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  1. I’d like to apply for, approximately the 6th time
  2. Well, Henry Tucker, our wonderful protagonist trash hockey player, played many, many, many games this week, and he’s been amazing ineffective at best, recording 1 assist. However, he did get into a fight (well, really, that idiot Venus Thigtrap started it), got a draw, and got Thigtrap ejected. That was about it, though, as Vanny sucked, and it might be because GM @fonziGG isn’t giving Tucker enough playing time giving Tucker too much playing time. Our Rookie of the Year candidate poor kid has played 42 whole games, and has just 1 goal and 3 assists, missing 31 of his 32 shots, only gathering
  3. 1. 3rd place 2. 106:1 3. The games that y’all have won. 4. Updater is the best I can do lol 5. Eventually, yeah 6. A steak sandwich is unhealthy af but real good 7. Idk any of the Power Rangers
  4. Next time, buy a gently used truck, find some mud, and strategically arrange it to look like you’ve been off-roading. Lol
  5. Game 224, which featured us winning, our guy’s ass getting kicked in a fight, and one of their players getting ejected for abusing the officials was something I haven’t seen. Also glad that Tucker got an assist
  6. “Oof”- Henry Tucker, when asked about his recent performance. Henry Tucker is playing like, well, a rookie. After 26 games, the right winger has 1 goal and 1 assist on 23 shots as he plays in the 4th line. His 40 DI isnt making headlines, with only 14 PIM, and 16 HIT and 4 SB. His plus/minus of -7 isnt great either. GM @fonziGG has been doing fine, we’re in the playoff picture, and it appears that a reason this is so is because Tucker doesn’t get much ice time. Anyways, the prospects are coming along nicely, except for one guy who can count like hell on the Discord but
  7. I disagree! Here’s some positive things about Pittsburgh. 1. It’s in Pennsylvania (or maybe Massachusetts, not sure) 2. It was named after Pitt University and Iceburghs, which float in the sea and make ships sink. 3. Their baseball team sucks. 4. All this means that you should fuck Pittsburgh.
  8. 1. It’s treated me like a guy in the first week of his rookie season (maybe that’s the career stage Tucker’s at? Hm, might be on to something). 2. With SC at 99, thanks to a First-Gen reroll, I am relatively disappointed that I cannot make shots (only relatively?) 3. We can make the playoffs ez 4. Jivere Zolnek and Tater Tot have really been stepping up their game this year. 5. VHLM Miami 6. Tater Tot. The Minnesota connections are too strong (though I will say that I spend way too much time talking to fonzi, supposedly about build advice, but mostly about life) 7
  9. Now I know how to be a vet, and that SK is not my role
  10. Next time, don’t go on alert N1! Lol
  11. Well, in Season 75, Henry Tucker was drafted 26th overall by the Wolves. Who made those selections? @Beaviss & @Spence King. Flash forward 1 season, and Spence is AGMing San Diego, while Beav has resigned. So, now who’s the GM and AGM? @fonziGG and @Sixersfan594. So in just one season, no one who drafted Tucker is still around. Crazy, right? I still got the contract that they signed me to, though. However, I used all of it on a First Gen Reroll, so now I’m a much more effective player, and I have 70 in Fighting, so that’s good. I’d like to give a special shout-out to fonzi for not respond
  12. Let’s gooooooo, first goal & assist baby!
  13. I only learned that a few hours ago when I tried to find something bad to say about him, saw he had been traded lol