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  1. I’m central but not super active over Discord I would not be available on Friday at all, for example.
  2. Well, going to weddings isn’t as bad a hobby But still weird
  3. I’ve been dying to try golf but my parents say it’s too expensove Which is true but idrc
  4. Ok I very much like cooking pasta Yeah, it’s a little strange, 14 year old me should prolly be doing something better with my life But it’s relaxing to me, and I like pasta (I cook it very very very al dente)

    1. NSG88


      Yay it still works!

    2. bigAL


      What did you get snubbed for!??

    3. NSG88


      The S76 VHL Draft


      They FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY me by taking me 26th, but here I am close to the top 10 in TPE for that draft class 😤

  6. Henry Tucker was photographed jaywalking by GM @fonziGG yesterday. He now faces a $6.75 fine for doing so. It was just another normal Saturday for Vancouver right winger Henry Tucker. He put on his hood to stay warm in the Vancouver fall weather, got on his phone to check his sim leagues, and began his walk to the Vancouver training facility. Little did he know, that his General Manager, fonzi, hated that Tucker jaywalked every day to save a little time. His concerns were legitimate (he didn’t want Tucker to die), so he decided that he would record Henry jaywalking and send it to the police. So anyways, on this fine Saturday, as Tucker was getting close to the facility, he saw that the road was basically empty and walked across the street, not on a sidewalk. Fonzi pressed record, and filmed until he crossed the street. Then he sent it to the police, who were quite displeased. They originally wanted to find Henry $500, but he used his charisma to reduce the price to $6.75. He gladly paid the find with some bank interest and went along with his day. So has Tucker learned his lesson, the lesson being not to jaywalk? According to Tucker, that’s a hard no. He loves breaking the rules (he led the league in PIM and major penalties), so authority can’t stop him.
  7. 1. Hell no, I almost always just choose the team that’s name I like more, or a team that I like (Calgary because of Ricer of us) 2. Jeopardy because who doesn’t like Alex Trebek? 3. Well, I already know the answer to this, but I predicted Seattle. 4. Skill, IR is just too good for Z to handle, 5. Yours, then trade someone for Fonzi’s dude. 6. Because the English language is built different.
  8. @GrittyIsKing09 1. Come back when you can 2. You’re the best
  9. Why release grapes they’re good for you
  10. Oh nice! Then don’t remove me from the ping list
  11. @youloser1337 can you remove me from ping list pls
  12. I’m in the VHL, so I’m not allowed to do this, right?
  13. I’m like Ledge, just another high school freshman. Maybe I’ll work over the summer but hopefully not.
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