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  1. Review: this is sick!!!! Love the effects you used with this graphic! The logo swap looks a little to the left of the render there but with the name and and team bar added makes up for it! Would really like to see what else you could do with this format on other teams and colours! 9/10
  2. Review: another great piece by Ricer! I think you’ve gotten better and better every graphic! The text used for Dan is sick as usual!! The dark rustic effort used for the graphic is very cool and one of my favourites! The logo swap is a difficult one on this render and the effort is admirable even if it needs a bit of work! Maybe adding a logo to the helmet as well might help with the overall product! 8.5/10
  3. 1. To be expected I feel! It was a tough schedule to start for Calgary! Sitting at 500 is okay, but the team definitely expects better and we need to be more consistent. 2. Bad. Perry’s first season as captain comes with new expectations, no longer is he the young star putting up the points and being a great voice in the locker room. He needs to show up to play game in and game out and elevate his line mates every shift. He is throwing absolutely everything on next through the first 6 games and eventually they’ll start going in more regularly! But he also needs to clean up his defens
  4. Sorry boys! A few too many on this stag ! F - Steve Eso
  5. Review: love the idea of stats graphics!!! They do a great job of painting a picture and keep everyone involved with how your player is doing! the logo swap is great just needs to be a tad smaller! Love the font you used for your stats! Very unique! I find the lower font covering team and render name harder to read or Atleast stand out! Maybe those fonts with white lettering would stand out more with your backdrop! Great work! 7/10
  6. Review: may be weird but I like Chara in green! The logos and color swap on the jersey are so awesome!! the effects and the use of your render in your backdrop is a unique touch I haven’t seen much of lately!! I don’t know if I love the font, both first and last name don’t stand out enough with the rest going on! Great job boss 9/10
  7. Oh duh lol! Sorry was multi tasking! I’ll edit