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  1. Review: this is good work for a new member! (Better then me) I like that you did the logo swap although the main logo could be better as the shoulder one looks better! Also the writing is hard to read, I think this has great potential and maybe with a more vibrant background this would be even better! 7.5/10
  2. Review! for a first graphic this is solid work man! I don’t think the colours mesh well together and your player is too small. But this is different and sets up for a good second graphic! 7/10
  3. Miami Marauders Press conference for week ending 1/31/21: 1. 11 games into the season we sit 2nd place in the eastern conference; can we keep this pace all season? 2. Who on the Marauders has been the biggest surprise so far this season? 3. What other team in the VHLM do you consider our rivals? 4. Do you put much stock into your players plus/minus during the season? Get to know you questions: 5. How tall are you in real life? 6. Least favourite holiday and why?
  4. Five games into his VHL career and Perry is quickly learning what a big jump it is from the minors to the pros. Perry had an extremely productive off season; training hard and building on his deficiencies. Coming into training camp Perry was thrust onto the top line as a rookie and that is where he would begin his first season as a member of the London United. Perry would record 2 assists in a 7-6 win over Helsinki, bursting onto the scene; chipping in offensively and most importantly helping his team secure the victory was the perfect debut for the young up and comer. The next 4 games have go
  5. Review! man this is solid! I do like this better then last years banner! The top is really clean, the logo swap and colours work perfectly! Obviously the cutting on the bottom could be better but I understand how hard that is to do! All the writing is super easy to read as well which is a plus! 9/10
  6. Review: This is well written! I like the break down of pros and cons which is something I haven’t seen much of in a scouting report to this degree. Direct and straight to the point with every little detail to her game on the ice and her personality off. I can imagine Reylynn is going to be some player very soon! -Tina out
  7. Miami Marauders Press conference for week ending 1/24/21 : 1. Draft season is over! How do you feel about being drafted by Miami and or how do you like the new additions? 2. What do you hope to accomplish as a player this upcoming season? 3. This season should be a competitive one despite our transition to youth! How far do you think Miami can go? 4. What is your favourite task to earn every week? Get to know you questions: 5. Favourite NHL team. 6. Dream Job?
  8. Excuse my spelling mistake in the beginning
  9. Their undeniable chemistry during their time as line-mates speaks for itself! Two skillful players with the ultimate hustle! When together Dawson( @Toast) and Perry ( @tinafrombobsburgers) were like bread and butter . Off the ice their chemistry grew even stronger! Despite this they were named to separate world juniors teams; Team Canada and Team world respectfully. Two round robin games between the two splitting the wins one all, Dawson was the offensive driver but no one could help but notice the competitive battle between one another stole the show as these two brothers played on opposite
  10. This is solid work again chicken!! I like the dark feeling to this backdrop that works well with the New York Americans colours! Your player fits relatively well with its surrounding areas. Also like the large last name above and being more prominent! 8.5/10
  11. This is a simple design! It’s fun with the cartoon esc player! I don’t think the writing on the top or the bottom really meshes that well with the player! And the logo and team name could be much better blended! 5/10