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  1. 44. What are your plans for the weekend? Next weekend i will finally change the oils for my car 47. Who is your favourite band/artist? Metallica or Rammstein easily 48. What song is currently your #1? Post? ok, i know i said Metallica and Rammstein are my all time favourites, but i have been listening to a lot Black keys https://open.spotify.com/track/5lN1EH25gdiqT1SFALMAq1?si=6a5ee881b83e40b9 50. The weekend is over. What are your plans for the up and coming week? Back to school for more machining 51. Trade deadline is tomorrow. Think anything will happen? If it passed,
  2. 1. Absolutely, wasn't completely sure we would make it., but i'm happy that we made it. 2. Great, if we keep playing how we have lately, there is no reason why we can't make deep run 3. I pretty much only keep up with the team i'm in 4. I don't really enjoy hot drinks, so i guess lemon ice tea 5. Great to see how well the lads did, kinda shame i started to do well so late in the season but better late than never 6. It would be great to win now, but even if we won't, i trust @Spartan and @JigglyGumballs will keep doing great and the results will come sooner rather tha
  3. G - Bacon @McWolf This was the last pick i guess
  4. @McWolfoops, not sure how that happened F - Jungkok F - Chad Magnum
  5. F - Latrell Mitchell F- Zyrok12 @Greg_Di
  6. F - Groovy Dood D - L @Greg_Di
  7. D - Ziarie Anigbogu @Greg_Di