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  1. This is great work! You chose a good player sig to help the logo swap blend perfectly! Love love the font choice! Very curious as to what you used! No complaints with this graphic! Interested to see more! 10/10
  2. Miami Marauders Press Conference for week ending 4/18/21: 1. Miami is the hottest team in the league right now! Why do you think the team has had this continued success? 2. Which one of your fellow teammates has surprised you this season good or bad? 3. Can we defeat the Hounds in a 7 game series? 4. What from our locker-room will you take with you once you are in the VHL? get to know you questions? 5. do you like reality tv shows? If so what’s your fav? 6. biggest fear?
  3. This is a well thought out graphic! It’s not the flashiest one out there but has great detail! The Helsinki logo on the shoulder while the legends crest serves as the primary is a nice touch! Career statics with just this franchise is a cool idea! 8.5/10
  4. Miami Marauders Press Conference week ending 4/11/21 : 1. Miami has been on an absolute tear lately! Is this current play sustainable? 2. Considering where we are in the standings right now. How far do you expect as to go? 3. Favourite part about being a marauder? 4. Do you believe we should add a piece before the deadline to help us contend this year? get to know you questions? 5. Would you rather go 4x4ing and have a fire or go lay out on a beach and swim? 6. Favourite Vegetable?
  5. Review: come plate unbiased opinion this is sick! The rain effect adds to the pop the colour of this graphic has! Logo swaps are clean!! 10/10
  6. Review: great work for your first one!! I know how difficult these things are! I like the dark colour you used for your player! The Smokey surrounding is also a nice touch! I think they white name and team bar would love better top left in the green section as opposed to across your player. Solid work though! 7/10
  7. review: you’re on the right track! Obviously the name bar and logo swaps should be cleaner and more natural which is something you’ll get better at the more you practice! Love the idea tho! Keep up the good work! 5/10
  8. Miami Marauders press conference for week ending 4/4/21: 1. How do you feel about the inconsistency of the Marauders play so far this season? 2. Does Miami make the playoffs? 3. what do you believe you can do to help improve your player and in turn improve the Marauders? 4. who do you connect most with on the team? get to know you questions? 5. Do you like banana bread? 6. Celebrity crush?
  9. In a season of change for the Calgary Wranglers much of this season is uncertain, but that does not halt the motivation of the General Manager and his young star studded team. Eight games into this season the Wranglers sit 3-5-0 ( 6 points ) with a minus twelve in goal differential and second last in the division. “We have a ton of new faces this year and it might take some time getting used to each other and finding that right chemistry, but this is a great group in that locker room; I’m positive we will figure it out” said captain Luke Thornton. At this point in the
  10. Review: this is solid work! I like that you got home and away jerseys in there that both work very well with your logo swap. Light to dark background goes well with your players, can’t complain about the name bar either! 10/10
  11. This is sick!!! Very informative and the plaque style with team logo is very clean! The fun award names added with the detailed analysis makes this a no brainer 10/10