to do and improving that is my only goal moving forward in my career. Is there anything the team as an organization could be doing differently to either improve your experience or promote your activity? Fire whoever the fuck our assistant GM is, he is an idiot who doesn’t know what he is doing. What do you think of having Marlin as the Marlins mascot? As long as he saves me over the rest of the family. I am Nemo save me
  2. Well didn’t take long but Edgar Tannahill is back at it with his teams management. This time with his new teams assistant GM over practice time. The VHLM first round pick who has been carrying most of the offence for the expansion San Diego Marlins and is having a good start to the season was called out by the teams assistant general manager for not practice enough this week. The two had a very heated discussion over the subject as Tannahill who isn’t a big practice player but he does enough to get by which didn’t seem enough for the young AGM. “I don’t know what his deal was cause I haven’t missed a practice or anything, he just seem to be on edge. I’ve done more then enough for this team to this point. He needs to stay in his lane or his time as an assistant GM will be short. He should be doing everything to make me happy. The team is lucky to have me. I could always just go to Moscow. I decided to play here but if this glorified water boy gets in my way again I’ll book a one way ticket to Moscow.” - Edgar Tannahill And just like that Tannahill is at odds with management, not one is really surprised but this time he seems to be in the right.
  3. 1. What did it feel like experiencing the VHLM Draft? Do you feel like you went where expected? Higher? Lower? - I had mixed feelings going into the draft. I wasn’t sure if I’d make the jump to the VHL so I didn’t care where I went for the most part. I ended up going a lot lower then I thought I would because I wasn’t committed to the VHLM. I was a top 5 talent that went 10th. 2. What are your expectations for the Marlins first ever season in the league? - Even though we are an expansion team I think we can make a good push for a playoff spot and by the time we get to the playoffs anything can happen!!! 3. Who do you think had the best draft? - That’s easy, San Diego. When you can get Phil Marleau and Edgar Tannahill in the same draft you win no matter what!!!! 4. Which team do you think will be the Marlins biggest season rivals? - I’m guessing at this point but I think Mexico City will be a good rival for us. Another expansion team that will be battling it out for a playoff spot. Of course it’s early in the season and rivalries are made in the playoffs. 5. How do you think your player will do on the team? - I think Edgar will do well. He is a top talent, playing with a very good centre in Phil Marleau so he should be able to put up big numbers but there will be a lot of pressure on him to come up big for the team. 6. Who do you think the Marlins "top player" will be? You? Someone else? - oh it for sure will be Edgar Tannahill. No one is a good as him. NO ONE! phil will be okay I guess
  4. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Boston Bruins # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (P2) San Jose Sharks Winner: St.Louis Blues # of Games: 7
  5. Only one GM has contacted me before the draft so only that GM can select me

    1. Phil


      DId they?


  6. I will only play for Seattle in S69 

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      So Picky

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  7. Edgar Tannahill will be picked here G5