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  1. LESTER! Great write up here brother and it was an interesting read to what actually happened in the moments coming to Toronto. This looked like a completely professional press release and was a incredibly solid write up! 10/10
  2. Review: I see where you're heads at with this and it was a definitely an interesting read with a funny sarcastic undertone (sorry if it wasn't) but I could see 2 TPE going towards being named captain to your team and maybe 1 TPE for being named alternate. I did enjoy the gif of the bear scratching his back now that looked nice. 9/10!
  3. News Anchor Bob- "John Callahan Jr recently had his first 10 games in the VHL and we recently got to give him a quick interview after practice about how he thinks the team is doing and as well as his own individual performance. Now down rink side to our VHL reporter, Jim!" Reporter Jim- "Thanks Bob, I'm here now with Callahan Jr after a hard and long practice. John, it's good to see you, first of all congrats on your first 10 games in the VHL, how does it feel being out in the big leagues playing alongside some of your favorite players growing up?" Callahan Jr- " Ah, Ji
  4. Review: I absolutely loved how it was a first person story and I, too, had the chills in my first VHL game. It was written beautifully and really got your point across after a long time traveling from Mexico City to Riga! I can't wait to keep up with your career Justin! 10/10
  5. Review: As a member of the team I understand why you did what you did. Granted, I don't know the full story on the players the locker room is much more active and it's like a breath of fresh air. As it goes with this media spot the serious tone and writing really shows how this needed to be done to move forward. 10/10
  6. Right after the season ended with a tough loss to the Philadelphia Reapers in the VHLM Championship game, we got to sit down with John Callahan Jr to answer some questions on his first and only season in Mexico City. Reporter: " John after that tough finals loss to the Philadelphia Reapers, the team that picked you up on waivers when you first entered the league, how are you taking this loss while seeing your old teammates hold up that glorious trophy?" Callahan: Ah well it's tough you know, seeing a bunch of guys over there that I first played with hold up the cu
  7. Quick graphic I made about being officially called up to the Toronto Legion! (Looks better when you use the forum in dark mode lol)
  8. Review: I have to say when it comes to Media Spots or any sort of writing Dmax you always bring the heat. You included thorough in-depth stats of your players from where they started to where they ended as Reapers. Back when I was a Reaper I was proud to play for a guy like you and I couldn't be happier (any squad besides MEX) won the VHLM championship! Again, this was a great read and I always look forward to what you have to say in this community! 10/10!
  9. Nick, before the review thank you so much for including me on this!! Having a guy like you on the team to look up to and get advice from is priceless! I'm so excited for the start of the season!!! Review: The writing was flawless and it was so cool to learn about some of my teammates that I'm still getting to know. I love how you incorporated stats and leadership qualities each player has. Being one of the rookies this upcoming season I am unbelievably excited to get it going! 10/10 !!
  10. 1.) Adding another man on Defense, which Peace should handle in the draft. After that our team will be loaded with talent going forward. 2.) As one of the new guys coming onto the team, I guess I can't really answer this. But I'm excited to lace up for Toronto and do whatever I need to do to help get the team wins! 3.) Honestly, I haven't even looked. I was still down in Mexico drinking away the pains of losing to Philly in the VHLM championship. 4.) Positioning and scoring. Those need to get better and once they do I will be looking like an offensive machine. 5.) Bobby Orr