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  1. The Miami Marauders squeaked into the playoffs, and during that time, Henry Tucker had a little-noticed season as the 4th line right winger. Tucker, born in Auburn, Alabama, thought about taking over his father’s wing joint before deciding that he would have a better chance for success in hockey. Name: Henry Tucker Postion: RW Age: 16 Height: 6’3, 200 lbs. STRENGTHS Shooting- Tucker has yet to score a goal, but he has only played 17 games. When he begins to shoot, his shots are likely to start falling, as he is currently turning all his focus to sho
  2. A solid debut for Henry Tucker. 11:56 with no penalties
  3. Absolutely! I am thrilled to join the Miami Marauders. They are a lot closer to him (Auburn, AL) than Halifax.
  4. I live in Auburn, Alabama, but I am a huge fan of hockey (like every other sport). My favorite moment was when Tom Wilson, the right winger for the Washington Capitols, got into a huge fight with Braydon Coburn in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. Thus, I am honoring Tom Wilson by creating a right winger, a player who is well-rounded. If you want him on your team, contact me.
  5. When is my player going to get drafted?
  6. Player Information Username: NotSoGood88 Player Name: Henry Tucker Recruited From: Other (Web Search) Age: 16 Position: RW Height: 75 in. Weight: 200 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM