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  1. Mississauga, Ontario – The newest Mississauga Hound, Mikhail Lospenov, has arrived in the hometown of his new team after being selected by the Hounds in the third round of the VHLM entry draft this weekend. Lospenov, 18, saw his name fall down the draft board during this past weekend’s draft after originally being projected as a mid-second round pick and ultimately being selected in the third round with the 31st overall pick. The drop in the draft caught many by surprise, including Lospenov’s agent Christian Gostlivic, who said: “It was a bit surprising to see us fall as far as we did, but we are still incredibly excited to see Mikhail be selected in the third round.” Possibly one of the most surprising parts of Lospenov’s slide in the draft is the fact that both Ottawa and Mexico City passed on the Russian-born forward. Prior to the draft, both teams were the first to contact Lospenov and were cited as being very high on the forward’s skillset. “To see both Ottawa and Mexico City pass on Lospenov is stunning to say the least,” said VSN analyst Dave McManty. “Both teams were so high on wanting to draft him, and then completely left him alone. To take lesser experienced players before him means that both of those teams must have found something in their research and interviews that threw up red flags.” Those supposed “red flags” either weren’t found or didn’t matter to the Hounds management who took Lospenov with their second pick in the draft, three picks after selecting Canadian Nayt Bedard with the first of three third round selections. “At the end of the day, Mississauga got an absolute steal of a player in Lospenov at 31,” explained McManty. “The Hounds get a rapidly developing player with tremendous upside and a guy who will make an impact on your team at such a young age. The Hounds’ third round proved that they are determined to find young guys who are going to put pucks in the back of the net.” While the VHLM fate of Lospenov has been sealed, at least in terms of his draft destination, there is still hope that the Russian will land a higher spot in Monday’s VHLE Draft. “I’m thrilled and honored to have been selected by the Hounds, and I can’t wait to get started,” said Lospenov early Monday morning. “This is a great spot to strat my climb up the ladder, and I hope that, tonight, I will find out where I have to work hard to be at when I hear my name called for the VHLE.” Lospenov has already garnered some attention at the VHLE level, but may see himself passed over in favor of S80 players. If someone does take a chance on the young forward, they could be rewarded with an even more motivated Lospenov who has his eyes set on a target. “Mikhail Lospenov is young and hungry,” said McManty in the lead-up to the VHLE Draft. “He might be a little wet behind the ears, but that doesn’t mean that he stays like that forever. The sky is the limit for this kid.”
  2. BLAINE, MN – Mikhail Lospenov might be the quiet and confident type, but his practice sessions have left scouts raving about the VHLM Draft hopeful. Lospenov, 18, spent last week at Fogerty Arena in Blaine working out for VHLM, VHLE and VHL scouts in open sessions twice a day. After a week of note taking and film watching, scouts and analysts have been praising Lospenov’s skillset non-stop. “His shooting ability is unmatched by anyone else his age,” said an anonymous scout. “He has that instant-impact material and it’s only going to get better.” Besides his on-ice showings, Lospenov has been working on his off-ice skills, as he has been attending advanced English courses throughout his time stateside. “It’s important to me that I know English, because that is what everyone speaks,” said Lospenov after leaving one of his classes. “I need to be able to communicate with my teammates on and off the ice so that we can accomplish our goals together.” Lospenov has already been in contact with multiple teams about his willingness to play for them, if he is to be drafted.
  3. That's sick. I have to work through like 4 different people with the Panthers if I want any video content from them... and they are our affiliate.
  4. Come do post for our video content. It would take one more thing off of my plate haha Plus its making hockey videos that are real!
  5. I could use an editor in my job. I have so many press releases during the off-season. I write the release, send it to our staff, and if no one says anything, blast it to our fans. I work for a hockey team
  6. Yeah so, I actually do a lot of what this is about for a living. I'm a Media Relations Manager and Broadcaster for an ECHL team. I write press releases, write feature stories, shoot videos, run social media, etc. on a daily basis. And yes, our social media voice is very sarcastic, and I do roast people from the team's accounts. This is fun because I don't have to research stats and get clearances from our NHL affiliate to post anything.
  7. Wait... you have a B.S in Mass Communication: Electronic Media too???? From the same school as me??? WOAH?!
  8. LOSPENOV WORKS OUT STATESIDE FOR SCOUTS BLAINE, MN – With his entry draft fast approaching, Russian-born forward Mikhail Lospenov has come stateside to work out in front of US-based scouts. Lospenov, 18, has been demolishing defenses in the MHL, the Russian junior league, with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, but has decided that the time has come to leave his native land and explore options outside of the KHL. “I’ve only been to America to be a tourist and watch my brother play,” said Lospenov. “This time, I’m here to work and get drafted.” The forward has been putting in the work in Blaine, MN where he has been on the ice at Fogerty Arena, the same arena where his older brother Vanek won an NAHL Robertson Cup with the Aberdeen Wings six years ago. Last week, Lospenov was performing two skates per day, one with full pads and the other in shell protection. On numerous occasions, multiple VHL scouts have attended these workouts, making note of the youngster’s speed and shooting abilities that dazzled during his days in Russia.
  9. MIKHAIL LOSPENOV Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (MHL) Report Compiled By: Grant LaRoque (fmr. SD Marlins scout) PROFILE Position: Forward Shoots: Right Height / Weight: 6’3, 187 lbs Born: August 7, 2003 | Penza, RU Nation: Russia REPORT Lospenov is a speedy, agile, forward who has proven himself a scoring threat against same-level competition and beyond. A no-brainer for the Lokomotiv top-6 moving forward, Lospenov carries himself with a professional attitude. While he has been able to crack the senior line-up for his club, he has the potential to far exceed what the KHL can offer him, hence the desire and necessity to enter the VHLM. It is no secret that the Lospenov name carries a hefty burden on Mikhail, especially since his brother, Vanek, recently called it quits after just a 4 ½ year career with the San Diego Marlins. The world has already seen that the younger of the Lospenovs carries himself with a class and authority, unlike his older sibling, but the noise is still there, and all eyes are on Mikhail Lospenov’s every move. SKATING Lospenov can blow by anyone who gets caught sleeping on the defensive side of the puck. To put it plainly, the kid is fast, really fast. His edgework is pristine amongst junior competition, but he leaves more to be desired when trying to craft his way into the slot. Speed can get him there, but the swift movements leave him vulnerable to being caught off balance. Luckily for a team that pick him, that is coachable. SHOOTING/PLAYMAKING The question isn’t if Lospenov can score, but rather how many can he score? A lethal shot, accompanied by the speed that he possesses, makes for a nearly unstoppable offensive lamp-lighter in Lospenov. The range on this kid’s shot is unbelievable, showing steady climb and velocity even from the top corner of the blue line. A simple cutback into a middle-ice lane, and you can already start inking up your score sheet. The drawback, he’s not great in-tight. He’s big, he’s strong, but he’s timid. Any coach should focus on contact drills and get this kid comfortable with a net-side battle. Do that, and its game over. HOCKEY SENSE Lospenov has hockey in his blood. While his brother may have been more into off-ice tactics, Mikhail is all about the ice. He sees the game like very few can. Finding open lanes is one thing, anticipating them and making the dish before it even appears is what sets Lospenov apart. Bottom line: This kid is a hockey player. PROJECTION Lospenov has what it takes to be a top-6 VHL star someday. Scratch that; A top-line VHL star. His development is on pace to see him make the show in no-time and make an immediate impact when he does.
  10. Shoutout the the BCHL reference... It's no NAHL but its a solid tier 2 alternative!
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