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  1. 1. It’s gonna be awesome, man! We’re gonna make amazing selections and win the Cup! 2. Absolutely. It’s time to win it all. 3. Italian Herb & Cheese with cold cuts. It feels amazing to be honored 4. Well, it’s the opposite of a proverb, but here it is, “Hard work often pays off later, but procrastination always pays off now.” 5. Band concert and a cookout today 6. I’ll say Quik, because he made me a sig. 7. Tom Wilson. Go Caps
  2. The idea of a Discord channel for political talk was floated here, and although that was rejected, we’re apparently allowed to talk about politics and such on the forum, and thus I am starting a topic for people to talk about it. Hopefully this is in the right sub forum, if not, someone move it to the appropriate place. Go at it and be respectful.
  3. It also took me about a minute to start typing my first response. There have been good, reasoned debates that I’ve been a part of, but I don’t think the VHL has the user base needed to have those type of discussions. I tried to make it very clear in my post that it was a complete waste of time for the person, that was me throwing out an idea for the sake of throwing out an idea. Ah. I see. I still would prefer the Discord, I won’t change my opinion on that, but I think this is settled, so Imma go make a forum topic for political talk.
  4. No, that was 8 minutes after I responded. So I’m relatively close to the mark. Longer convos aren’t necessarily a bad thing, true. About 200, I think would be a reasonable guess. ^ Before I wrap this post up, a possible solution (not that it matters, but just throwing this out there) is to hire one person to moderate this 1 channel, and that would be it. It would be an absolute waste of time for that poor mod, though. Never said it was, at least, that’s not what I intended to say. Ultimately, I don’t entirely agree
  5. Oh, absolutely. And that’s another thing that this channel would bring to the table is for a person like me to come in with one opinion, get more perspective on the situation, and perhaps change their views. What I originally said wasn’t the best phrasing either
  6. I don’t entirely agree with that. While what you said above was true, there is something that you get in Discord that you don’t get on the forums. For example, if we were to move the Draft Central channel to the forums, would people get hyped for the draft as much? I think no, because saying DRAFT HYPE on the forums and waiting 10 minutes for someone else to say DRAFT HYPE doesn’t seem very pleasing IMO. The same thing goes with politics, if someone says, “This party is fucked up because of x, y, and z”, and you have to wait 10 minutes for someone to say, “I disagree because of a, b, and c”, i
  7. Ok, true, true. But nevertheless, nobody’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas will be “100% correct”, because there is no real thing such as correct or incorrect in politics. Because I am Democrat does not mean I am “wrong” about politics, same thing goes if I were Republican, Independent, a Libertarian, etc.
  8. So, I am deeply interested in politics, follow it very closely, and, at my age of 14, have my ideology down pretty well, bla bla bla. I’ve enjoyed talking about politics in SBA Discord at times, once, I got into a discussion about legalizing marijuana and it was rather enlightening for me, to be honest. Those discussions have been civil, respectful, and on Discord. That gives me hope that something like that can work on VHL. But, I’ve been in arguments on Discord, and while it’ll take minutes our hours for something to flame up on the forums, it’s taken about a minute for things to
  9. Surrounded by politicians in Washington
  10. Deader in Washington because I also root for a college football team that plays Alabama every year
  11. They’re not trying to be AGM, they’re trying to be a GM. Duh