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  1. Thanks for asking! I have played every position at some point, and I’m actually a good goalie but I play defense, primarily center D but also a fair amount of time on the outside.
  3. 1. Eh, it’s a mixed bag. I try out for a soccer team (prolly will make it), but I also get FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY in the VHL Draft, drafted behind some welfare owners. Good stuff 2. Be the best team player I can be and help the new players on the team. 3. Have fun! 4. Have a good time. I know, very high expectations for y’all to live up to. 5. Miami. You’re great @Ricer13, but it’s always nice to beat you. 6. Cheez Its or pasta. 7. Not covering your nose with your mask. All the popular kids do it, perhaps it’s an Alabama fashion statement. Also a great
  4. Vancouver had a lot of picks, especially in the early rounds. @Beaviss and @Spence King had 7 picks this year, including 5 in the first 2 rounds, and, in my opinion, used them wisely. Obviously, one of those picks included me. Here are the 7 picks made Friday night, and my opinion on them. Enjoy. My grades are not based on talent, but more of about how high they were selected versus how high I perceive their value to be. 10th Overall: Robin Galante Nilsson, D, 242 TPE, @RomanesEuntDomus Not a bad pick. Discipline is a question, but he has good passing and very good defense. He
  5. 1. Hah, I’m on Minnesota, it would be interesting if I was still there. 2. USA 3. Ryker. Why not? 4. This new GM team seems like they know what they’re doing. 5. Yay. 6. Bill Cosby.
  6. So my big problem is school and tech, I’m always on this iPad of mine, I still get all As, but still, not a good habit, especially if I wanna stay as fit as I currently am. So, mostly my still-ness is one of a few things. 1. Playing Wii Sports. 2. Reading. 3. Putting a heat pad on my back and relaxing. 4. Petting my cat. 5. Playing soccer. There you have it.
  7. Well, Henry Tucker has had a solid stint in the VHLM, playing 2 seasons and getting some good TPE numbers. Here’s his scouting report. Offense: 8/10 Make no mistake, Tucker is very, very good on offense. Everything is a 40-ish base, but Tucker has a 70 in shooting and passing, with a 65 in puck handling that’s trending upwards. His improvement was massive in Minnesota, where he got 43 points in 72 games from the 2nd line. The clutch goals came when he needed them, including 2 over the course of the season against his first team, @Ricer13’s Miami, one of which was a game winner
  8. To put it mildly, Henry Tucker, blue-chip 1st gen prospect, is wishing that he could play a little longer than 8 seasons. The 23rd ranked prospect in ten upcoming VHL Entry Draft is really pissed off that he can’t play until he can’t no more. Here he is speaking at a pre-draft interview. ”Good grief. This system is beyond egregious. What the [multiple expletives] were they thinking when they decided that? I look at EFL, SBA, and no limits on years you can play. And the sad thing about this is that this is a great site with great people, and then they screw the selves over with this
  9. 1. It was lit, I’m a kid so, yeah, I get the day off. 2. Ummm, a baseball glove. 3. With people and by myself. 4. Pasta, rice, or fried chicken (sadly, not everyone in my family shares this view) 5. A cat. Great way to catch up on sleep, 6. Yes, Miami will win it all. 7. The people, the Discord, and watching Tucker grow, 8. Looking at all the game recaps. I expected blowouts by the end of the season.
  10. 1. Snack? Ah, hot chocolate. 2. 4.25 3. 2 (I’m 1st gen, played for Miami last year) 4. Grapes! 5. Leadership. 6. No idea. I live in the Deep South. What is snow?