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  1. What is this? You can have more than 2 goalies?!
  2. Stockholm Vikings have made an offer
  3. Forget a month, let's go 2 months!
  4. The Stockholm Vikings have made a free agency offer.
  5. The Stockholm Vikings have made a free agency offer.
  6. When I first joined the league I remembered how long the offseason felt. I remember the hype and excitement building up in my locker room as we approached the start of the season, and I remember all of us being really excited. As time has gone on I've seen players who have been around lose the excitement factor and for them the offseason is a time to almost disengage from the league for a little bit. Speaking as a GM with no other jobs in the league, I can tell you that the offseason adds some work and stress to the job. As it was highlighted earlier we have to work through drafts, scouting, reaching out to people, and trying to keep our locker rooms engaged as well. I don't have much else to worry about. With all of that being said, I understand the two sides of the coin, and echo the balancing sentiment that was brought up earlier. But, there is a comment that I really want to highlight. We have an entire community of people who have interests all over the place. Some love to game, others might like a certain genre of movie, and others may love engaging in political debates. Whatever the case may be, every single person here has the ability to create something new and amazing and can lead the way there. One thing that stemmed from the VHL was a chess club created by @bigAL and now run by @Ricer13. Maybe @Horcrux can start a SAW (gross) watch party during the offseason, or @Esso2264 can host a LoL tournament. Maybe....well, the list is endless. It's good to have these discussions, and I hope it prompts people to use their imaginations!
  7. Ha! That's one way to get my posts and podcast noticed
  8. The Stockholm Vikings have made a Free Agency Offer
  9. The Stockholm Vikings have made a Free Agency Offer
  10. As always this is clean work! The concept is great, and everything that you did with this was in line with the Kaleeb style. I really don't have anything negative or constructive to say here, other than keep up the great work! 10/10
  11. I think this is a great concept! One thing that stuck out to me though was the clarity of the font and the parental advisory sticker in comparison to the rest of the graphic. They almost seem "too clear." I will say that I really like the logo swap and the concept here! 8/10
  12. 1. When we win! 2. Yes 3. I would say it varies on my mood. I usually stay into rap though. 4. John Wesley 5. We had my in-laws over 6. Thanksgiving
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