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  1. A new season started this week and I’m now on the Halifax 21st after slipping in yet another draft, while also getting picked more than once in said draft. The VHL is a weird place now, I’m not know by a lot of new people in GM roles so they see my name and it means nothing to them. I’m out here trying to prove myself as a good active member probably for the first time since 2008 which is crazy to say seeing as its 2020… I’m now Old man Greg trying to get back to where I was 6-7 years ago. I have made comeback tries in the past and they haven’t really worked out as I get bored with the same ol
  2. 20. If you were Bears GM for a day, what would you do? Well, I'd find a new goalie because the team is NEVER going to win with a 5'5 goalie and I would call up Leo Strauss because he is the best player not on this current tire fire of a roster! 11. Predict who will win the cup? I don't follow the VHL that well but I'm going to pick Vancouver Wolves because they haven't lost yet and they don't have a 5'5 goalie is is garbage so I feel pretty good about them winning it al this season 14. If you had to get rid of one VHL team, which one would it be? New Yo
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    YUK/MIA; S74

    This could of been avoided
  4. Prospect Scouting Report Name: Leo Strauss Age: 22 Country: Germany Position: Center Handedness: Left Height: 6’3 Weight: 195lbs The son of a VHL Hall of Fame center, Leo Strauss isn’t his father yet but this hopeful German is try to find success in the VHL like he did. Strauss was signed last season by the Houston Bulls of the VHLM ahead of his VHL draft. Strauss join and championship or bust group which left the scoring forward playing a position he had never played before in left wing and on the 3rd line no less. This was quite the adjustment f
  5. Leo Stauss Junior Review Everyone in the VHL knows the name Markus Strauss the legendary German center who played in Seattle and Davos, so when his son Leo Strauss decided to make his way to the league it was no surprise, but how did Leo get here? Leo like his dad grew up playing hockey in Germany, a country that has started to produce some real good hockey player the last few years. Leo started playing when he was 5 and when he turned 16, again just like his father he decide to head to Canada to play in the CHL. Leo was drafted by the Vancouver Giants of the WHL an
  6. What a night! During the S74 VHL Entry Draft we saw what I call history. My player Leo Strauss was drafted three times, yes you read that correctly THREE TIMES. Before the draft I had said that I didn’t wanted to be drafted because I want to hit free agency and pick where I went. Something that you just don’t see in the VHL very often. It had nothing to do with the GMs or the teams themselves because truly I don’t care who I play for but I was at best a late second rounder so it’s not like I was a star. As the draft began it slowly got through two rounds and I wasn’t selected, so
  7. 1. How do you feel our season will go after our strong draft? The league made a massive mistake letting the 21st just draft whoever they wanted. Like Yukon passing? and letting myself, a stud go to Halifax. We are going to roll to a chip shot championship. Thank you to the rest of the dumb GMs in the VHLM 2. What did you think about our plentiful trades made during the draft? They all were terrible because they made all those trades and didn't move up to select me. I fell into the lap of Halifax because of how dumb these GMs are. 3. If you were drafted, did yo
  8. Well released twice tonight... will be a free agent for now 

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