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  1. 56. How do you feel the Bears season went? "Feels like it could have been better, we never seem to find a groove. Just sat around .500 most of the year and I think the team in better than that. We got into the dance thought so lets see if we can do some damage!!!" 57. Who was the Bears MVP? Feel free to name up to 3 "Brown did pretty much all the scoring so you'd have to give it to him with a slight nod to LOL for his strong season on defence." 58. Which team surprised you the most in the VHL? "Seattle for how average we were and to be honest I don't look at any othe
  2. Those were just as dumb but Golab has been around long enough for this post to be the dumbest
  3. This is maybe the most ridiculous post of all time. It’s so bad it’s laughable.
  4. You really should consider me