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  1. never thought we see the day, and in Seattle of all places! What a way to go out
  2. 63. RARA is on fire. What is Seattle feeding him? "3 small bears and a bottle of coke zero" 64. Bob and Zod lead the way with 39 and 49 pen minutes. What do they do in there to kill time? "Play WGT on their phones and fight the crowd like their hero Tie Domi" 66. Seattle played a prank on LA before the next game. What did they do? "We actually said they were a threat to Seattle through the media" 67. Rory is hanging from a cliff. Mike Tyson wants to punch you. You can either save Rory or get punched by Tyson as hard as he can. How bad did the punch hurt and where
  3. Thanks @Peacefor the extra goal
  4. Can't wait till the NHL replays an elimination game because the team didn't like the outcome  

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    2. McWolf


      Game 4 of the 88 Finals?

    3. bigAL


      Calgary got robbed in 2004 and fuckin Kerry Fraser's coddling of Gretzky was bullshit, but Buffalo lost fair and square according to the stupid rules of the day

    4. GrittyIsKing09


      hello. i am a buffalo sabres fan who wasnt alive during the '99 finals. i still have a burning hate for Brett Hull and the dallas stars (apart from their alternate jersey). resim plz

  5. What kind of mickey mouse bullshit is this? They lost, move on Toronto you babies
  6. 43. We also traded for @FrostBeard.. who returns to the Bears family. We pranked him on day 1 coming back. What did we do? "We told him that Campbell was a good player" 44. What are your plans for the weekend? "I was going to golf but Ontario is a hell scape that doesn't allow you to do that anymore." 45. @Hex Universe stepped away from the extras to spend more time with the Bears. What was the first thing the team did together? (hiking, paint balling, bowling, supper etc) "We visited the bar and the strippers because that's what teammates do." 46. If @Toast had t
  7. This is Leo Strauss and yes he is a Bear. Markus is very proud of him