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  1. 1. I forgot that the draft just happened that tells you how much I know. 2. I think win all of the games against teams that are worse than us and get some lucky wins against better teams. 3. I am happy and there is nothing I would change. 4. I haven't looked into it but probably me. 5. I haven't looked In a while but I know Duncan Idaho and Hex Rose are pretty good if I remember right and then Red Lite ofcourse. 6. Maybe Zetterberg... maybe no. I'm not going to commit.
  2. 1. I think we needed some change and a few moves were a good idea. Sad to see Steele go he was one of my first teammate's in the VHLM. 2. I'm going to think positive and say VERY HIGH! 3. I don't know yet might have to talk to the teammate's to help me decide. 4. Go's to his practice facility on Mars 5. I'm haven't looked into the other roster so I'm going to watch out for every team so I will be extra prepared. 6. To be honest I don't know what that is.
  3. 1. I don't really know yet I'm gonna have to do some research. 2. I had forgotten about it but I will forsure keep up with it now that I remember. 3. I didn't make predictions cause I didn't get there in time. 4. As a big graphics guy seeing the logos was pretty excited. 5. Maybe basketball or baseball. 6. Something that gets me hyped!
  4. 1. Get better and hopefully we can be a playoff team by next season. 2. Tanky was a big for our team and he will be missed. 3. Um thank you for being a part drafting me a few season ago and bringing me here to New York. 4. New York is really good at going 1-1 in sims. 5. Not as of now but I'll find someone. 6. I haven't really had time to look at all of that so I don't really know.
  5. 1. Not as well as I hoped but there has been some good takeaways. 2. Really well. I always try to do better than the season before and I'm on pace to have a better year. 3. I don't know if I'll be able to but we'll see. 4. I haven't looked into it yet and am not really sure. 5. Back to playing basketball. I wasn't able to play last year because of covid. 6. To run away from Chick-fil-A.
  6. 1. We started bad but we are on the upward climb. 2. I think he will fit in nicely and he already knows some of the guys on discord so we've got some locker room chemistry. 3. We keep going up until we're on top! 4. Super pumped! We need another league and this will help even things out. 5. Watching your team blow a lead late in a game. 6. They both way a ton that's all I know.
  7. 1. The first 3 games I had 3 points so that was great! Then the next 3 games I had 0 but you know... 2. Not to great but we have plenty of time to work it out. 3. I read lots of the power ranking ones. 4. Better than last year! At least that's what I'm hoping for. I always enter the season optimistic. 5. I am also afraid of heights so we are in the same boat there. 6. I don't know I probably have coke more but I'm not sure which one I prefer.
  8. 1. I had no idea that was a thing so I'm not really one to talk. 2. Were going to go 72-0 and sweep everyone in the playoffs. (Maybe those are a little high expectations) 3. I don't know cause I didn't hear it. 4. I don't think they'll be better than Vegas In there inaugural season but i think they'll be decent. 5. This refried beans salad dish thing. 6. I went to Idaho for a week and were white water rafting.
  9. This sounds like my kind of Birthday party!
  10. 1. Mostly at home. A few day trips planned and 1 week away at a convention. 2. Maybe getting scoring up so I score more goals. 3. I'm pretty happy with the teams picked. 4. Warsaw. Mostly cause there winning not really any other reason. 5. I just moved from new Jersey to close to Chicago so hopefully I can go to a hawks game. 6. Since the Blackhawks didn't make it most of the playoffs I was cheering for Montreal so I wanted them to win.
  11. Again had lots of issues so i had to use a link. Let me know what you think. https://ibb.co/jvRcF8C
  12. 1. Hopefully more graphics. I haven't been able to do that much because I've been moving but I'm in my new house now and should get wi-fi today. 2. The steel, the revolution, and the Express. 3. I don't know yet. Still getting moved In. 4. As a blackhawks fan. Canada has waited long enough! So go habs. (Also my grandfather is a Canadians fan) 5. Does chess count? 6. Don't really know about the VHL but for the VHLM... GO MINNESOTA! Former team all the way!
  13. 1. Very very very pumped! Rookie season and now rookie playoffs 2. With Minnesota I didn't do very well in the playoffs but I can change that with new York 3. As this is my first year with new York I don't really know who our rivals are 4. I think the VHL is growing and becoming so much better and the new era will bring more of the same 5. The most comfortable couch I can find! 6. Actually I started doing the VHL to pass time and have a good time.
  14. 1. By eating some ice cream. Except now the streak is over so no ice cream:( 2. Seeing my player having a respectable rookie season 3. Guy I don't remember what I picked but I know it was the better ones 4. No idea but I hope Montreal because... WHY NOT! 5. I've been able to do a lot of swimming. Sadly that doesn't help me stay cool while I work. 6. I had a Wii for the longest time and a few years back I finally got an Xbox
  15. Thanks for doing this for my team really appreciate it. Your doing a great job so keep up the great work!
  16. 1. It's my first year in the bigs so I'm pretty happy with it. A playoff chance would be nice though. 2. Probably a trip or something. Not a check I'm like 5'5 3. No idea. I don't know if there is one and your asking if I know it or if your asking me to think of one but either way... no idea 4. Get all his training done so his TPE is up. 5. Thats hard to say but I'll put it this way .... enough 6. Maybe make him a sniper instead of a playmaker.
  17. 1. I think I did Berlin. 2. Uncle sam in full hockey gear. XD 3. I wouldn't have predicted it but... go Montreal. 4. It was great. I'm living in a rental for a month and its right by a lake so I got to spend time on the lake. 5. I come up with all sorts of names that I use for nhl 21 so I'd probably use some of those. Mikey Donald's, Katrick Pane. DONT STEAL MY NAMES. 6. Bugs and sun. Which make me have to wear big spray and sunscreen.
  18. https://ibb.co/rp01Sm6 My graphic wouldn't upload so this link is the best I got.
  19. 1. For a Rookie I think pretty well. I have 3 points in 11 games and I got my first! 2. Supper excited to see all the new teams and the new process and how it all works out. 3. I don't know to much about the old teams so not sure. 4. There were a lot of great ones this year. To be honest I don't remember off the top of my head. 5. My brother is a Wild fan so that is one I've been following. And the Pittsburgh/ islanders series. 6. Play sports and go to a convention in Idaho
  20. 1. I not to sure but I think pretty good. 2. Yes! I'm so excited to make my VHL debut 3. I wanted Asia to win because I was on the team. Bronze is not bad though. 4. I have absolutely no idea. 5. I am not on a team and I also don't really follow it. 6. I'm excited to see how the series that started with OT games play out. They should be good considering game one.
  21. 1. I didn't make a prediction so I'm not wrong. 2. Getting excited to use the 50+ TPE I have capped 3. Sunshine and rainbows (we hope) 4. Team Asia because I'm on the team 5. I highly highly doubt it 6. All of the birds that want to help out.
  22. 1. How long have you been involved with the VHL 2. No I dont think Yukon will win 3. Great. Sounds like I'll be playing with a good group of guys 4. I've been playing in the VHLM so I haven't really been following the VHL 5. I haven't followed it. Because I haven't been in it. 6. The feeling of winning a VHL tournament (VHL or VHLM)
  23. 1) I thought we could but it didn't happen 2) getting a career ending Injury 3) being better every season. Scoring more each season. 4) yes but I think I'm really gonna miss our Gm and Agm 5) i hope i can. I'm in the process of moving so hopefully i can stay up to date on all this stuff. 6) I kind of felt like we were already gonna lose and we could only delay it by winning 1 or 2 7) I played baseball one year and we sucked but my coach made me pitch and I ended up doing pretty good and winning a few games.
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