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  1. https://imgur.com/a/4o5jLmK
  2. 1. Disappointed, but knows it’s a long season and ups and downs happen! Hoping to be on a solid run going into the playoffs. 2. Structure! Our offence has been good this season but they need to have a consistent overall game. 3. All. The. Way. 4. Personally? Yes…. Yes I have 5. With the weather conditions in Calgary luckily the ice stays well kept and very THICK. unlucky the weather is every other aspect pretty much sucks. 6. id normally say Prout cause he’s a freak butttttt now that he’s gone I would think Eso, he’s already a great leader on the team and I believe he could eat the snake before it ate all of us.
  3. Review: this is dope!! Love the mirroring dynamic of your render and team logo! Your effects work with your team colours well and even enjoy your fonts used! Great work work! 9/10
  4. Review: this is a sick idea! I wasn’t around for the old logo although I quite enjoy it! Your graphic is simple and clean; your use of the logo swap is perfect while the effects you use aren’t too much and really make your render pop! Also like your font choice! Great job! 9/10
  5. 1. The wranglers have been playing well! We just have to continue to do what we are doing!! And we can accomplish anything!. 2. personally playing with Tallinder, perry has played with so many great players over the years but seeing the talent and growth that Tally has shown has made this year very fun. 3. This season nothing! No ragrets!!! But ask me again after the playoffs…. 4. Very entertaining! The wranglers have alot of comic relief in this locker room and I think an audience could relate to that environment. Ad on that fast uptempo skilled game we play! 5. Perry is an emotional player! Likes to play with his heart on his sleeve, confidence is key and sometimes it can alter his play negatively as much as positively! 6. No! My expectations for myself are high, but I want my team to do well and even more I want my teammates to do well! That’s what’s most important!
  6. review: Absolutely love the base of your concept! Integrating your render throughout your name is soo cool! Once you get better and do a logo swap with your current team and with this set up a cool background/drop would really make it all pop! Great work! Can’t wait to see more 7/10
  7. Review: Hahahha I love the idea and for most players it might be realistic! You’re future render is perfect! You’re use of font stating retirement year and player name is subtle! Also your faint player render is the back is perfect lol, big boy remembering what was!! Also now I’m hungry 8/10
  8. Former VHL Star Kris Rice has signed with Sportsnet to head their newest national panel. Rice had 543 points in 504 games mostly with the Calgary Wranglers and Seattle Bears. https://imgur.com/a/EOIzbWc
  9. 1. Yes, he is!!! All the stuffing . 2. Turkey all day! Don’t mind ham tho and wouldn’t hate it if someone preferred that! Mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, Brussels. 3. no I don’t!! But when I get a raccoon; it is definitely coming to the rink. 4. Canucks, cause I want to see daddy Greener get mad at the team and then also laugh with them and be cool. 5. 1. Experiencing greatness with a brother or sister right beside you. 2. Building Chemistry with teammates is a great feeling! 3. Team dinner, road trips, family events, teammates are friends for life! 6. No! Only in front of everyone
  10. Review: 10/10 for uniqueness!!! Haha this graphic is a lot of fun! The name bar smack down in the middle is nice but the font is even better! Not having a distinct logo isn’t even a bother when looking at the rest! Most importantly the angel wings are sick!! Great work 9/10
  11. Review: this is simple and clean! Your logo swap is done well and goes perfect with your renders colours! I particularly like your fonts used! Like mentioned above some more effects could be used in the background to make it all pop but overall good work! 8/10
  12. 1. Wings, wasn’t really a debate 2. poutine, one time he gets to let loose after training all week and day for a game. 3. Our play is right there! We have been in ever game, just need a few more things to go out way! 4. haven’t watched it yet, just finished the circle season 3 which was great of course! Think next up is squid game. 5. Joe Madison and yes, yes I do but only if it’s drunk driver Mario kart edition! 6. This is tough… maybe Alycia debnam Carie or Andrew Lincoln
  13. After 121 hits in 20 games, Phil “The Rock” Johnson isn’t making any friends, not even old ones…. @Phil
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