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  1. 1. I haven't met everyone on the team just yet so I'm not too confident in saying to be honest, I'm hoping the whole team can have a real banner year, if you know what I mean. 2. It's a bit hard to judge that for me, I'm just the rookie who is happy to be here. That said I think the team definitely made quite a few moves they seem happy with and I fully trust the management of the team, so I believe we will have improved. 3. I believe this will be our year. I hope I can help contribute to that in some way but, absolutely I believe this team can win it all. This team was on the doors
  2. Yep, that's not an apology. It's cool. I have no idea if I'll be any good but I'll make sure I do everything in my power to be now.
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love this sig! I'm so excited for this coming season!
  4. $1M Player Store Cash 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week Transaction ID 5VD08418SF3422445
  5. What do you expect in your first season with the Dragons? That was what that reporter had asked her. It was only her second day since she’d been drafted and she’d had a big press conference. The reporter had asked her that question and she’d mumbled something about hoping she’d do well and not letting her teammates down. The truth is though she didn’t know what to say when she’d been asked. She’d been so focused on the drama of her mother and the draft that she had no thoughts of what her first season in the VHL was going to bring. She supposed what she’d said was true insofar as it went. She
  6. To: General Manager Enorama Scouting report: Philadelphia Reapers VHLM team Target: Caitlyn Catowize (Cat o veet zay) Strengths: Defensive genius for a forward, always knows how to be in the right place at the right time, always willing to throw her body in front of the puck when a defender is rearing back for a slapshot. Poke check is absolutely on point, almost never misses one and gets caught for tripping. Speed freak. Absolutely races around the rink, faster than most other forwards in the VHLM. Could be faster still but it is my understanding that
  7. Part 9 here: https://vhlforum.com/topic/97288-caitlyn-catowizes-story-pt9/ What. A. Fortnight. First there was the championship run. The Reapers were in it to win it, you could tell right from the first. The team ran through the lower rounds and went up against a real tough team in the finals. Caitlyn was dreading one thing the entire time, and surprisingly even though she was quite the competitor, it wasn’t losing. It was the ringing of her cell phone with that one unknown number. The unknown people on the other end of the line might ask her to do anything and she would have to d
  8. Thanks for talking about my player I enjoyed the podcast, you two were pretty good together.
  9. It was one heck of a year and I was proud to be a Reaper and win it all with you great people!
  10. Review: Well written and added a nice touch of character with the tone. Obviously I'm rooting for you all. Nice legibility due to the spacing. I think some color or bold words might have broken up the text a touch. 9/10
  11. Review: Excellent content and formatted very well. Easy to read and no problems with legibility. I do think you've got some of the picks in the wrong order but I can't blame you for that 10/10
  12. So happy to be on a team that won the cup, great job everyone!
  13. 1. SHE is holding up great! I've just been trying very hard to try to keep my normal routine and not get out of my lane. 2. To be honest I have no aspiration to become a gm or agm. After my career is over I fully intend to create my own junior hockey team and have the money to fund it forever. 3. I'm actually recording a podcast as I type this. I think podcasts are great, they are just chatting with friends for awhile for TPE haha. 4. I am open to being drafted by any team but my favorite two are Helsinki and D.C. Either of them would be great destinations. I don't get to pick