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  1. Now, I'm new to the league, but I can't say I agree with your assessment. Sure, I haven't been here long at all, but I'm having a blast. I'm able to write things that are semi-serious while throwing in a bit of humor and doing so makes my player progress. I think it's awesome! The discord community is a bit different, sure, but it's fun to have a place to go where discussion often changes. Yea, there are inside jokes and it can be hard to understand, but that's not the end of the world. There are jokes that are super NSFW, but that's the risk you run when being a part of an online
  2. Tensions continue to grow around the league. Many players who were sent home early are tense over their lack of playoff hockey. Those who are still in the running for a cup are feeling tense as the games continue to press on. Tensions on the ice are rising as teams continue to face one another in heated competition. Usually, after the finals, the tension seems to cease, but this year there seems to be a push to relieve the tension sooner rather than later. Starting the league-wide Costume Party 2020, Halifax 21st backup goaltender sent out a massive email to all players, staff, and
  3. 1. Thadius Sales (aka Prison Mike) has been standing in the shower, letting out a deep and long "ooooooh, I'm a dementor." 3. I'm feeling pretty good about it. We aren't blowing them out of the water per se, but we still have a chance! 4. During the off season, Thadius Sales plans on meeting up with Martin Nash, his old cellmate in the clink, to continue the tradition where Nash throws rocks at him to help him fine tune his goaltending skills. 5. Thadius Sales would happily step in as the mascot. He would be fully suited up in case Malone were injured or cou
  4. The image you see above is startling. That is the mugshot of Halifax 21st's back-up goaltender, Michael Scott (aka Prison Mike). Now, as you read this you may be thinking to yourself, "I thought the Halifax 21st back-up goaltender was Thadius Sales?" If you found yourself asking this question, then you'd be right. Michael Scott (Prison Mike) is indeed Thadius Sales! It turns out that the 27-year-old Rookie goaltender has a past that is shocking, and leaves us all wondering, "how in the world is he now playing for the VHLM?" After he was acquired by the Halifax 21st, an
  5. I'm literally in love with everything that you have written down. As soon as I read, "Whether they're busy sucking like they have in the past, or busy winning like every other time when they're not busy sucking (mostly just hogan does)," I knew that I was in for a good read. It's great to see the Bears venturing out into new territory. The menu items you have showcased have made me hunger beyond control, especially for the @Jubis tear-salt covered Jubby Fries. Very creative, and well written! 10/10
  6. I think this is a really good looking graphic! It's simple, effective, and sticks to a theme that you currently have. Really, my only critique would be that you move the bar off of his eyes. Usually, people's eyes are drawn to other people's eyes. However, this may just be personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt. I do love the stacked last name with the signature on top of it, very cool! Overall, 10/10
  7. 1. Obviously there needs to be a haunted house. We could turn the rink into one and bring in some great actors. 2. Since I haven't known our GM for very long I think a safe answer would be a tube of M&Ms. He seems to be a man who enjoys chocolate, and who doesn't love the little tube that they come in! 3. Thadius Sales intends to wear his brick wall costume, let's hope it gives him a performance boost. 4. Clearly he needs to dress up as Andre the Giant. Imagine that skating at you! 5. My player seems to be handling rebounds fairly well. 8. As a Penguins fan would i
  8. At the end of last week, it was expected that Halifax 21st backup goaltender Thadius Sales would see some time in the net, but that start came sooner than expected. Sales found himself skating onto the ice for his very first VHLM game against the Mississauga Hounds. Facing 29 shots, it seems that nerves got to the rookie goaltender as 4 of those shots found themselves in the back of the net, giving Sales a save percentage of .862 for his first game. Sales gave up two goals in the first period, had a shutout second, and gave up two more in the third. Overall, 3 of the 4